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6+ Innovative Email Signature Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, HTML

How can business make the most of what they do while still keeping it fresh to their clients? By being innovative, of course. Innovation allows businesses to show off something new of what they do or have that their clients have grown to love. But when it comes to innovation by design, it is somewhat different since it involves other aspects of being innovative. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

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In the world of designs, being innovative is still the ability of bringing something inventive and new to the audience, but it also holds a deeper meaning which we will be discussing later. For now, let’s introduce the templates that we have in this article. Below, you’ll find a collection of email signature designs and templates, all of which are innovative by design. These email signature templates are all downloadable and editable, so feel free to use them if you want.

Innovative Email Signature Template


Standard Email Signature Template


Modern Email Signature Template


What Is an Email Signature?

standard email signature is a form of e-signature or electronic signature that is used by a signatory to finish their emails. For the more traditional mails, this comes in the form of a handwritten signature over the sender’s name found at the end of the message. But the electronic form is designed in a way that the sender no longer needs to sign every single time, which makes it more convenient especially for businesses.

Aside from simply conveying the sender’s name and their corresponding signature, it also displays their title or position in the company if ever they are committed to one, if not, it only shows their profession. Other information displayed on a professional email signature are the sender’s phone number/s, physical address, website URL’s, and social media links.

Innovative Email Signature Template

How to Make the Perfect Email Signature?

An email signature may seem like enough to give the readers of your email the information they need about yourself, but there are readers who might overlook your signature because of its lack of visual appeal. This is why it is very important to go the extra mile in creating your email signature, make sure that it will really demand attention from its audiences. You can also read college student email signatures.

Here’s how you can pull that off:

1. Keep it short and free of irrelevant information

Your formal email signature should always focus on conveying your professional contact information, so try to keep it that way and don’t include any unnecessary information. Experts would recommend limiting your email signature to a maximum of three or four lines.

2. Add graphics but focus on text

Again, your email signature is meant to show off your contact information and not how good you can arrange illustrations and graphical elements. When designing your email signature, try to put emphasis on really sharing your information rather than being visually stunning. Though this doesn’t mean that you can forget about adding a creative touch to the design, it only means that your shouldn’t forget about your signature’s functionality, and the only way you can make your signature functional is through text.

3. Don’t shy away from the use of colors

While this may contradict and create confusion with what we said earlier, allow us to make it clear to all of you. creative email signatures should and always be functional, meaning it should provide readers with the information they need about you and the business you represent, but you shouldn’t forget about the quality that drives readers towards your signature in the first place. The best solution for this while still managing to keep the design simple is through colors, but avoid from using too many of them.

4. Embrace minimalist designs

If you choose to go for something not flashy, then go for a minimal design, it still is trendy up to this day. When going the minimalist route, be sure that your elements are arranged in a way that they can still be appreciated. Minimal email signatures are mostly used by conservative, formal businesses, but any professional can use this theme if they find it suitable to their field.

5. Don’t forget the call-to-action line

Yes, don’t forget to include a call to action because some readers may be left hanging if you just indicate your contact information without telling them what you’re expecting them to do. The call-to-action is what drives them to do what you want them to do, it gives them that motivation to really respond to your email or give you a call.

6. Include clickable social media links

Most people nowadays have social media accounts, and many people do business transactions through social media, so don’t get left behind. While indicating your social media links on your email signature may seem like enough, take it to the next level by actually making those links clickable. This way, readers will only need to click on the icon or URL to redirect themselves to your social media page, and this makes it all very convenient.

Black Innovative Email Signature Template

Responsive Innovative Email Signature Template

Modern Innovative Email Signature

What Is Meant by Being Innovative?

The term innovative alone can be defined as something that introduces new ideas and is synonymous with original, inventive, unprecedented, or experimental. In terms of designs, innovative refers to being striking and elegant, but at the same time, simple and intuitive. To dig deeper into the topic, innovative designs are something that exposes what methods were used by the designer, and their sensibility to be able to address their client’s needs. When a design is innovative, the approach is driven by design but the primary goal is to build a strong and feasible business strategy.

Innovative Email Signature Example

Why Should People Choose to Be Innovative?

One of the reasons why designers should go for something innovative is that it has been proven to promote engagement with clients. Designers undergo the making of prototypes, testing, and then refining them. Once the design is finalized, it is then presented to the clients to determine whether or not it is able to meet with their demands. The three steps mentioned earlier are very essential since it eliminates the risk of service failures, and will really meet with what the clients want. You can also read company email signatures.

Another reason why being innovative by design is the best for businesses is that it improves clarity between business and client. When both parties are on the same page, transactions are able to flow smoothly, sales are able to develop their pitches, and finances are able to adjust themselves for budgets in the future. The entire organization can prepare themselves for what they can offer to their clients, increasing their productivity and minimizing the misspending of resources. You may also like corporate email signatures.

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