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Hotels give us the accommodation we need whenever we go to a new place and stay there for a while. Even for a short time, hotels can make us feel at home with its amenities and great service. The staff make us feel comfortable with their genuine and heartfelt accommodation of our needs. Hotels are classified in stars, which depict the kind of service they give. If it is a five-star hotel, it has the best amenities and service which are also expensive in return. The number of stars in a hotel indicates how much a person can spend in a night. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

Hotels are the kind of businesses that rely on products, services and client relationships. Hotel staff must have a clear email signature for them to be identified well with their clients. It’s also their way of introducing themselves properly. It acts like a digital calling card and it is usually seen at the end of the email.

Hotel Email Signature Template



Hotel Travel Email Signature Template

Hotel Travel Email Signature Template


Hotel Holiday Email Signature Example

Hotel Holiday Email Signature Example


Why Use Email Signatures

Email signatures are being used by people in the corporate world to properly introduce themselves to potential clients. This is done through attaching the email signature in every email they send. At some point, it catches the attention of the recipient and urges them to contact the numbers being given to gain more information. It is also a lowkey way of promoting the business.

An email signature is designed in the simplest way possible. It just needs a few basics in sight, such as the name of the employee, job position, company logo and name, phone number, and email address. For easier contacting, social media links are added. These links are compressed and put in the email signature. One key point to remember in designing email signatures is that everything should not be compressed within the small space. Arrange everything neatly and keep it simple. There is no need to use animation. Email signatures should be packaged with legitimacy and professionalism.

With an email signature, a company’s brand reputation is being built up to make it live to its potential. People usually trust a business that is legitimate enough to stand on its own and with a decent branding strategy. Email signature can build that kind of trust that companies need to get from the people.

How To Improve Hotel Customer Service

Customer service is one of the best things a hotel is known for. People refer a hotel mostly because of its service to the customers. It also spells the fate of the hotel and builds up its reputation to the people. Sometimes, customer service gets questioned due to some unforeseen circumstances. Here are some ways on how to improve hotel customer service:

1. Make customer service an everyday habit

Excellent customer service is not just a one-time affair. It should be practiced every single day by the hotel staff. Brief your employees about this habit. Make them understand that everybody deserves to get good service. Create a positive environment for everyone and it will reflect in the kind of service that they give. You can also read college student email signatures.

2. Treat everyone fairly

May it be ordinary people or celebrities, every customer coming into the hotel should be treated fairly. Of course, they choose an accommodation that they can afford. But it doesn’t mean that they get lesser or greater warmth and service from your staff. Every customer deserves a VIP level of treatment. This helps the hotel’s reputation when it is referred to other customers, resulting into greater revenue for the hotel. The hotel’s minor factors such as the location and the price become less visible when you give good service. You can also like professional email signature.

3. Attend to customer’s needs immediately

Another measurement of good customer service is attending to customer’s needs in the quickest time possible. Customers often get frustrated when their concerns are left hanging without any response. This leads to arguments and managers are often called to talk with the customer. To avoid this scenario, hotel staff must accommodate any need of the customer, be it small or large. They just have to know what to do even in emergency situations. It makes the customer satisfied when they are accommodated immediately. Some situations might be dangerous for the customers to handle.

4. Tie in services with technology

Even with the existence of the hospitality industry for centuries, it can’t be denied that modern technology improves the quality of hotel service. Have your hotel be found in online search engines. Secure a strong WiFi connection for every customer to enjoy. Have your computers generate automatic reports so it would lessen the task of some hotel staff. Open lines for online reservations. Utilize every bit of technology that you can add in your hotel business so it can reach its maximum potential in giving excellent customer service.

5. Have employees undergo personality improvement seminar

For the hotel staff to give better customer service, they have to undergo some personality improvement seminar. Giving customer service starts with the right attitude. When employees are warm and accommodating, customers feel at ease with them and will surely refer your hotel to the people they know. It all just starts with how you treat others, and it will always reflect to you. Let your staff know that what they do creates a big impact to the people they serve. You can also read minimalist email signature.

6. Measure your customer service

Have a standard measurement on every kind of customer service you give. Rate it by numbers and do it on a weekly basis. Do this for some amount for time and you will be surprised on how much you have improved. It helps you become more attentive to the services that you give to your customers. You can also see company email signatures.


Being in the hospitality industry opens a lot of opportunity for personal development and growth. Sure, it can be stressful most of the time. For some people, it has become their commitment to give the best service to others and feel fulfilled with it. It is always a satisfying sight to see the customers smiling because they like the service you give.

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