11+ Carnival Party Flyers

Planning to throw a carnival-themed party? Thank your lucky stars. We have here a list of carnival-themed flyers that would help disseminate the news about your awesome party. Planning a party can be a pain in the head, but there is no need to worry.

Our flyer templates will the do the work for you. We’ll give you the luxury of time achieving those tasks on your checklist by providing you ready-made, original, and high-quality carnival party flyers. Say goodbye to the hassle of work because our flyer templates will do the trick.

Carnival Party Flyer Template


Free Brazil Carnival Flyer Template


Masquerade Carnival Party Flyer



Carnival Party Club Flyer



Mardi Gras Party Flyer



Free PSD Carnival Party Flyer



Carnival Mask Party Flyer



The Magic and Tricks of a Carnival Flyer

Most of us associate carnivals with magic, tricks, games, and extraordinary exhibitions. Given these common dispositions, a carnival flyer must bring out the spirit of a carnival with just a piece of paper.

As you can see from our templates, carnival as a theme is used in various purposes. A carnival flyer will not be complete with a sprinkles of carnival treats on it. Here are some of those elements:

  • Balloons and masks. These are a favorite not just among children but also of adults. You can never go wrong with balloons and masks.
  • Traditional red-and-white stripes with a contrasting blue color. A typical carnival would have all of these elements. Such colors really bring up the joyous and festive aura of a carnival.
  • Circus tent from streamers. Circus tents are really awesome. They can help set up the festive carnival vibe.

These are just some of the elements of a carnival that would elevate your carnival-themed flyer. By using our templates, your guests will anticipate your party. Indeed, it can be mysterious and at the same time exciting and full of life. If you’re interested with more designs such as party flyer templates, check out the collection we have on our website.

Masquerade Flyer Template



Carnival & Mardi Gras Flyer



Mardi Gras Flyer Template



Carnival Band Launch Party Flyer



Carnival Night Party Flyer



Why Bother Using Carnival Themes?

The answer to this question is, Why not? Carnival themes are so vibrant and full of power. For us, it is considered as a mixture of art, culture, and a way of life. Here are some of its innate characteristics that makes carnivals special:

  • Festivity. This kind of theme brings about the spirit of happiness, humor, gratitude, and party attitude. It does not connote sadness nor grief. They will truly put a smile on your face after a gloomy and stressful day.
  • An escape from reality. This kind of template can help you escape from the harshness of reality sometimes. The design is never boring and thus your creative mind will truly be awakened.
  • Being different and strange is not bad. Carnival themes are also associated with strange and unique elements. This reminds us that being different is not bad at all. Our uniqueness make us more beautiful.
  • Enables you to channel your inner child. Carnivals gives us the feeling of nostalgia. It makes us remember the good old days and the dashing memories we have with carnivals.

These are just some of the positive connotations of a carnival. In terms of  parties, this theme will surely satisfy your artistic inclinations when it comes to carnival flyer templates.

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