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15+ Gmail Email Signature Designs & Templates – PSD, HTML

Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients in the world. That is why it only makes sense that people would prefer to use email signature designs that are already formatted for Gmail. If you are one of those people, make sure to read until the very end of this article as we will share more information about Gmail email signatures and how you can use them for your own business or personal digital correspondences.

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In this article, we have prepared a list of tips that email users should follow to get the most of their Gmail email signatures. We will also show you multiple examples of email signature templates that are pre-optimized for use in any Gmail or G-Suite powered email addresses. Check them all out below.

Have You Seen These Gmail Email Signatures?

Embedded below are a few examples of email signature templates that can be downloaded and modified for your Gmail email addresses. These templates are especially optimized to work for Gmail among other email platform setups. If you wish to make additional changes to these pre-made templates, take note that you may need to know how to use either Adobe Photoshop or HTML coding.

Gmail Email Signature Template


Blank Gmail Email Signature Template

Business Gmail Email Signature Template

What are Gmail Email Signature Templates?

An email signature is a digital version of the signature line in a letter. It is called an email signature since it is used on digital correspondences like an email. Instead of the usual one line typed name in an email, a pre-formatted signature is used. You can also read formal email signatures.

It is pre-formatted in the sense that this kind of digital signature will come with its own font style, font color, icons, photos, and even links. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose a digital email signature however you like it to look like.

An email signature is called a Gmail email signature when it is specifically optimized for Gmail email address. This means that your chosen email signature design will render well on most Gmail addresses across different devices and screen sizes.

How to Add a Gmail Email Signature

Just like most email platforms, Gmail has made it easier to add a customized email signature to your Gmail address. The most common way is to access your Gmail account’s settings. And then select the option to add your own Gmail email signature. You will have the option to choose whether your email signature will appear after a quoted text or before it. You may also like professional e-mail signature.

Another way to add your own Gmail email signature is to use the service of an email signature generator. There are both free and premium email signature generator tools available online today. By using a service like this, you will most likely be required to give permission to the app or service to access your own email account/s.

This way, final email signature design that you have chosen over their website will automatically display in all your Gmail emails moving forward. The downside of using this kind of service is that a link to the company’s website or their watermark may still be present in the final email signature. The watermark may only be removed if you purchase the paid version of the email signature.

If you do not feel like paying for this kind of service and, instead, want an email signature that you can fully customize without a fuss, using a pre-made Gmail email signature template may work for you. As we have mentioned earlier, this article is filled with these downloadable and fully customizable email signature templates. Browse through them and do not forget to read the next portion of this article for we are providing tips on how to choose the best Gmail signature template design for your business or personal use. You may also like outlook e-mail signatures.

Multiple Gmail Email Signature Template Bundle

Multipurpose Gmail Email Signature Template

Pastel Gmail Email Signature Template

How to Choose a Gmail Email Signature Template

When it comes to choosing a design for your digital signature on all your email correspondences, using a Gmail email signature is one of the best decisions you can make. This is because Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients in the world and using a Gmail-optimized email signature design will mean that your email signatures can be viewed across all other Gmail email addresses. You may also see marketing email signatures.

However, having a Gmail email signature template is only the tip of the iceberg. There are other factors that should still be seriously considered before you can finally know if a certain email signature template is right for you or not. In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss the top factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing the best Gmail email signature template design. You may also like business e-mail signatures.

1. Your Job or Business Type

When choosing a Gmail email signature (or any other kind of email signature template for that matter), you should always the first factor in the type of job or business that you have. For instance, if you are a CEO of a moving company, you would most likely need to choose a Gmail email signature that template that is also formatted as a CEO email signature. This applies to any type of business you own or work for as well.

By factoring in your job or business type into your template selection process, you will more likely look for and choose an email signature template that will best complement them. This is an important thing to consider especially if you want your email signature to match that of your business or personal branding identity designs.

Editable Gmail Email Signature Template

Graphic Artist Gmail Email Signature Template

2. Your Knowledge in HTML or Graphic Design

The next factor to consider when picking out a Gmail email signature template is how much you know about graphic design and/or HTML coding. Knowledge of these two things is important since signature template end-users will most likely need to customize or make little enhancements to any signature template of their choice.

Therefore, it only makes sense that you should have a background on how to use different graphic design software programs like Adobe Photoshop or how to code using HTML. Before you purchase and download any kind of pre-made template, you need to know to check if your own graphic design and coding skills are enough for you to make all the necessary template edits that you like. If not, you may have to reassess. You can either choose a Gmail email signature template that requires little to no editing. Or, you may just delegate the entire template editing task to yourself.

By knowing your skill level ahead, you will not unnecessarily stress yourself out for this issue.

Photo Gmail Email Signature Template

Product Manager Gmail Email Signature Template

3. The Template’s Customization Options

This next template selection factor is connected with the previous factor that we have discussed. In addition to assessing your own editing and coding skills, you will also need to check if the email signature template of your choice can be edited by its end-user or not. You may also like mobile e-mail signature templates.

There are some email templates that only certain portions of the template may be edited. For example, the template creator may only allow end-users to edit the text box for the name and personal details leaving you unable to make changes to the template design. This may not be ideal for those who want total control over how they want their email signatures to look like.

That is why, in order to avoid this issue, you will need to check if a Gmail email signature template is fully editable or not. If it is, then you go ahead and purchase that template already! You may also like Gmail signature templates.

4. Your Personal Schedule

Another factor that should always be considered when looking for an email signature template is your personal schedule. This especially applies to those who want to personalize their own email signature template designs by using a pre-made template as a base. But in order to do all the template edits that you intend to do, you first need to assess if you have enough time to do the task.

Most people who require professional email signature designs are those who are also keeping a regular job. So if you intend to make the email signature template customization you need to set the time for it. Before purchasing any kind of template, ask yourself if you have the time or if you can free up your schedule to do the task. If not, it may be best to just delegate the task to your assistant or to an experienced graphic designer.

Heed all these tips and you will be on your way into having a well-designed and fully optimized Gmail email signature!

Professional Gmail Email Signature Template

Responsive Gmail Email Signature HTML Template

Simple Gmail Email Signature Template

UX Gmail Email Signature Template

Have You Chosen a Gmail Email Signature Template?

Choosing a single email signature template from the multiple pre-made templates curated on this list can be difficult at first. But if you take into heart all the different factors that we have shared earlier, the task will become relatively easier. If you think that you have not yet fully understood a tip/s, read it again and imagine the ideal Gmail email signature that would best work for you. Once you do that, it will be easier to locate email signature templates that will work and will fit in whatever purpose you want it for. You can also read IT email signature templates.

For more examples of curated Gmail email signatures and other types of email signature templates, do not forget to check out the rest of our site. In addition, if you want to learn more about graphic design like how to design a logo, our website also provides valuable resources on that. Do not forget to bookmark it and add it to your RSS feed or email lists.

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