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13+ Cocktail Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Cocktail drinks are popular variations of alcoholic beverages. It can come in more ways than one. It is a mix of alcoholic drinks and some other sweet ingredients. Cocktail drinks have a similar popularity with beer and are sought after by alcohol drinkers as well. These kinds of drinks loosen up people and release their stress.  You may also like drink party flyers.

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With this, bars serving cocktail drinks are promoting their businesses through flyers. These flyer samples have flashy and colorful designs that surely attract attention. If you plan to make one, check out our collection and see what fits your taste.

Cocktail Party Flyer Template

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Size: A4 inches + Bleed


Summer Cocktail Party Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Drink Party Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Cocktail Summer Party Flyer

Disco Cocktail Flyer Template

Creative Cocktail Party Flyer

How To Design A Cocktail Flyer

Cocktail parties are one of the most common themes in parties. There are many ways of promoting a party, but a sure-fire one is a flyer. Flyers are low cost, quick, and effective way of promoting a product, service, or event. In designing a cocktail flyer, every part has to be stunning and attractive. Leave no room for imperfection as you are using it for promotion purposes. Here are some tips for designing a cocktail flyer:

1. Know the elements of cocktail drinks.

Details such as cocktail glasses and the fruits used as chasers are important elements when designing a cocktail flyer. It becomes more believable to add images of a cocktail drink than just simply putting in words and colors. It would urge the people to look at your flyer and read what’s in it. You may also like wine flyers.

2. Get inspiration for design on the internet.

If you do not have a concrete idea on how to design your flyer, go to image sharing websites to get some ideas. Some designs may match with the idea you have in mind. Do not copy the image itself, but use its vibe to incorporate ideas into your design. Just pick some ideas from it and apply it in your own design. Getting ideas from multiple images gives you options as well.

3. Dabble with colors.

Cocktails are colorful mixed drinks. Use vibrant colors in your design to make your flyer catchy and attention-grabbing. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors. Try new combinations. Neon colors are best suited for black backgrounds. If you want to have a summer feel on your flyer, use strong colors to accentuate the whole design. Strong colors have the tendency to attract attention without even trying.

4. Choose good fonts.

Along with the choice of colors are the fonts that you use in your flyer. First, make sure to use readable and attractive fonts. Readers tend to look flyers where the words can be clearly read. Second, see to it that the cool fonts complement the color. It creates harmony and balance in the overall look of the flyer.

5. Put important information.

If your cocktail flyer is an invitation to a party or a bar opening, put the necessary information on the flyer such as the date, venue and time. Put everything on one page so the readers can go to your event.

6. Be keen on details.

As in every kind of design, pay attention even to the littlest of details. Some of these are the arrangement of the beautiful fonts, the intensity of the color, and the placement of the design. Go over your design again before having it printed. It pays a lot to be particular with details.

Drink Cocktail Flyer Bundle

Margarita Cocktail Flyer Template

Cocktail Party Flyer Design

Modern Cocktail Flyer

Simple Cocktail Party Flyer

Kinds of Cocktails

Cocktail drinks look colorful from afar. It’s a mainstay in pub menus. People have been enjoying cocktails for so long. There are many kinds of cocktail drinks available in bars and pubs, and each one has a strong and unique kick that you are bound to find one that you’ll love.

1. Martini

Martini is one of the most well-known cocktails in the world. It is made using a mix of gin and vermouth, an aromatized wine flavored with flowers, herbs, and spices. Martinis are served straight on the cocktail glass. It can be garnished with an olive, lemon, or a small slice of cucumber. You may also see cocktail party invitations.

2. Daiquiri

The main ingredient of the daiquiri is rum. It is mixed with sugar and lime juice. Some variations of daiquiri include banana and avocado daiquiri, which are served with the regular drink with a half serving of each fruit respectively. Daiquiris are usually served cold. Just mix in the drinks with pulverized ice and it’s good to go. You may also like best party flyers.

3. Margarita

Margarita consists of tequila, lime juice and triple sec, an orange-flavored, colorless liquor. It is served with salt on the rim of the Margarita glass. Just like the daiquiri, margarita can also be served cold. Fruits such as mango, banana, peach, strawberry, and melon are also used as ingredients for this drink.  You may also like rave flyers.

Drink Party Flyer Template

Cocktail Lounge Flyer

4. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan or cosmo is a red drink made of cranberry juice, lime juice, triple sec, and vodka. It can be garnished with slices of lemon on the rim of the glass.  It is also a common drink along with martini. You may also like printable party flyers.

5. Highball

Highball is composed of Scotch whiskey and carbonated water. It is a popular drink in Japan, and it’s usually served in parties. Highball is consumed just like beer. You may also see party flyers.

6. Gimlet

Gimlet is made of 2 parts gin, 1 part sweetened lime juice and soda. This drink is somehow similar to the daiquiri. One variant of gimlet is called vodka gimlet, where the gin is replaced with vodka.

7. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila sunrise is a colorful drink served unmixed in a tall glass. It is made of orange juice, tequila, and grenadine syrup, a non-alcoholic syrup with a deep red color. The colors complement one another and seem to be arranged from the brightest to the strongest color. It is served by pouring tequila, ice, orange juice and the syrup, and it is occasionally mixed. You may also like summer party flyers.

8. Sex on the Beach

This summer drink never goes out of style. Sex On The Beach is made by mixing peach schnapps, vodka, orange and cranberry juice. For a fruit cocktail drink, its name speaks of sexual aggressiveness. It is served by pouring ice over the drink in a highball glass. You may also see sample summer party flyers.

Cocktails Night Flyer Template

Weekdays Cocktails Flyer Template

9. Sangria

A drink that is deep red in color, Sangria traces its origins from Portuguese and Spanish roots. It consists of red wine and chopped fruit. Orange juice and brandy. Sangria got its name in the 18th century, from the Spanish word “Sangre” which means blood, hence the red color of the drink. You may also see event flyer designs.

10. Mojito

Mojito is a drink made up of white rum, soda water, mint, lime juice and sugar. It is a kind of highball that originated in Havana, Cuba. Unlike other drinks, mojito has low alcohol content. Spearmint leaves are used to garnish the drink and add a little minty kick to it. You may also like holiday party flyers.

11. Rum and Coke

From the name itself, Rum and Coke is a mix of rum, cola, and a little lime juice. It bears the name “Cuba Libre”, which was Cuba’s slogan during the 1898 Spanish-American War. Sometimes lime juice can be excluded from the drink. You may also see happy hour flyers.

12. Manhattan

Manhattan is made of whiskey, bitters, and sweet vermouth. It is usually stirred and strained in a cocktail glass. The drink shares a bustling section of New York City. Other variations of this drinks are Brandy Manhattan, where brandy is used instead of whiskey, and Metropolitan, which has an even 3 is to 1 serving of vermouth and brandy. You may also like club flyers.

13. Piña Colada

Piña Colada is a refreshing drink made up of rum, coconut cream or milk, and pineapple juice. It comes from Puerto Rico and it’s the country’s national drink since 1978. Piña Colada can be served shaken with ice or blended. The drink’s name means strained pineapple, as pineapple is pressed and strained during its preparation. You may also see free flyer templates.

14. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a drink said to have been created in the 1920s or 1930s and is made up of tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice and spices such as hot sauce and black pepper. It is said to be a cure for a hangover. It is served on ice or straight on the rocks in a highball glass. You may also like examples of flyers.

The design is never an easy thing to do. Hard work, patience and a good set of skills are required in pulling off a good design. We hope our collection can help you in making your own. We wish you the best of luck and work hard! You may also like word party flyers.

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