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Every business needs promotion and advertising. Without those two, it would be very hard for businesses to reach their market base. Online visibility would also be hindered since businesses are not presenting themselves to possible clients who would like to reach them through their websites or social media accounts. You may also see poster templates.

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Cafe/Coffee Shop Poster Menu Template

cafe coffee shop poster menu template 440
File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Size: (US) 8.5×11 inches, 5×7 inches, 4.25×11 inches + Bleed


Simple Restaurant Menu Board Template

simple restaurant menu board template e1509609631505
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


Restaurant Grand Opening Flyer Template

restaurant grand opening flyer template e1509609766425
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


Free Christmas Restaurant Poster Template

merry christmas poster flyer template 1x
File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Apple Pages

Size: (A3) 11×17 inches + Bleed

Free Download

One very effective advertising tool is the use of posters. Posters have been utilized by small shops, medium-sized companies, and large corporations across the globe for decades now. The rise of technology has also contributed to the evolution of posters, as digital copies are now preferred over physical copies that need to be printed and posted in various public places.

Digital posters can also be accessed anywhere at any time, making it more convenient for customers to view what the company is currently offering or advertising. Restaurants are also using posters to increase their visibility, which in turn will increase sales. Here are some of the best-looking poster designs you can use for any type of restaurant, whether it is a buffet, fast food, fine dining, or casual.

Retro Dinner Poster

screenshot from 2017 10 18 17 15 26 e1508318482424

Vintage Cafe Espresso Poster

screenshot from 2017 10 18 17 19 12 e1508318426767

Glorious Red Beans Poster

screenshot from 2017 10 18 17 19 26 e1508318435257

Highly effective

Ever since posters were first introduced in the 1700s to invite and encourage people to join government protests, they have been highly effective marketing tools used by companies to attract both potential and recurring customers. The effectiveness of posters does not only depend on their visual appeal, but also on the information they manage to relay to the persons viewing them.

Posters are very effective since they contain numerous elements but still manage to capture the attention of viewers and eventually convince them to purchase a certain product or attend a particular event.

The most effective posters rely on subtle designs and minimal text. They don’t give out too much information and they don’t have too many colors or images. For example, a poster made for a three-day business conference only lists the event details and the summary of the topics which will be discussed.

Obviously, posters are not large and colorful versions of novels where long sentences and even paragraphs are written. Additionally, posters that advertise a new product often only contain an image of the said product being worn or used by a celebrity.

This is also true for restaurant posters that basically advertise the food they are selling or discounts they are offering for a limited period. Physical and 3D posters spread information very quickly, and customers around the area where the restaurant is situated will be aware what the restaurant is offering. If the restaurant is known for great-tasting food, then customers will surely arrive in droves to check out what their favorite restaurant is currently serving up.

Increases visibility

Posters are also very effective in increasing the visibility of any business, especially online. Technology has made it possible for posters to be viewed from any corner of the globe. As a result, companies have expanded their operations to other countries due in part to successful marketing which includes the use of posters.

This does not mean that physical posters have lost their effectiveness, though. They can be placed anywhere and, depending on the location, they can be viewed by thousands of passersby each day. It is not a coincidence that posters are always found in locations which draw large crowds such as malls, schools, churches, hospitals, public beaches, business districts, and busy streets. It is a strategy deployed by companies to get the attention of as many passersby as possible.

Restaurant posters also increase the restaurant’s visibility to its niche market and potential customer base. A well-designed poster with photos of delicious food easily attracts attention. Additionally, restaurants which are always giving updates to their customers online using posters have a greater chance of attracting local and foreign tourists. Other marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are also utilized by restaurants to make them easier to find in Google searches.

Low cost

Printing posters can never hurt the company’s funds. Depending on the company’s size, the number of posters needed for information dissemination can range from between 10 to 1,000. A small-sized company can already grab people’s attention using a few posters and it won’t even make a dent in their budget. Similarly, the funds used to print a thousand posters of a multimillion conglomerate can easily be replaced by an hour’s worth of sales. Additionally, posters are only used if the company has something new to advertise, making it a cost-saver for the company.

If restaurants have their own printers, then they don’t need to spend for anything aside from the paper. Even if they acquire the services of print shops to do the printing and hire distributors to do the posting in various locations, it still would not cost them that much. As previously mentioned, posters are only used when something new is about to be sold or presented. Posters in restaurants are needed when they serve up a new dish, offer a twist in their menu, or offer big discount meals. Posters are essentially low-risk and high-reward tools which restaurants can take full advantage of.

Restaurant poster design tips

For posters to be truly effective, they need to have certain elements like color, images, etc. to have a truly great visual appeal. The phrase “less is better” applies best to restaurant posters, but it’s not necessarily the rule to be followed for all posters. Follow these tips if you are planning to make your own restaurant advertising poster designs.

Take full advantage of food images

Since food defines restaurants, there is no better option than to add stock images or real photos of the restaurant’s food in the poster. Food images edited with Photoshop effects already bring a unique visual appeal, but real high-resolution photos of the restaurant’s dishes can create a more mouthwatering effect on anyone who is viewing the poster.

Food photos in posters also have a higher chance of making possible customers eat at the restaurant at the earliest time possible. For example, if a pizzeria uses a poster to advertise its new pepperoni and beef with cheese pizza, people who view the poster will definitely make a trip to the pizzeria a priority in their upcoming schedule.

Be consistent with the text sizes

If the restaurant posters include text, make sure the sizes of the text are consistent. Usually, the text found on posters are the prices and short descriptions of the dishes. This occurs when restaurants advertise discounted meals or offer new products. Even if a consistent text size must be followed in the poster design, a few exceptions can be considered for the purpose of grabbing the attention of the person viewing the poster. A poster showing discounted meals should use a bigger size for the price. Although the food is still the reason why customers visit the restaurant, this occasion will make the discounted price the restaurant’s main selling point.

Incorporate colors

The best-tasting dishes have two or three dominant colors depending on what ingredients are used. These colors should also be reflected in the poster design. As much as possible, avoid a monochrome poster filled with nothing but text. Using color combinations adds to the visual appeal of the poster and complements the food images.

Colors that represent the restaurant’s theme is also another way to get creative with the poster design. For example, the red, green, and white combination can be used for a Mexican or Italian-themed restaurant poster while a blue-and-red combination looks amazing on a seafood restaurant poster.

Have an adequate poster size

Having the right poster size is as important as the images and colors incorporated in the poster. Restaurant posters rely mostly on photos to make them more visually appealing. The poster size should be able to showcase enticing food yet still manage to give information to the people who view the poster. People can also appreciate the poster art if the size is just right.

Print using poster paper

There are some establishments who underestimate the effectiveness of posters and use regular paper when printing their poster design. Why waste a beautiful poster design on paper which easily loses its texture? Use poster paper specifically designed for posters and watch the design shine. Poster paper also doesn’t easily get crumpled and lose its texture if sprinkled by water. Poster paper is as also important as the other details being incorporated in the poster design.

Restaurant posters are some of the most effective tools any restaurant can use for marketing. Additionally, they are the easiest to make and will only require a few hours to accomplish before they can be shown to the public. The faster they can be done, the faster they can be used to advertise across your city and the Internet. Purchase the restaurant poster designs above and watch them turn your restaurant into a hot spot.

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