10+ Best St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Templates


St. Patrick’s day is just a few weeks away which makes today the best time to prepare if you’re planning to throw a celebration. One of the elements that need to be prepared is the tool used for inviting attendees. While invitations are more preferable, you can also use flyers and we’ve got a bunch of flyer templates to help you create them.

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5 Steps to Create a St. Patrick’s Day Flyer

Step 1: Identify a purpose

Before creating your flyers, you need to know why you are creating them in the first place. This way, you’ll have a clearer picture of what to do and how to do it well. When identifying your purpose, it should always be directed towards your target audience.

Step 2: Download a template

This article houses over ten St. Patrick’s day flyer design templates that we have gathered from various reliable websites. The templates below are some of the best on the internet and they’ve been created by very imaginative graphic artists. Simply download a template to get started.

Step 3: Add the content

Based on your identified purpose, add the content of your flyer. Almost always, a party or event flyer will consist of the title of the event, the date and time when the event will occur, the venue where it will take place, and your contact number. Aside from these, you may be allowed to add more if necessary.

Step 4: Enhance the design

After adding the flyer’s content, it’s time to beautify the design to make it look more desirable. Enhancing the design includes adding more elements if needed, removing unnecessary ones, and arranging the elements on the layout. Take note, always add white space to create a breathing room in between elements.

Step 5: Verify the details

Before finalizing your party flyer design, see to it that the information added is correct and there are no signs of misspelled words or grammatical errors. And while you’re at it, evaluate the design and have another person to share their opinion on it. Afterward, you can then print your flyers.

10+ St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Templates

1. St Patrick’s Day Flyer Design

halftone st patricks day flyer sample Download

The first template on this list takes it inspiration from halftone designs, although instead of being in black and what, this one actually adds green into the mix. Use the multipurpose flyer template above to lure people to come to your celebration to listen to some good music while chugging down on some drinks.

2. St Patrick’s Day Flyer Template

green leaves st patricks day flyer Download

Here’s a modern yet simple event flyer template for those who wish to throw a St. Patrick’s day party. If you’re planning on getting DJs to perform during the party, you might as well mention that on the flyer as well. This way, people will have an idea about the type of music based solely on the performers.

3. Simple St Patrick’s Day Celebration Flyer

simple st patricks day celebration flyer Download

Nowadays, people are more drawn to flat and minimal designs as seen on the template above. Not only are audiences attracted to this style, but also the designers themselves due to its fast rendering times. Since Easter is just days away from St. Patrick’s day, you might also find interest in our Easter celebration flyer template.

4. Rustic St Patrick’s Day Flyer Example

rustic st patricks day flyer example Download

Here’s another minimal flyer design that you might also be interested in but unlike the previous one, this design somewhat looks textured which adds to its rusticity. This template can only be downloaded in the PSD format, but it comes in two color schemes—black and white, and green and white.

5. Dark Saint Patricks Day Flyer Layout

dark saint patricks day flyer layout Download

According to the Catholic church, St. Patrick (born Maewyn Succat) is the patron saint of Ireland who is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland. If you’re planning to throw a party in honor of St. Patrick, check out the template above. This may be a flyer template in PSD, although you may be able to get it in JPG.

6. Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration Flyer Design

saint patricks day celebration flyer design Download

If you understand the science of colors and which combinations work best, you’ll learn that green is highly compatible with orange. Speaking of compatibility, take note of the templates that you will be downloading since some are only compatible with certain editing tools. If you’re editing using Adobe Illustrator, then download a flyer template in AI.

According to legend, finding a rainbow’s end will lead you to a pot of gold guarded by a leprechaun. With the flyer template above, we’re actually bringing the pot of gold to the people if they’re willing to attend. If you’re looking for something formal, we’ve also got a St. Patrick’s day invitation template for you.

Dance St. Patrick’s Day Flyer

dance st

8. Happy Patrick’s Day Flyer Format

clovers happy patricks day flyer format Download

When St. Patrick preached to the people in Ireland, he used the three-leaf clover to symbolize the Holy Trinity. The St. Patrick’s day flyer template above is heavily inspired by watercolor paintings, and if that captured your interests, you might also like our multipurpose watercolor flyer template.

9. Artistic St Patrick’s Day Flyer

artistic happy st patricks day flyer Download

You probably can never go wrong with too many four-leaf clovers—the more, the luckier. If you prefer to use dedicated text boxes on your flyer for the content, then the flyer template above would be your best choice. Use this to inform people what they can expect from your St. Patrick’s day event.

10. Clover St Patrick’s Day Flyer Template

clover st patricks day flyer template Download

The four-leaf clover is said to have been used by St. Patrick to teach the Irish people about faith, hope, love, and luck. However, people today are more invested in luck than in the other three qualities. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to throw an event, feel free to use the lucky flyer template above.

11. Custom Text Saint Patrick’s Day Flyer

custom text saint patricks day flyer Download

Here’s another flyer template that uses an image of the four-leaf clover as a symbol. However, the element that stands out the most in this template is its custom font. This template may be impressive but if you wish to go big, you might be more interested in our St. Patrick’s day poster template.

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