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8+ Beauty Spa Flyer Templates

The business approach to using flyers for marketing always seemed to have that “whatever works” mentality among businessmen, without realizing that with the right elements and the perfect design, flyers can be an effective marketing tool. It’s no secret that marketing a business can be difficult and a beauty spa is no exception, no matter how much of a luxurious pampering you offer for a great price.

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Elements of A  Good Beauty Spa Flyer

Spa treatments are more popular now than ever. According to recent reports, there were close to 200 million spa and beauty salon visits in 2016 alone and they keep increasing as more and more people want to enjoy getting a spa treatment and probably a weekend makeover. Time spent at a luxury spa is a wonderful treat for anyone and many potential customers are waiting. You can help them find your business with a creative flyer design using these elements:

1. Headline: Just like any other written medium, your flyer can use a good headline. However, the headline isn’t just about the words, and while the words are very important, the design deserves just as much attention. Your headline needs to pop from the page and grab the reader’s attention enough for them to want to read the flyer in full rather than just scan quickly and throw it in the bin.

2. Graphics: A flyer, depending on what it will be used for, can have text, taking up a majority of its layout. However, graphics shouldn’t come as second fiddle to the text because they can add impact to a flyer and must be chosen carefully to maintain the main theme of your flyer design. For instance, one large image is better than putting plenty of small ones. In the event that you don’t have your own illustration or wasn’t able to do a photo shoot for the flyer, you can find graphics and images that are free of royalty in stock image websites. When needed, provide image credits and place your graphics according to order of importance.

3. AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action): Flyers and brochures should be planned and considered according to the target audience’s attention, interest, desire, and action which means your text and overall design should be able to:

  • Grab attention: Your design and text should be compelling enough to garner a second glance from a potential beauty spa client.
  • Interest: Text and photos should create interest in the reader, making them want to read on, rather than stop after having read the headline.
  • Desire: Your text and graphics should be enough to create a desire within the reader for the product or service being highlighted in your flyer or brochure.
  • Action: You need a call to action in your material. This can be as simple as “Call Us Now” or “Visit Our Website”.

4. Location and Contact Details: The most vital part of a business flyer is where it tells the audience where and how to find your spa or where they can receive the services you’re promoting. If you’re having a limited promotion, for example, make the business address prominent on the layout and include information on how long the promotion will last.

8+ Beauty Spa Flyer Templates

Beauty Spa Flyer Template

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Beauty Care Flyer Template

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Spa Beauty Flyer Template

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Free Beauty Spa Flyer Template

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Beauty Flyer Sample


Beauty Spa Flyer Template


Beauty Spa Flyer


Steps to Design an Excellent Beauty Spa Flyer

For advertising your business, a sale or a special event, a flyer can get your message to your prospects and customers. A well-thought and properly-designed flyer catches the attention and creates an impact on your target audience. Follow these steps to create a flyer that you can use for a consistent business marketing effort:

1. Plan and write your content down: You can’t just jump to the final stages of your design without having an idea about what the content of the flyer should be. Planning your content is a very important first step since flyers usually carry more information than posters. Contents with unique layers make it easier for reading and can get your message across faster than text or content on a complicated background. It’s also easier to just plan your content in this order: title, subtitle, and description.

2. Know your audience: Develop your message with your target audience in mind, because without careful consideration of those who are likely to consume your information, you could end up with a message that your audience wouldn’t be able to identify with. If you’re still trying to figure out what type of people or customers your spa would be served while you’re designing the flyer, start by carefully identifying them. It’s crucial that you know who gets to see the message you have communicated for a successful design.

3. Organize information: What is being asked? What are your marketing objectives? Why are you designing a tool for mass distribution? If you want your promotional flyer to be effective, it needs to say in a very limited space all that the audience needs to know. For instance, where is your business located? What specific products and services are your beauty spa offering, and how does your prospect customers take advantage of the benefits?

4. Practice consistency: You want to put the word out and you want your business to get the attention it deserves and probably a fair share of the beauty spa market. This also means you have to promote your brand on all fronts or as much as you can. Promote relevant brand through marketing efforts. Establish brand standards that give an overview of the company’s vision as well as brand colors, logo specs, and messaging. Consistency is key.

Tips In Designing A Beauty Spa Flyer

An effective flyer can convey what the audience needs to know, offer credibility and increase a business’ profitability by attracting and convincing the audience to take action. Here are some tips you can further use in creating a great flyer for your beauty spa business:

  • Function before form: Before you finalize your design, make sure the information you have regarding your target customers are correct as well as information on the product, service or event. The flyer’s purpose which is both to market and informs should come first before graphics. For all its visual appeal, a flyer can fail to make an impact but if it fails to offer value or fail to say the right message.
  • Don’t be afraid to break the rules: There are always tips on how to design flyers professionally, sometimes, you need to be more creative. Be brave to use your ideas, when you want to use only black and white to add contrast and make an impact, just do it. You never know how far you can go when designing flyers. Limits are for those who need them.

Beauty Spa Flyer Sizes

Flyers can come in various sizes but these are the most common:

  • Half Sheet: 5.5 x 8.5?
  • Standard: 8.5 x 11?
  • Large Format: 11 x 17?

Beauty Spa Flyer FAQs

What’s the difference between a flyer and a brochure?

Brochures can be printed and are offered in a variety of standard layout and sizes whereas flyers often just follow an 8.5” x 11” size although it can come in different paper formats. Depending on the amount of information or text your marketing campaign needs, both brochures and flyers can attract more customers into choosing your business, if they’re well-designed.

By using flyers, how can I promote my beauty spa business more?

You can do these many different ways but usually, offering a loyalty points program can do wonders to a business selling beauty and spa services. Start a loyalty program and reward your customers for their return visits and highlight this in your flyer design.

Are flyers still reliable as a marketing tool?

You’d be surprised how great of a marketing job a flyer can do when you get the design right. Done with little thinking and effort though, a flyer can just as quickly turn a potential customer off. Use the guide and the tips we have written in this article to help you in designing the flyer and doing it right.

Whether it’s from scratch or through using templates found on the internet and this article, creating flyers with a design and layout that would reach and attract a wide audience isn’t really rocket science. But it does need a good understanding of what a business needs or what your company is trying to promote. From food to events and the limited offers of your spa or even public awareness regarding something that needs attention, a flyer can still be a reliable tool built around an effective marketing campaign, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon, internet or no internet.

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