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In the digital age, the use of email signatures has almost become a necessity when it comes to creating a credible online persona. This especially applies to professionals who communicate regularly using different email platforms. That is why if you are a product manager, this article is for you.

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Curated in this article are multiple helpful tips and hacks on how you can personalize your own email signature. Also included here are downloadable and fully editable email signature templates that will truly complement that of a product or business manager. Take a look at these templates below.

Here are the Product Manager Email Signature Templates

As promised, we begin this article with multiple examples of product manager email signature templates that any product manager may use. Also, note that most of these templates are available either as PSD or HTML template so make sure that you know how to code or use Adobe Photoshop before you download and purchase any of these templates.

Professional Product Manager Email Signature

professional product manager email signatureDownload

Product Manager Email Signature Template

product manager email signature templateDownload

Clean Product Manager Email Signature Template

clean product manager email signature template

What is a Product Manager Email Signature?

An email signature is a digitized signature that is used in digital correspondences. In traditional letter-writing, the last part of a letter is filled with the full name of the letter sender and his or her corresponding signature. However, since writing emails are done on a computer device, the person writing it will not be able to physically sign the email.

As a workaround to this and as a way to help maintain the authenticity of an email correspondence, individuals may not add and insert their own digital email signature onto the email template itself. The key to the effective use of email signatures is to make sure that you use the same email signature design for all your emails (the same way that a person’s handwritten signature will be the same on all the letters he or she sends).

Today, pre-made and pre-formatted email signature templates are available to allow people to easily craft a well-designed email signature without doing everything from scratch. These kinds of templates will already include all the font styles, layouts, colors, icons, and images needed to create a completed email signature.

In the same vein, if you want a highly customized email signature that will your job as a product manager, you will most likely need a product manager email signature. Examples of which are littered all over this article so make sure that you take a closer look at each template mockup before finally deciding on what signature template to purchase and use. You may also see formal email signatures.

Product Manager Email Signature Sample

customizable product manager email signature template

Elegant Product Manager Email Signature Template

elegant product manager email signature template

Top Tips to Follow When Creating a Product Manager Email Signature

At the beginning of this article, we have promised that we will also be sharing countless tips on how to transform a basic email signature template design into something that is befitting a reputed product manager. To deliver that promised, we have listed down these top email signature design techniques below.

Read each tip and/or design technique carefully so that you can gradually learn how to apply them into your email signature creation process. Have fun! You may also read outlook e-mail signatures.

1. Do not forget to add unique branding identity designs.

A cardinal rule in transforming a basic email signature template is to add your own or your company’s branding identity designs. This simply means adding your company logo design, company name, and/or your company slogan or motto. Doing this will let the readers of your email know that you are really affiliated with your company or organization. Customers and clients are then more likely to trust you and the products that you sell.

If your business, company, or organization does not have an official logo design yet, you and your team should take advantage of this opportunity to come up with one. For more useful tips on logo designing, check out the linked article.

Flat Product Manager Email Signature Template

flat product manager email signature template

Modern Product Manager Email Signature Template

modern product manager email signature template

Multipurpose Product and Business Manager Email Signature

multipurpose product and business manager email signature

2. Add an image.

Another useful tip when customizing a pre-made email signature template is to add your own photo or image. Remember, your email signature also works as a digital business card. If you want to increase client and customer recognition, putting a face behind all those emails that you send them may help you gain more credibility and, hopefully, also lead to more leads.

Most of the sample email signature templates that we have included in this article will include matching templates for adding your own photos. You may even edit the size of the photos, their frames, and other graphic design elements to make sure that your photo will match the color scheme of your product manager email signature.

A tip: Make sure that you use decent ID photos so that you will have a professional email signature. Avoid using selfies as your email signature photo as this will make the email signature appear informal and untidy (unless that is the theme you are going for).

3. Use clean and bold font styles.

If you intend to change the typography fonts used in a product manager email signature template that you have bought, it is always a good design choice to choose clean and bold font styles or typeface families. This way, your email signature will be bigger and easier to read.

Remember that your email signature should not just look like an accessory to your emails. Treat them as important parts of your email as a whole. They should be memorable enough without overpowering the message or content of your email. This way, anyone reading your emails will know who sent it and they will, hopefully, have a good impression of you. You may also see marketing email signatures.

4. Follow a minimalist layout.

When creating or customizing any kind of email signature, it is often a rule of thumb to start with minimalist layouts. Doing this will allow you to gradually add the email signature on all your digital correspondences without having to disrupt the overall format of your business email templates.

Some email platforms may not display your email signature correctly and it may affect your clients’ email reading experience. Going with a minimalist email signature layout at first will also allow you to see what works and what doesn’t. You can gradually add more details as you see fit and as your skills in making sure that your email will display correctly on all screens and devices increases.

5. Create different versions for different email clients.

As we have mentioned earlier, some email platforms may have different ways of displaying the graphic design and customized elements of your product manager email signature template. To avoid dealing with multiple complaints related to unviewable emails, you may opt to create different versions of your email signature to be sent to different people with different kinds of email clients. You may also like free email signature templates.

This approach will certainly take a lot of time but if you want only the best service for your clients and/or customers, then this may be the perfect workaround. You may also like mobile e-mail signature templates.

6. Make sure that you choose a responsive email signature template.

To save you from any email viewing issues associated with a botchy email signature template code, it is best to look for a responsive email signature template right from the start. Responsive web design in email signature templates means that your emails (along with your brand new email signatures) can be easily viewed across different display screen types and sizes.

Yes, responsive design means that your product manager email signature will appear exactly as you intend it to be whether you view the email on your computer or on your iPhone. You may also like Gmail signature templates.

7. Review for typos and check links.

Another mandatory step that template end-users should follow when personalizing their own email signature templates is to check for typos and dead links. Just like how spelling errors can decrease the reliability of a business card, typos found on product manager email signature will also reduce its credibility.

The same applies to all the social media page and website links included in your responsive email signature. Prior to going live, make sure that your email signature template is free from typos and dead links. Remember, you want to engage your email readers and get a lead from their interaction with your emails. If you have a bad link on your email signature, you will have lost a potential customer lead.

8. Do an AB Test.

In email marketing, you can use your email signature as a way to attract more customers and to direct them to your product page, personal website, or other affiliate offers. You can best test out the response of your clients and customers by doing an AB test. AB testing tools on emails allow you to know if the design, layout, and composition of our email and your email signature really do attract clients to click and visit your page or not.

And that’s it! Follow all these tips and you will be on your way to email and product marketing success!

Personnel Manager Email Signature Template

personnel manager email signature template1

Product Manager Email Signature Template Set

product manager email signature template set

Professional Product Manager Email Signature Template

professional product manager email signature template2

Simple Product Manager Email Signature Template

simple product manager email signature template1

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