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2 Jewelry Email Signature Designs & Templates – PSD, HTML

Jewelers also work on a commercial field. As such, they should be treated just like any other professionals. Just as with other professionals, they are also expected to conduct business in a professional and businesslike manner. This includes the way they communicate. In fact, it is imperative that they communicate their business in a professional manner. Doing otherwise might break the trust of their potential clients. Trust is very crucial especially in a field and industry that handles expensive things like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and gold.

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Nowadays, emails are the main channels of communication between the jewelers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, and their client. The professional requirements of communication thus extend to email. A person handling jewelry orders should remain civil and well mannered when writing an email with the client. His or her correspondence should be formal and appropriate. This formality should lead to how the emails are formatted. You may also like modern email signatures.

Jewellery Email Signature Template

Professional Email Signature

Email Signatures

One important part that all online business correspondence should have is the email signature. Email signatures are blocks of text that are attached at the end of an email message. Email signatures are expected to carry the relevant information of the email’s writer. This information can include the sender’s name and relevant contact information.

It is important to treat professional email signatures as some kind of glorified business card. Like a business card, an email signature’s design and content should coincide with the person’s or the company’s branding. It should also avoid becoming obnoxious as it can destroy the professional feel and image of the email’s writer.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Email Signature Writing

Like a business card, careful consideration should be done when crafting an email signature for a business or professional email. An email signature is an extension of the whole email, as such, it is only proper that it would maintain the latter’s tone in professionalism. If not considered carefully, the email signature may become ineffective.

The Do’s

1. Format Your Email Signature – Your email signature should be formatted prim and properly. Give the format as much thought as you would as a marketing campaign. If you are using images in conjunction with text, try to balance their sizes. This is the key to avoiding clear disproportion between graphics and content.

2. Consider Using Colors in Your Email Signature – Eyes are attracted to colors. In long emails that are usually black and white, a little bit of color can make your signature pop. Keep the reader from being bored by introducing an element of interest in your email. This also makes you memorable in their eyes too.

3. Include Your or Your Company’s Logo – Email signatures can also help with brand recognition. Brand recognition is important to small businesses like your jewelry business as they are key to customer retention. A jewelry business must do everything in its abilities to get their name out there. Placing its logos in as many places as possible will help it brand recognition. The more well known a best company’s logo becomes the better.

4. Do Follow Company Brand Standards – In connection to including your company’s logo in your email signature, you should also include any brand standards that are imposed by your company. If you work for a company handing related to jewelry, chances are there are already guidelines put in place to keep all correspondence related to the business uniform. Companies often ask for this consistency as a uniform brand across all forms of media is key to success for any kind of brand. Company brand standards are thus another basic element that is important to take into consideration. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

5. Do Include Link To Social Media – The current generation lives and breathes social media. Nowadays, it has become a rare occurrence to meet someone who does not have an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It is only right to include a link to your social media pages especially if you have works to show. However, remember that these social media links should be for your professional and business social media pages, not your personal pages. Your customers will not be interested in what food you just ate, your story, or what is on your mind.

The Dont’s

1. Use a Single Image for Your Email Signature – The problem with digital image files are that they can be too unpredictable. Yes, images might be easier to manipulate especially if you have any skill and knowledge of photo editing, however, they carry a lot of disadvantages. Images usually take up a lot of space. Furthermore, there are email platforms which mark emails with messages as spam. This risks your email being sent directly to the junk folder.

2. Use Too Many Colors – Colors are fine and dandy. In fact, you are advised to use some when writing and designing your email signature. This does not mean that you are free to go wild in your choice of colors. Using too many colors on your signature can make it too obnoxious. Child-like? Yes. Impressive? Depends on what the recipient means by impressive. Professional? No. You can also read college student email signatures.

3. Think That Your Signature Looks the Same in All Devices – Your email signature might not look the same to its recipient. Different gadgets can have different type and size of screens. Your email’s receiver probably does not use the same gadget as you, and chances are, your email signature will also be displayed differently. There is even a huge chance that your email signature would be misconfigured. You may also like corporate email signatures.

This is the main reason why email signature should not only be a single image. There is a possibility that the whole thing will not load. That said, think of how your email signature will be displayed on other types of the screen as you are designing it. Take special note on how it looks on mobile as more and more people check their emails on their mobile gadgets and smartphones. You may also like formal e-mail signatures.


Email signatures are essential to any emails relating to your business. They can act as a digital business card that is attached to your business correspondence. It is important to take good consideration when writing and designing your email signature as they also represent your brand or your company’s.

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