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How does a company ensure that they have enough manpower to keep their business running? Through human resource. When we think about human resource—specifically, human resource manager—they are the first persons we get in contact with when we apply for a job, don’t you agree. And this is because they are the first in line to screen potential employees.

HR managers also need to send emails, especially when they need to notify applicants that they are being accepted for the job, so it is best to make your emails look professional. One way you can pull this off is by attaching an email signature to your email accounts, and we might just have the appropriate email signature templates below.

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HR Email Signature Template

hr email signature template Download

HR Business Email Signature Template

hr business email signature template

What Are the Advantages of Using an Email Signature?

1. Email signatures are able to provide more information

While emails already display the name and the email address of the sender, the email signature provides more information other than the ones that are already provided on the header section. Also, this informs the reader that the email is not auto-generated and is actually sent by an actual human being.

2. Email signatures display the sender’s position in the company

In addition to knowing the identity of the sender and confirming that they are a real person, formal email signatures are also able to provide readers with an additional information regarding the sender—the position they are holding in the company. In businesses, it is important that a reader knows the sender’s position in the company since some positions hold more respect and authority than others.

3. Email signatures allow you to promote products and services

Not from the professional email signature itself, but from a banner that you can place either above or below the signature. This is called an email signature banner, and you an use this for promoting products, services, and sales in order to get you an additional revenue to the business.

4. Email signatures allow you to promote upcoming events

This is also done through an email signature banner, and just like products, you can use this type of banner for promoting trade shows, functions, or major events that the company is planning on conducting. Through email signature banners, it can help in boosting the number of attendees to the event. You can also read corporate email signature templates.

5. Email signatures represent the image of the company

In most marketing tools, the addition of the logo on the design makes it easier for audiences to associate it with a business or organization. The same thing can be said with email signatures, a logo or symbol gives an identifiable image to the email, boosting the visibility of the brand and making it easier for readers to associate the email with a business entity.

Though we have mentioned only five advantages to using business email signature, it doesn’t mean that those are the only ones, there are actually a lot of advantages that a user gets to experience when they use email signature. Who knows? If you choose to use one for your email account, you might be able to discover a few more advantages that have yet to be mentioned.

Corporate HR Email Signature Template

corporate hr email signature template

How Should You Create Your Email Signature?

Though most creative email signatures require you to have knowledge in HTML, there is actually a way to work around this, and we are not even referring to an all-text signature. There are various tools that allow you to make email signatures, and there are also downloadable templates to help you get started. But the question remains, “how should you make the design”?

1. Make sure that your design is in fact, possible to create. You may even want to sketch it on a sheet of paper before proceeding to design it on the actual editing tool. You may also like interior designer email signatures.

2. Regardless if you are using downloadable templates, some of them have an HTML code that you can use during editing. Take advantage of this HTML, and code the email signature in this format. You may also like content writer email signatures.

3. Always take into consideration the standards and guidelines set by the industry, and make sure that your minimalist email signature is able to meet with these standards.

4. Test your email signature across multiple email clients and see which one works best. And, try sending it a few times to actual prospects. If it is able to generate positive feedback, then you can make that your final email signature design. You may also see education email signatures.

Multipurpose Email Signature Example

multipurpose email signature example

HR Email Signature Example

hr email signature example

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Email Signatures

1. Too many contact details

As much as you want to make sure that your prospects will never run out of options for contacting you, writing too many contact details will make your design look confusing to read, it may even give the impression that you are too desperate. While your purpose may be to gain more responses and conversions, the effect of having to many contact details is the opposite of what you expect, you’ll end up getting a low number of responses. You can also like IT email signatures.

2. Neglecting mobile users

Nowadays, people are on-the-go most of the time, and they can’t even find the time to stop and read emails on a computer. Thankfully, mobile devices and smart phones allow them to read and send emails while on the go, and this is why it is important to take into consideration people who read emails through this platform. Your email signature should be optimized and versatile enough even on small screens. You may also like outlook e-mail signatures.

3. Not adding an image

Whether your email signature is for personal or business use, it is always best to put a face on the design. Whether this is an actual portrait image of the sender, or a logo to represent the design. Just to make things clear, add an image to your email signature, but avoid making your email signature entirely an image.

Sample HR Email Signature

sample hr email signature

What Is an HR?

The abbreviation HR stands for Human Resource, and this refers to the people who are responsible in building an organization’s workforce and manages them. In a company, a specific department is tasked at performing human resource management duties, and this department is called the HR department. The head of an HR department is known as a human resource manager, and is often accompanied by an assistant manager.

The responsibilities of HR managers range from determining the needs of their staff, to motivate employees, and to ensure the each employee is able to enjoy equal opportunities. You may also see marketing email signatures.

But there are more responsibilities that HR managers need to deal with, such as:

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