9+ Best Conference Flyer Designs

Conferences are a great way to connect to audience who want to enrich their learning or gather together for a common cause. They help engage the audience to respond to an issue or an innovation in a particular field of industry. Conferences usually involve 300 to 1,000 delegates, including VIPs and coordinators.

Every conference needs to be marketed so that the right audience is captured and there is bigger influence in learning and adapting to the innovation or issue at hand. Our free flyer templates will help you promote your event conveniently, and it will provide a professional and clean layout for you.

Conference Call Flyer



Conference Event Flyer



Conference Promotional Flyer



Announcement Conference Flyer



Business Conference Flyer



Designing Your Conference Flyer

A conference can be about a trend—let’s say, digital movies in the global market—or a worship conference featuring guest speakers and worship bands. You’ll need to put these information on your flyer and make sure to catch your audiences’ attention with unique designs from our elegant flyer templates.

Here are some important elements you need to add to your conference flyers:

  • Conference title. Make it catchy and something that matters to them—it could be a subject or a trend that you have the right people and resources for.
  • Dates and schedules. Place the conference dates and let people know the details of who’s speaking, the time that the speakers start, and photos and complete names of speakers and sort the information by making a program schedule.
  • RSVP details. Once people are interested in joining, they need a point person to address their concerns. Place at least two contact people with their phone and mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. You can also place QR codes on the flyer, which will lead them directly to your online landing page for sign up.
  • Registration fees. Most conferences involve fees, and it’s good to have an early bird rate to encourage more people to sign up weeks before the conference to secure their spot.
  • Sponsor logos. You can place major sponsors’ logos on the bottom of your flyer or as agreed in your contract.

Women’s Conference Flyer Template



Church Conference Flyer



Youth Conference Flyer



Worship Conference Flyer



Conference Invitation Flyer



Running a Smooth Operation

You should be able to make the most out of the conference experience by getting the best production design and the most competent suppliers and volunteers. These tips will help you running a smooth conference whether its just for a day or a week.

Develop a Theme

A theme is what binds together all your ideas for your workshop, music choices, giveaways, and everything else. It could be a broad subject like an IT conference or even a specific one like using biofuel for commercial cars.

Create Your A Team

It’s hard to trust someone with whom you don’t share the same passion and drive, so go and tap colleagues or professionals that know exactly what you stand for and are willing to commit to your cause.

Choose Speakers Early

Have a list of people you know who have contributed much to a field of learning or have influenced a lot of people. They don’t necessarily have to be experienced in speaking. The beauty of first timers is that everything they say is a fresh perspective for most people, and who knows, they might even start their own public speaking success in your own conference.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be a fee, especially if it’s your first time running a conference. Just make sure that your speakers won’t have to incur any expenses to drop by at your event, so you’ll have to pay the accommodation, flights, food, and tokens of appreciation for them.

You can also check out other posts on our website for more event flyer templates you could download and utilize.

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