11+ Catering Business Flyer Templates


A flyer is a form of paper advertisement deliberated for wide distribution. These flyers are usually posted or distributed in public places, handed out to people or sent through the mail. There are many flyer templates available online as well so that one can edit it according to the theme of their business.

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5 Steps to Create a Business Flyer

Have you been searching for a perfect way to create the best flyer for your current business? If so, then follow these 5 easy steps to create one of the coolest flyers on your own, at the comfort of your house.

Step 1: Select a Flyer Template

There is a wide range of free flyer templates available for download that you can make use of, to create the perfect one for your business. They come with ready-made sizes and special designs so you don’t have to worry about investing a lot of time and effort in creating a new one from scratch. You can use different themes for your flyers to make them look unique from others.

Step 2: Choose the Colors and Fonts

The colours and fonts can either brighten or diminish the look of your flyer. Figure out different colours that would suit the theme of your catering service. Finding the right font is equally important if you want everything to be in coordination with one another. Look at your competitor’s flyers, learn from them and use their help to improve your in looking the best in the lot.

Step 3: Craft your Images

Once the template is selected along with the colour and fonts to be used, you can now proceed to design your flyer by adding graphics and images. Place your images wherever necessary. You can use your own images or there are plenty of free photos that you can pick from. You wouldn’t want to compromise on the photo resolution, no matter what. The pictures have to be clear.

Step 4: Enter your Information

The way the information is presented is the most important part of a flyer. Therefore, place the contents in a visually attractive manner. It shouldn’t be tough for your clients to read the information on the flyer. Keep your customer in mind while filling it with information. Write what exactly you expect the customer to know about you.

Step 5: Review and Print

After the contents have been entered, preview your flyer. Before you finalize, check for any errors and correct them. The flyer should be printed in good quality. Distribute your flyers to as many people as you can. Try out digital flyers, as they come in better resolution and are more colourful. Reward returning customers with offers and discounts on a regular basis. This will help you expand your business better as there is a positive word about you and your catering service.

11+ Catering Business Flyer Templates

1. Catering Business Service Flyer

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Highlight the grey background of this template with any bright colour stripes and white letter font and you’re ready to go! You can change the background, font style, texts and also add in images of your own service and company. Put in the offers, menu, service charges and other easily editable details and your flyer is ready for print!

2. Catering Business Flyer

catering business flyer Download

Reach out to your clients and give them a good reason to try your latest menu with this catering flyer template. Promote your catering business, restaurant or any other food-related venture and see the response yourself. Make the flyer colourful and let it speak for itself. Design the flyer in a way that nobody can take their eyes of its beauty.

3. Chef Catering Business Flyer

chef catering business flyer Download

Make your own promotional materials stand out with a custom made flyer. The perfect size for all of your promotional needs, you can upload your company’s photos, graphics, and logos to craft the perfect flyers for your catering service. Do not forget to mention your company’s website, phone number and the name of it with a cute logo of a chef’s hat or a chef’s knife. This logo will make people understand that it is a food service.

4. Simple Catering Flyer Template

simple catering flyer Download

A two-sided catering flyer template provides the clients with details about the company and the services it provides and also, the menu and the pricing of all the dishes. The colour theme of this template can be edited to suit your liking. It can also be printed in various sizes, using different fonts wherever required.

5. Chef Catering Flyer Template

chef catering flyertemplate Download

Chefs are the main reason why the food industry is still one of the most booming and it will never die either. In such a template, make sure that you mention any offers and discounts you want your customers who are regulars, get. Mention what makes you different from your others and what all are the special services you provide. Don’t give too much text either. Keep it short and simple, make it colourful with pictures.

6. Food Catering Flyer Template

food catering flyer template Download

If you’re looking for high-quality designs for your catering flyers, then this template is the one for you. In this template, you can add information related to menu, offers or discounts, service charges, etc. All the details are perfectly highlighted and the background images, font and colours are completely customizable. Use eye-catching headlines to get people to read your flyer.

7. Elegant Catering business Flyer

elegant catering business flyer Download

Flyers like the one above, show in a gist how much would a plate per person be, no matter how many dishes are available. It is a great way to grow your business, because the more affordable your meals are, the more the guests and clients you will get. Make your flyers professional and distribute them as widely as you can.

8. Restaurant Catering Business Flyer

restaurant catering business flyer Download

This well thought out restaurant flyer is planned in such a way that no information about the services you offer is left out. It has various elements to it and comes in different styles that you can choose from. You cannot go wrong with this professional and cool looking flyer. Download and explore more such restaurant flyer templates now!

9. Professional Catering Flyers


professional catering flyers1 Download

Make your promotional materials stand out with a custom made flyer. The perfect size for all of your business needs, you can upload your own photos, graphics, and logos to design the perfect flyers for your event. Created in a formal, yet friendly way to highlight your company’s ability to deliver a fine dining experience with style and elegance. Mention what are your specialized events as well.

10. Creative Catering Business Flyer

creative catering flyer1 Download

A creative catering flyer, like the one above, is a very cute flyer designed with stylish glasses containing sweet candy and lollipops. Perfect for candy caterers to advertise their candy buffet business. Mention your location and the type of events you cater for. Usually, candy caterers cater for baby showers, parties, weddings, etc. as everyone loves candy, especially children.

11. Modern Catering Business Flyer

modern catering bussiness flyer Download

A modern catering business flyer can also be in a booklet type, with each side covered with all the dishes your catering service provides. These dishes should be sectioned into starters, soups, desserts, etc. as it makes it easier for customers to make a decision as to what they would want to order for their event.

12. Fast Food Catering Flyer Template

fast food catering flyer temlate Download

Fast foods are one of the most loved food across the world and this fast food flyer will help you make the best mouth-watering flyer for your fast food service. The images are strongly represented and the details are conveyed in a clear manner.

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