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9+ Beer Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Word, EPS Vector

One of the recipes to having a fun night out with friends are good food, great music, and ice cold beers. Beers have grown to become a symbol for the much-needed destressing and relaxation at the end of the day or week. It has become the image for nights out and is a staple in most restaurants or bars. You may also like flyer examples.

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Beers have been an increasingly popular option for a beverage. It is the drink of choice for a lot of young adults as they meet up in pubs or bars. So, if you own or run a pub or bar business, it would be ideal for you to promote beers to your consumers, as this is what they would normally look for to.

Beer Festival Flyer Template

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Beer Flyer Template

Creative Beer Flyer Design

Happy Hour Beer Festival Flyer

Reasons why people love to drink beer:

There are numerous kinds of beers produced on the market today that differ from one another in terms of flavor, ingredients, and process. For some, beer is a part of life and there are instances when beer becomes an artistic endeavor. Often times, beer is chosen as a medium to fuel the social life of many, but other than that, here are a few good reasons to why people love to drink beer:

1. Beers are often present in social events, thus making it perfect for socializing. Whether it is just you and one other person catching up or a big group of friends celebrating, beer can be enjoyed in either occasion. Beer can also help you loosen up, which may lead you to talk to strangers you are interested in. With that said, beer can be the perfect drink when you’re looking to have fun. You may also like happy hour flyer templates.

2. Beers, in a way, unite and do not discriminate. Beers can be enjoyed by anybody and are very cheap compared to its other counterparts like the wine. Beer’s price point is a lot cheaper compared to that of its other alcoholic counterparts, making beer an cost-effective choice for everyone and for any event. You may also see event flyer templates.

3. Beers let you connect and reach out to other people, especially to those who value beer as more than just an alcoholic beverage. There is both an industry and a community packed with beer lovers from all across the world. With that said, beer lets you connect with people with your shared interest, leading you to have interesting conversations with them. You may also see 80s party flyer designs.

4. Beer is also thought of as a form of art. Amidst its nature being an alcoholic beverage, the process of creating it is what makes this beverage a lot more interesting than the rest. A very meticulous and intricate process is what makes this beverage at a level among the arts. You may also see printable invitation flyers.

Happy Hour Flyer Design

Beer Fest Flyer Design

Vintage Happy Hour Beer Flyer

What should be in your beer flyer?

Flyers, in general, are used as a promotional medium to effectively relay your message— for this case, it is that you are selling beers —to your customers, old and new alike. Having an effective flyer takes knowing what your pub or bar is about and projecting it to the market.

It is also about being able to elicit the right kinds of characters and having the right and necessary information to put in it. All these factors should be on your flyer for it to be effective. For without these things, your flyer will just be like any paper handed out randomly with no effectivity. You may also see cocktail party flyers.

1. The most basic information to put in the flyer is the name of your pub or bar, as this helps with the identification of the flyer. Having the name of your place at the topmost part of the flyer will give your customers the information as to who is promoting it. This, in turn, leads customers to learn about your bar or pub. You may also see drink party flyers.

2. In line with putting in the name, you have an option to put your bar’s address. To make things easier for everyone, it is ideal that you put in your address in your flyer, so the people you are handing it out to would know where the exact location is. If you opt not to put it in, people will have to find out what the address themselves. Having it will just let them know the minute they have your sample flyer.

3. For added visual effect, it is also important to put in a photo of something that reminds your customers of  beer. This photo, as said, will help add to the visual effect and impact of your flyer that can catch your potential customer’s attention. It will also create a beautiful contrast, especially with a solid black background and a somewhat yellow-colored beer image. Also, having an image in your promotional flyer will help make yours stand out from the rest and from your competitors.

4. To add more hype to your pub or bar, you can add particular events to your flyer. For example, happy hour is a period of the day, usually at around seven through nine in the evening, wherein drinks are sold at reduced prices for your patrons or customers. Or if not, you can go for a “beer fest”, which is an event that showcases various kinds of beers from different places across the world. Whatever you decide with your business, it is nice to hold events from time to time for your patrons and new customers. This makes your pub or bar a whole lot more interesting , and it is even more important to have it in your free flyer.

5. Aside from the ones already mentioned, there are also other pieces of information you have to put in to add into the effectivity of your flyer. You can also add what time your doors will open, the parking fee, any complimentary, contact information, date of your event (if there is any), and names of the DJs playing.

  • Putting in what time your doors will open will better inform your customers of the right time to visit your pub or bar.
  • The parking fee. With numbers of people investing in their very own automobile, it is ideal that you put in if your customers will have to pay for a parking fee or not at all, to inform your customers ahead time. This will also, in turn, give them the option to decide whether to bring their cars or not.
  • Any complimentary drinks or foods from your pub or bar if there is any. This information too, like putting in your events, will generate more hype for your pub or bar. This is a great marketing strategy as it will encourage any potential customer to give your pub or bar a try.
  • Your pub or bar’s contact information. With these pieces of information, it will allow your customers to connect and reach out to you for inquiries. You can put in your telephone number, email address, all your social media platforms, and even your website if your bar has one.
  • If you have specific events that is a not a regular thing in your pub or bar and is maybe in line with a holiday, it is ideal you put in when the exact date is so your customers will have better knowledge on when to visit for the said event.
  • Lastly, you can also put in the names of the musicians or DJs playing in your pub or bar. With this sample marketing strategy, fans of that particular DJ or musician will head to your bar .

Modern Beer Flyer Template

Drinks Promo Flyer Template

Simple Beer Flyer Template

Why go for pre-made beer flyer designs and templates?

Premade designs are truly an efficient and practical option for business owners. They are efficient in time and money, as it does not require you to be well versed in technicalities. It also does not come with a costly price tag. To begin, premade designs offer a lot of variations that are perfect for any pub or bar seeking a promotional flyer.

They come in simplistic and modern designs, even vintage and artistic designs, so there is one for every different preference of pub or bar owners. As said, premade designs do not require you to be a computer whiz. All you have to do is open the file in a photo editing program, and you can start your customization from there.

Premade designs are also able to bring out the very same characteristics your pub or bar exudes. If you present your place as fun and chill, there are premade designs that can go with that, or if it is something luxurious and sophisticated, there are also premade designs that have the same vibe.

The point is, you do not have to spend a lot in order to fully realize your promotional flyers, you just have to be practical and be creative when it comes to customizing.

Compare it to when you ask for a professional graphics artist’s help, which can be very costly. Premade designs are a far better option in terms of price. It is not about negating their capabilities to create and produce something creative, but it is a matter of practicality and efficiency.

With professional help, the labor cost can go really high due to the intensive consultations needed and back and forth editing in trying to meet your demands. With premade designs and templates, all the control is yours. Editing can go with how you envisioned it and it will not take as much time.

You will only probably need a few minutes to an hour at the most. Editing is also easy since there smart object layers that enable you to move around elements of the design creating a more professional flyer.

Do not forget to bookmark this page if you found this article helpful in any way and kindly share this with other pub or bar owners seeking the best and perfect beer flyer designs and templates.

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