15+ Cocktail Party Flyers – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

There are different forms of celebrations and ways on how they are being celebrated. It all comes down to the factors that are involved in the planning process and its implementation in which a party can provide fun and good times to those who will attend it.

A cocktail party is one way to celebrate successes and other joyous events. It is a party where alcoholic drinks are served and may be done anywhere as long as there is music, crowd, and of course; the cocktails. If you are to invite people in a cocktail party, you may use our flyer templates as the main outline of your design material.

Cocktail Party Flyer Template


Cocktail Summer Party Flyer Template


Wine Tasting Flyer Template


Wine Festival Flyer Template


Vintage Wine Festival Flyer Template


Simple Wine Tasting Flyer Template


Summer Cocktail Party Flyer


Neon Cocktail Party Flyer


Tropical Cocktail Party Flyer


Free PSD Cocktail Party Flyer


Beach Cocktail Party Flyer


Summer Cocktail Party Flyer

A cocktail party may be done in summer time where the scorching heat of the sun is an enough reason for people to quench their thirst with cocktail drinks. This kind of cocktail party are usually done in the beach area, facilities with pool, and other places that has a tropical vibe in it. If it is to be done outdoors, a tropical setup design may be provided. Designs in your flyers may include the beach, tropical trees and fruits, the sun and other summer elements if you are to host a party come summer time.

Spring Cocktail Party Flyer

In countries who experience spring, it is a great idea to host a cocktail party during this season. Winter is already finished and it means that the weather is starting to be a bit warmer. It is also the season before summer so there is a lot of time to have fun and drink cocktails in the perfect weather.

If you are to host your cocktail party in spring or you just want to have a spring themed cocktail party, you may use designs like flowers, grass fields, trees, animals, and other items that are associated with spring. Of course, the main focus of your design are the cocktails which may also be flavor-inspired with the spring season and its vegetation.

Should you need help in knowing how to start the creation of your cocktail party flyer, you may use our party flyer templates as a guide.

Spring Cocktail Party Flyer



Splash Cocktail Party Flyer



Cocktail Club Party Flyer



Drink Cocktail Party Flyer



Cocktail Night Party Flyer



Indoor Cocktail Party Flyer

Cocktail parties may be done indoors. Make sure that when you put your location in your flyer, it will state that the cocktail party that you are to host will be held in an enclosed environment. If you are inviting only a few people or you just want the event to be more private, you can host a cocktail party in a restaurant, an event venue, or even in your home.

Indoor cocktail parties are usually done during birthdays and celebrations. Also, it may be an event that a club or a bar is to host for people who are to register in a guest list for the specific party.

Outdoor Cocktail Party Flyer

An outdoor cocktail party is mostly associated with rave parties or music festivals where people come together in the outdoors to listen to music while drinking. Outdoor cocktail parties are usually done if there is a big group of people who are expected to attend the party. A bigger space means there are more things that you can put in the location which will make the ambiance more fun and interesting.

Remember that your cocktail party flyer should look as good as how your party cocktails taste. Other than our cocktail party flyer samples, you may also download our wine flyer templates.

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