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Everyone knows that flyers are one of the best mediums to promote your business, be it sweet treats, web design service, car rental services, and many other products or services. Flyers are easy to create, cheap, and most especially, effective. What makes a flyer highly effective lies in its design and content. The design of the flyer is reliable as it may be made to connect with the concept or theme that your company wants. It may be a vintage look, a modern one, or anything else entirely; it’s all up to you as the business owner. But, if you still don’t know what design you are going to create, perhaps the templates that we have listed below will help you with that dilemma. Take a look at some of the most beautiful and stunning designs and templates for your car rental flyers.

Simple Car Rental Flyer Template


PSD Car Rental Flyer Template


Exclusive Car Rental Flyer Template


Tips for Writing Content for Your Car Rental Flyer

Flyers are an absolute royalty when it comes to promotion. It stands atop other promotional tools as the one that has proven itself over the years on how effective it is. But, that certain claim didn’t happen easily. A lot of things were carefully considered in the process of creating one. So, to let you in on what helped make an effective flyer, we have listed the tips for you to take note of and follow.

1. Keep the Details Brief

You have probably seen countless reading materials that bored you so much that you decided to throw it into oblivion. Exaggeration aside, looking at those uninteresting content, particularly those that contain long paragraphs, are mostly left ignored or immediately dropped by the readers at first glance. That’s why you should keep your content concise to easily grab people’s attention. You may also like business flyer designs.

A brief content not only attracts people but it also reflects on how you are as an entrepreneur. People would instantly know a crappy content when they see one. It will only give you a negative image if you are not careful with your content. The long paragraphs that you thought are extremely informative? They were left unread. You wasted your effort in creating the content and the cost of printing them. And possibly, you’ll get criticized for such content. Keep everything brief. It’s as simple as that. You may also like for sale flyers.

2. Keep Your Information Organized

After finalizing which information goes into your flyer, it’s time to organize it in a manner that would allow for easy navigation. As you may not know, this idea is referred to a typographic hierarchy. In this context, it talks about how the texts in the flyer are arranged in a way that, at first glance, people would know which information is important and where the additional information is. You may also like car show flyers.

Typographic hierarchy is all about putting the most important information on top priority. Make sure that you have already identified the information that you would want to highlight, like a company name, a promotion or discount, or an event title, so that you know which text to be larger than the rest or to have a heavier visual weight. Also, placing it near the top of the layout will make the content more visible since we read from left to right and top to bottom. You may also like car wash flyers.

There are different ways of organizing and highlighting your flyer’s copy. Some of the options include:

  • font size
  • bullet points
  • font-weight and style (bold, italic, etc.)
  • text boxes or blocks of color
  • visual cues (underlining, arrows, ribbons/banners, etc.)
  • alignment
  • proximity (placing related items closer together)

Modern Car Rental Flyer Template


A4 Car Rental Flyer Template


Clean Car Rental Flyer Template


Luxurious Car Rental Flyer Template


Stylish Car Rental Flyer Template


3. Create a Catchy Headline

Headlines are what capture the eye of the viewers. Words like “sale” or “discount” are some parts of the headline that turns the heads of passersby. Of course, they can be applied only when the content of flyer demands it. The headline should be interesting and pertinent to your simple business. Also, the viewer should be able to immediately discern what your flyer is all about.

4. List the Benefits

We all know how people are quick to engage in anything that will give them benefits. Because let’s be real, we are all like that sometimes. List at least five benefits that your company provides and show them in a prominent way. This will help you convince and persuade them in choosing your product or service over the others. Tempt them to the point that hey will immediately contact you in order to acquire what is offered.

5. Highlight Your Tagline

Taglines are extremely helpful in terms of memory retention. Every time your tagline is broadcasted, people who have read your tagline will immediately remember your company and its offers. So, write catchy taglines that will be easy to remember and pronounce. Most of the taglines are composed of rhymes and are contained in one sentence. Also, think of something that connects with your audience and is in tune with what you’re offering, so that they know exactly what the flyer is for. You may also like car wash flyer templates.

VIP Car Rental Flyer Template


Red Car Rental Flyer Template


Sleek Car Rental Flyer Template


Elegant Car Rental Flyer Template


Corporate Car Rental Flyer Template


Multipurpose Car Rental Flyer Template


Black and White Car Rental Flyer Template


6. Always Proofread Your Content

People are always so critical of the grammar of any content. To avoid such criticisms, especially from grammar nazis, make sure that you have read the entire content at least thrice. You can do it yourself or designate this task to someone else, or you both can take turns in doing it. A transposed telephone number or a misspelled word will cost you your reputation. Although it’s not that the severe, still, the damage has been done. You may also like racing flyers.

7. Include a Call to Action

There’s a reason why most contents are written with an active voice rather than the passive voice. The active voice convinces or compels the readers to take action. In your flyer, tell the reader to call now, order now, or log on to the website. Don’t keep them idle. This way, you are interacting with your customers through the flyers. You may also like cleaning service flyers.

8. Feature Offers and Special Deals

Offers and special deals are to customers while flowers are to bees. One thing the offers and the flowers have in common is that they easily attract specific groups. The offers and specials have a sweet scent that people would immediately get attracted to. Once they read that in your flyer, they will not hesitate to purchase or hire whatever it is that you offered. If you want the fastest way to get people to know about your business, then is the best way to do it. You may also like insurance flyers.

9. Know Your Audience

Make sure that you have done your research to determine the demographics of your audience. Your content’s tone should be able to keep in line with your target customers. For example, the flyers in this article are made for car enthusiasts. Not everyone who reads your flyer will be able to understand the half of your content, and that’s perfectly fine. Those who don’t understand and have no interest in it will most probably not purchase anything anyway. You may also like printable flyer templates.

10. Use Relevant Information

We know that you have already taken note of this, but we still included it just in case you need a little reminder. Always keep your focus on what’s relevant. It goes without saying that you should put information that will be useful for the customers, such as your contact details, where you are located, your operating hours, what products or services you do or don’t provide, and other pertinent information. You may also like sample flyers.

11. Include Convincing Testimonials

Testimonials can be a powerful tool to impress your customers, especially if they are from certain authorities. Choose the testimonials that are written professionally, clearly, and those that contain relevant information for your business. This will help the customers gauge the value of your business’ products and services.

12. Don’t Forget Your Contact Details at the Bottom of the Flyer

Don’t ever forget this section of your flyer. While the headline might be what captures the attention of the customers, what remains in their minds are the last things they see. That’s why your contact details such as your phone number, email address, social media sites, and postal address should be at the bottom of your flyer.

13. Your Font Should Be Legible

What purpose does your content hold if the customers can’t even read it? Choose a simple and legible font, like Calibri, Arial, or the classic Times New Roman. Also, choose a legible font size which is usually no smaller than 10-point size. You don’t want your customers squinting their eyes and deciphering what your content is all about. You may also see luxury flyers.

14. Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

Determine what your customers want by putting yourself in their shoes. Is the content of your flyers enough to accommodate certain needs of the customers? Does the structure and design of your minimal flyer able to present the message clearly? Be straightforward and practical.

15. Use the Word ‘You’

Flyers are meant to communicate to the audience. The message that they convey needs to make the audience feel that the flyer is talking directly to them (in a non-freaky way). Flyers don’t actually talk, you know. But you get the gist of it. Using the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ makes the customers feel that whoever made the content of the flyer is speaking directly to them, which creates a connection that would eventually prosper into a business relationship. Also, customers are more convinced and compelled into taking an action if it is done this way. You may also like free PSD flyer templates.

Have you found the right design?

The templates that we have provided have a variety of designs for you to choose from. But, always remember that relevance is the key to a great design and content. Make sure that the design that you have chosen will be related to the kind of business that you want people to recognize. Your flyer will act as the representative of your business. Any criticism made on the flyer will reflect on what kind of a company you are. So, don’t rush into creating your flyer. Carefully plan out the design and content before distributing. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Well, we wish you all the best in your endeavors! Good luck! You may also like word flyer templates.

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