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Businesses involve sales, whether it’s actual tangible products or intangible services that a business is trying to offer, the process of doing sales will always be there. Sales is defined as any activity related to the selling of goods or services from a salesperson or sales representative to a client.

For sales people to gain the trust from clients when they send emails, it is always best to attach an email signature in order to promote the credibility of the email. Here, we have gathered email signature templates intended for use by sales people. If you’re interested, feel free to scroll down to see the designs yourself.

Sales Email Signature Template

Sales Email Signature Template


Sales Manager Email Signature Template



Polygon Sales Email Signature Template

Polygon Sales Email Signature Template

What Are Email Signatures?

Email signatures are the digital or computerized versions of the tradition signature block handwritten using a pen. It is usually attached to an email to conform with standards, but it is also meant to promote an email’s credibility. Email signatures are often considered to provide the same legal purpose if they are able to meet the following criteria:

1. Intent to sign. The sender of the email really has the intention to verify their identity.

2. Consent for transacting businesses electronically. The sender of the email agrees doing business transactions digitally and through the internet. You can also read formal email signatures.

Though email signatures (e-signatures for short) and digital signatures are often used interchangeably, the former is actually the correct term to refer to signature blocks attached to email. Digital signatures, on the other hand, are actually a type of e-signature that makes use of math to validate the authenticity of a message, program, or digital document file. You can also see email signature design.

Email Signature vs. Electronic Signature vs. Digital Signature

An email signature is basically a block found at the end of an email where the name of sender is written with their signature affixed right above it. Other information indicated on a standard email signature are the sender’s title or profession, the company they are representing, their contact details, and their social media links.

An electronic signature is somewhat similar to a handwritten signature, but in an electronic format, hence the name. Electronic signatures are commonly intended for signing documents with the use of electronic devices. There are two types of electronic signatures: the simple electronic signature intended for day to day businesses, and the advanced electronic signatures for legal purposes. Documents that are allowed to be electronically signed include agreement samples, receipts, contracts, and invoices.

A digital signature is referred to as an encryption technology or a mathematical algorithm that is used for creating electronic signatures. It does not work by itself since it functions more as an addition to an e-signature, it is even considered as an essential component of email signatures. With digital signatures, the document and its contents are encrypted and being protected from unwanted modifications. You may also like professional e-mail signature.

Flat Sales Email Signature Template

Flat Sales Email Signature Template

Importance of Email Signatures for Branding

1. Conformity to the Guidelines

Conforming to the guidelines of a brand is an important step when designing an email signature for a business. Your company’s logo and color theme can also help add to the design, and using your company’s guidelines will further ensure that your brand is being used correctly on your email signature

2. Awareness and Recognition

Each copy of the email you send to a prospect is a chance for the latter to get to recognize your brand, it is also a chance to promote awareness towards your brand through the use of personal email signatures. Signatures that represent a brand also help in creating a sense of trust and legitimacy, wherein if the reader recognizes the brand on the email, they are very much likely to respond to it.

3. Professionalism and Consistency

Not having a consistently-designed signature on corporate emails can most likely lead to a negative impact on the company and their reputation as it can project an unprofessional and unkempt impression. Therefore, it is very important that all employees use a professionally-designed email signature in order to correctly display their company’s brand on every email they send.

Rules for Signing Off an Email (with or without an Email Signature)

1. Avoid Using Quotes or Catchphrases

Yes, you want to sign off your email in a catchy manner, but adding a quote is not the way to do it. Signing off an email only requires you to indicate your name, title, and contact information. If you insist on adding a quote, put it within the message body and not on the signature block section.

2. Keep the Sign Off Short and Direct

Once again, providing your professional information isn’t only doing a favor for the reader but also for yourself. When you add your contact information, you are actually trying to tell the reader that you want them to use those details to reach back out to you. But when adding these details, keep it minimal. Indicate only the most relevant and active contact information to avoid creating confusion to the readers, and also to keep your sign off area looking clean. You may also like outlook e-mail signatures.

3. If a Logo Should Be Added, Don’t Oversize It

Many business email signatures include their company’s logo on the design, which is a good idea. However, if the size of the logo is too big that it tends to draw the reader’s attention away from the more important details, then maybe you should shrink it down to a more appropriate size. The purpose of the logo on a sign off is simply to provide a “symbol” on the email.

What Are the Different Types of Sales Roles?

1. Inside Sales. They are the main point of contact for clients, and they are responsible in building and retaining strong business relationships with them. You may also see marketing email signatures.

2. Outside Sales. They primarily work outside their office and more inside the offices of their clients in order to interact with them directly. You can also see CEO email signature.

3. Client Services. They work almost as similar to inside sales reps, but client services tend to ensure that they are able to attain their clients’ satisfaction by meeting their needs and nurturing their business relationship. You may also like mobile e-mail signature templates.

4. Sales Support. Considered as the “behind the scenes” workers, they function simply to support the sales reps by taking care of certain details. Through them, sales reps are able to cut down time and costs, and close deals much faster. You may also like Gmail signature templates.

5. Lead Generation. They are responsible in conducting research and networking in order to find new business contacts.

6. Business Developers. They are tasked in bringing new business to a company. You can also read IT email signature templates.

7. Account Managers.  Sales account managers focus on existing accounts and ensure that their clients’ needs are met by finding creative solutions and techniques of bringing their company’s products and services to consumers. You can also see sales manager email signatures.

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