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Being a lawyer requires a lot of communication with clients. How else are you going to understand your client’s needs without talking to them? However, personally meeting with each and every one of your clients can be tedious. Yes, personal meetings with them are ideal, however, sometimes, such meetings are physically impossible. There will be times that the reason for the meetings is trivial. For these times, communicating through emails would suffice. Not only are they convenient tools of communication, they are very versatile too. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

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You will find it increasingly rare to find people who do not have an email account. Anybody who does not live under a rock probably has one. Everyone and their moms have one. Farmers and their moms surely have one. If you are a big city lawyer who has a client that is a farmer, emails would be the ideal line of communication between the two of you. You can also like email signature templates.

Lawyer Email Signature Template

lawyer email signature template

Professional Email Signature Template

professional email signature template3

Legal Services Email Signature Template

legal services email signature template

Crafting a business email requires the same careful consideration as you would craft other business letters. You must be clear and concise with your words to avoid miscommunication. You must be as detailed as possible to avoid miscommunication. You must ensure that you have the correct spelling and grammar to ensure miscommunication. In short, you must avoid miscommunication. Miscommunication can, after all, lead you to ruin your reputation as a lawyer.

You also need to have your email look as professional as possible. A professional looking email gives you more credibility. Credibility is the bread and butter of an industry such as law. One way to add professionalism to your email would be to have an appropriate and proper email signature. You can also read college student email signatures.

Email Signatures

Email signatures may seem insignificant at first, however, they can do great wonders for making an email look professional. In their essence, a professional looking email signature is digital business cards. These blocks of text are added at the end of the email to avoid intruding on the main message of the email. An email signatures purpose is usually to let your recipient know who you are and what it is that you do. Lastly, an email signature can tell how you can or would like to be contacted. Text, HTML codes, and images are usually what makes up the DNA of an email signature.

Things you Need for Your Email Signature

If you are a lawyer who is working under a law firm, an email signature can also serve as a great marketing tool. This marketing tool can affect the psychology of the people receiving your emails and their perception of you. To create an effective functioning email signature, you will need:

1. Phone numbers

The main idea of a business card is to introduce you and ways for potential clients and customers to contact you. Same goes for the digital business card called an email signature. Forty percent of people do not leave a landline number and seventy-two percent don’t leave a mobile one. That is a huge mistake. Without a phone number, clients and customers will have no way to contact you.

As the service provider of your client, it is your job to give them an easy way to contact you. Yes, you are already talking with your client through the email. However, emails can be cumbersome and it would be better to provide them with a more direct line of communication. Remember, the easier it is for your clients to get in touch with you, the easier it is to do business.

2. Your Law Firm’s Identity (Name and Logo)

Even if you are not working for a law firm, it is still a good idea to add some sort of logo in your email signature. Doing so will give you or your law firm a put-together and professional look. Not only that, but it will also increase your law firm’s awareness. Logos are, after all, essential tools for brand recognition. That being said, extra careful in using images in your email signature. Sometimes, email clients treat emails with images rather differently. If you are not careful, your email might end up in your client’s junk folder. You may also like corporate email signatures.

3. Disclaimer

Emails between a lawyer and his client both contain confidential and sensitive information. It is best to keep these disclaimers short to keep tour email signature also short. If possible, stick to what your jurisdiction requires or bar recommendations. You can write your disclaimer with things like “The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential…” or something that states that the email is intended for the named recipient only. You may also like formal e-mail signatures.

4. Link to your Law Firm’s Website

Websites and web pages are essential tools in the digital age in doing business. Do not miss the opportunity to boost traffic to your law firm’s website or blog. A simple unobtrusive link can be an effective way to promote and establish your brand as a trusted resource or legal information.

5. Social Media

Just like emails, everyone has social media. In fact, social media has changed the way everyone does business, even the law business. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are an untapped supply of new business you or your firm is missing out on. Furthermore, social media is provided for an easy way for clients to engage your firm and lawyers.

For links to your social media, you can opt for social media buttons instead of links. Not only do they save space, they can also somewhat build a personality in your email signature. Just make sure that your personal social media account is different from that of your firm’s or work’s social media account. Also, make sure that you are linking the right account.


For a lawyer, an email is more than a communication tool. It is a tool that builds trust and reputation. In an industry that highly values both of these things, it is for the greatest of benefits that a lawyer composes his email as professional as possible. This is why the addition of an email signature is imperative. You may also see personal e-mail signatures.

A proper email signature is not only ornamental, it also has its uses often functioning as a digital business card. Just as with composing the whole email, composing the email signature should also be given careful consideration. You can also like IT email signatures.

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