36 Floral Wedding Templates


Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. You will seldom find ceremonies not utilizing flowers of some sort—whether in the form of actual flower arrangements or using watercolor floral designs. In this article, we will provide various pieces of information on using floral wedding templates as the main design theme for your upcoming nuptials.

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Summer Floral Wedding Package

summer floral wedding package

InDesign Pink Floral Wedding Pack

indesign pink floral wedding pack

PSD Burgundy Floral Wedding Set

psd burgundy floral wedding set

Floral Wedding Address Labels

floral wedding address labels

Floral Wedding Advice Card

floral wedding advice card

Floral Wedding Details Card

floral wedding details card

Floral Fall Wedding Invitation Card Template

fall wedding invitation card template

Floral Wedding Package

floral wedding package

Autumn Floral Wedding Package

autumn floral wedding template package

Planning a wedding this autumn? Try out the Autumn Floral Wedding Template Package (shown above). This floral wedding template will work best for those who want their wedding stationery design to match the fall month when they celebrate their wedding. This wedding template includes card designs for an invitation card, save the date card, RSVP card, table number card, escort card, menu card, and a thank you card.

Multipurpose Floral Wedding Invitation Template

multipurpose floral wedding invitation template

Black-and-White Blossom Wedding Template Suite

black and white midnight blossom wedding template suite

Pink Floral Wedding Invitation Card Design

pink floral wedding invitation card design template

Is floral the way to go?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a wedding theme or motif. After all, a wedding theme will serve as the focal design element for your wedding. For example, choosing a vintage theme and using corresponding vintage wedding templates will help create unity in your design elements while also letting invited guests get a picture of how the wedding venue will look like and how the ceremony and reception will be run.

We have listed a few factors that will help you decide on choosing a floral wedding theme for your own wedding.

  • Floral design elements are common and easily accessible. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, weddings and floral designs are very common in this industry. This is because flowers signify love and unity—making them fitting symbols for the joining of two individuals. If you are pressed for time or you’re just overwhelmed by different wedding theme choices, going with the most common floral wedding theme may be the right step to take.
  • Floral themes have an almost universal appeal. Flowers appeal to our senses because of their beauty and fragrance. Likewise, by using a floral wedding theme, you guarantee other people also liking the theme choice. Choosing an easy floral wedding theme may benefit couples who may not give that much importance to their wedding theme choice but still want to please their guests. And if you are one of those creative couples, floral wedding themes are a good springboard for any unique creative wedding design template ideas.
  • Floral designs may easily be combined with different color schemes. Another factor that couples (and their wedding planners) should consider when selecting a wedding theme is the theme’s adaptability. This means looking into a theme or motif and deciding if the theme can be easily customized to match the couple’s preferences. Floral wedding themes are one of the few wedding design themes that have this flexibility. For instance, you may incorporate floral patterns into a vintage or beach theme without a problem. It will be up to your own (or your wedding planner’s) imagination on how you spice up a basic floral wedding template base and transform it into something special.
  • Floral wedding designs cost relatively less than other wedding themes. As a very common theme, floral wedding themes are very easy to find and there are numerous design options to choose from. Due to this, the market is flooded with various versions of any flower pattern or design template that you could think of. This ultimately leads to the relatively low prices of these designs. So if you are on a tight budget for your wedding, going the floral wedding theme route may be the best and most cost-effective step to take.

Black Floral Wedding Template Package

black floral wedding template package

Whoever said that black does not go with flowers? The Black Floral Wedding Template Package (pictured above) will certainly prove you wrong. This wedding template showcases hand-drawn flower bouquets painted against a black canvas. This template may also look like a chalkboard design due to the black background. As a wedding template package, it includes different pre-made templates for an invitation card, a thank you card, a save the date card, an RSVP card, a  menu card, a table number card, and a name place card. When printing out this card design, make sure to use either black or grey card stock. This is to make sure that the card design stands out.

Elegant Floral Wedding Invitation Template

boho chic floral wedding invitation template

Choose the  Boho Chic Floral Wedding Invitation Template pictured above if you are planning a special twist to a common floral wedding theme. This wedding template may work best by adding bohemian decor all around your wedding reception venue. Note that this is a wedding invitation template only. If you wish to use the same floral header designs on other wedding card templates, you may need to contact the original template creator and inquire if other wedding template designs are available.

Watercolor Floral Wedding Package

watercolor floral wedding template package

Did you know that floral wedding themes may also be incorporated in rustic wedding templates? Take a look at the Custom Watercolor Floral Wedding Template Package featured above. As its name suggests, this floral wedding template features watercolor painted floral patterns on a grey distressed card stock. When printing out this wedding template, you may use a pre-printed card stock or you may incorporate the distressed texture on the template design before printing it out. As with other wedding template packages, this includes different designs for an invitation card template, a menu card template, a thank you card template, a table number template, a save the date template, and an RSVP card template.

Blue Wedding Program Template

floral blue peony wedding program template

Garland Floral Wedding Template Suite

garland floral wedding template suite

Sample Floral Wedding Template

burgundy floral wedding template

Gatefold Wedding Invitation Template

gatefold floral wedding invitation template

Navy Floral Wedding Invitation Template

navy floral wedding invitation template

Gold Floral Wedding Invitation Template

gold floral wedding invitation template

Floral Wedding Program Fan Template

ombre floral wedding program fan template

Peach Blush Floral Wedding Invitation Template

peach blush floral wedding invitation template

Floral Wedding Template Set

peach diamond wedding template set

Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation Suite Template

pink floral wedding invitation suite template

Romantic Floral Save the Date Wedding Template

romantic floral save the date wedding template

If you still have not decided on a wedding motif, you may use this Romantic Floral Save the Date Wedding Template as a preliminary wedding card to announce your wedding to guests. A Save the Date bookmark template is not a commitment to use the same template for all your wedding stationery. But if you like this floral card design, no one is stopping you from using the same floral wedding template. This card template may be printed out on colored card stock that will match the specific color scheme that you have chosen for your wedding.

Bloomy Wedding Invitation Suite Template

bloomy wedding invitation suite template

Printable Wedding Invitation Template

roses printable wedding invitation template kit

Summer Floral Wedding Invitation Card

summer floral wedding invitation card design template

The Summer Floral Wedding Invitation Card Design Template featured above is best used for summer or late spring weddings. This floral wedding template has a cheerful look that will give wedding guests a clue on what the wedding reception would be like. This wedding card template may also be printed out on colored paper or card stock to match your wedding’s official color scheme. This template is available in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher file formats.

Royal Blue Wedding Invitation Template

royal blue wedding invitation template

Despite it being rare to find blue flowers, there is no reason why you should not use the Royal Blue Wedding Invitation Template pictured above. This card template showcases a royal blue pattern that helps give the wedding invitation card template a luxurious effect. When used with another decorative element with a tinge of royal blue in it, your wedding ceremony and reception will look totally glamorous.

Watercolor Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template

watercolor wedding invitation rsvp template

Rustic Wedding Invitation Template

rustic mason jar wedding invitation template

Spring Floral Wedding Template Set

spring floral wedding template set

Another floral wedding template created to match a wedding patterned after a season is the Spring Floral Wedding Template Set embedded above. This wedding announcement template is fully editable so you may customize it and add the different wedding details into the card design template. The flower elements are created using separate layers, making them difficult to edit if you do not have knowledge in Adobe Photoshop.

Square Floral Wedding Invitation Template

square floral wedding invite template

Summer Floral Wedding Invitation Template

summer floral wedding invitation template 788x524

Watercolor Floral PSD Menu Wedding Template

watercolor floral psd menu wedding

For those who are looking for standalone floral wedding menu template designs, try out this Watercolor Floral PSD Menu Wedding Template shown above. In this wedding template, the flower designs are used to frame the menu details. This wedding template will look best when placed as part of the guest table centerpiece during the wedding reception. And to help spice up the entire wedding table decoration, it is best to place it alongside a real flower arrangement.

Wooden Floral Wedding Invitation Template

wooden floral wedding invitation template

Another floral wedding template that may also be used as part of a rustic wedding motif is the Wooden Floral Wedding Invitation Template shown above. In this floral template, the flowery patterns are used as either frame elements or headers. It also includes templates for an RSVP card, a thank you card, an invitation card template, and a wedding details card.

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