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5+ Fan Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Keeping up with the heat can be stressful especially for tropical countries where the heat would be able to help you cook eggs on your skin. To slightly alleviate this problem, you can use create fans that the guests can use to keep them cool under the extreme heat. You may also see wedding program templates.

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Fans are usually seen inside rooms with less ventilation or outside where the sun is too harsh. So, if you have events that will be held in these areas, you can choose any of the fan templates below that you can use to create fans and distribute or sell to the guests. They are all aesthetically pleasing and they are downloadable and editable so you can customize them accordingly. Let’s check them out! You may also see wedding party program templates.

Wedding Program Fan Template

Simple Funeral Fan Template

How to Make an Impressive Fan

The design of the fan should be carefully considered as much as its functionality and build even though it’s not a top priority. A well-designed fan would be a great addition to the aesthetics of the event and would be able to at least give the owners something to gleefully look at and appreciate. Also, who wouldn’t want to hold and keep it if it has an aesthetically pleasing design? You may also see wedding program templates.

Crafting a design takes as much time in planning as it does in execution. You can never start the design without properly knowing what you want it to be and how you should go over it. Check the tips that you need to take note of in order to create an impressive fan! You may also see word wedding program templates.

1. Think of a concept

You may want to come up with a concept before you start anything else. Are you going for a floral theme for your fan? How about something vintage to turn back in time? Or what about something modern or futuristic that would blow people’s minds away? The list of options can go as long as you want. But, despite having plenty of choices, you should always remember to stick to the concept that will be the most appropriate for the event that the fan is made for. For example, if you are going to make fans for a wedding, the design should be able to portray a wedding theme. Going off-course with the design of the fan will only make it stand out in a not-so-positive way.

2. Plan the layout for your fan template

Creating a layout is the first step in designing as it marks the positions and arrangements of the elements. Margins, spaces, and everything else that you need to create a skeletal form of your layout should be properly planned. Margins around the business card should not be too wide as it will compress the design. In spacing, make sure that the lines of words have enough space apart from each other to avoid crowding the text area. As you plan the arrangements, you can also include the outline of the images and the font styles that you need to use for the texts. This way, things will be easier for you to design since everything is already in order.

Simple Printable Fan Template

Elegant Funeral Fan Template

Vintage Funeral Fan Template

3. They should be attention-grabbing

Everywhere you go, there will always be that one thing that grabs your attention even at a peripheral view, be it a poster, an advertising billboard, or even a person. A paddle fan is already noticeable when one is using it, but it would be gaining more attention if its design is properly planned and executed. Attractiveness is a weapon that should be utilized to its maximum potential, especially if you plan on using it to promote an event.

Fans can be sold as merchandise during an event, so in order to make it profitable, you need to make a design that’s appealing to the masses. Fans are usually sold in events during the hot season, so it would be practical to design the fan that would relate to this kind of weather. Pour every ounce of your creativity into it and make the best fan design there is! You may also see adorable beach wedding templates.

4. Make sure that the design is relevant to the concept that you are going for

Colors and striking designs will not matter if they are not relevant to the fan template’s theme. The ideas that you have thought of should be evidently shown on your fan’s design. For example, in the case of a floral-themed fan, the images, vector icons, and fonts should all complement each other and they should be able to truly show what a floral style is. Putting images that do not relate to anything vintage will only make you look disorganized, distracting, and disappointing. Every element’s relevance to the design should be carefully considered.

5. Choose colors that pop!

Since we’ve already discussed how the design should be attention-grabbing, one cannot end that topic without talking about the colors that should be used in the design. Although the beauty of a design is subjective, it is hard not to admit that colors are what make a design lively and fun to look at and that they make such a huge contribution for its impact. You may also see printable wedding program templates.

Using bright colors is one way for a design to be eye-catching, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave out the black and white motif. There are those who prefer minimalistic color tones for their design, and using a black and white color scheme is one way to achieve it. You can create a sleek, clean, or sophisticated look with both of them. Colors are essential elements which you should use carefully as they can greatly affect your design.

Royal Funeral Fan Template

How to Choose a Fan Template

Choosing a fan template isn’t done randomly. For your fan to be properly acknowledged and appreciated by people, you need to be meticulous in the template that you are going to use for its design. If you are new to this, you can look at the key points below that will guide you in selecting the best template for your fan. You may also see floral wedding templates.

1. The design

As we said, the design will mostly depend on the theme of the event. If you are going for a vintage-theme for the event, then the design of the fan can also follow through. For a summer music festival, you can incorporate summer elements like images of the sun, flowers, or even sunglasses. We have various designs for your needs, and you can select one that’s the most appropriate for the event. We have ones for the weddings and those that have minimalist vibes if you want to keep things simple and quiet but is still a visual feast.

2. The cost

If you don’t have a very deep pocket, you should consider looking at the ones that would not exceed your simple budget. Some may call it being thrifty and skimping out on the design, but we call it being smart. There’s no need to exceed the budget if it is not demanded. The thing is, we sometimes get too carried away with spending that we don’t realize we’re doing it too much already. So, to avoid this, choose the template that’s within your budget, see if it fits your preference and if it does, you should then stop looking at other templates immediately. Your wallet or pocket can only handle so much spending; you should not wait until your rummaging hands will create a hole.

3. The customization

Although we can guarantee that all of these templates are editable, there are some templates that would only allow a limited number of elements to be customized. For example, the template’s text might be edited but some of its elements such as the images might not. So, to avoid regretting your choices, make sure you go through the product details of the template and see if it allows you to edit and customize as much as you wanted. You may also see elegant wedding invitation templates.

4. The editing skills

Editing skills might not be that important since these templates are ready-made and would most likely be needing not much editing. But, if you want to go all out in customizing the template, you should evaluate your editing skills first. If you are confident that you can move through the editing with ease, then you can choose the template that will give you a lot of freedom to do so. But, even if you are still a beginner, you can still choose to edit as much as you want as long as you are careful with every process. If you need help, you can look for tutorial videos online. You may also see handmade wedding invitation templates.

Have you found the perfect fan template?

The templates that we have prepared for you are assorted with different themes and vibes. Choose the template that you think would be a great addition to the visuals of your event and would be the most profitable if you are making fans for a business. Although the fan templates give you a lot of freedom for customization, you have to be careful in editing as you may sometimes get carried away and the result may not be what you wanted. Only change what’s needed to change; otherwise, it would make a mess in the template. You may also see chalkboard wedding program templates.

We hope we have helped you in deciding which fan template to use for the event. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and your event’s success! Good luck! You may also see beach wedding program templates.

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