12+ Best Selling Printable Event Ticket Templates

Any event, whether it is a college event, a fashion event, a charity event or a business event, mostly requires a pass or a ticket that makes the guest eligible for the entry. These tickets are often printed and distributed in advance, many days prior to the event. No matter how big or small the event is, there is a certain number of tickets that are required to be printed depending on the number of guests. These tickets are designed according to the theme and mood of the event. It also states important details like venue, day and time of the event. But since event preparation can be so exhausting and time-consuming, the best way to get done with the tickets is by getting ticket templates available online for help.

These ticket templates come with the basic layout and design of the ticket and you have to edit the template to put in the details. You can get ticket templates for all kinds of event. We have some high-quality ticket templates for various occasions and events that you can download in no time without having to put in any efforts. Check out our premium templates given below.

Unique Event Ticket Template


Watercolor Event Ticket Template


VIP Event Ticket Template

VIP Event Ticket Template

Vintage Event Ticket Template


The vintage theme events are always exciting. You can set an exciting first impression with the help of the template provided here.

Dance Event Ticket Template


Valentine Event Ticket Template


Elegant Event Ticket Template


Creative Event Ticket Template


Special Event Ticket Template


Multipurpose Event Ticket Template

Multipurpose Event Ticket Template

Live Event Ticket Template


If you are looking forward to creating a ticket for a live concert, your search should end here. The template here, provides for an effective ticket design.

Carnival Event Ticket Template


The print-ready ticket has the format and layout ready for you. Customize it to fit your needs and go ahead to give the print command.

Are you promoting and event and still struggling with the ticket design. Without any further ado, click of the link to make your template purchase and get over with the job without putting in many efforts.

Once you decide on the template that you would like to use, customize the template to fit the bill. Fill the relevant information in the given space with the help of Photoshop. Once you are done the tickets are ready for print.

One thing that should always be taken care of is the ticket quality. In terms of design, you can be assured with these templates as they are rich in design and resolution. To make sure the quality is not compromised, print the tickets on high-quality glossy sheets. This helps in a lot of ways. First of all, it sets a great first impression. Which is a great start to the event already? Then it also makes the ticket durable. The guests have to store the ticket with them for few days, you have to make sure the quality is good to keep the ticket intact. And lastly, the ticket also sets credibility for the event. No one would be interesting to go in an event that has a badly designed ticket.

Depending on the event, sometimes people also like to save their tickets as a memory. With these templates, you can be sure that you’ll be providing your guests with a delightful memory.

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