8+ Cookout Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Cookouts are usually done to showcase the skills and cooking techniques of people who are to participate in the event. There are many ways that a cookout may be held, and it all depends on the function that it is to serve for a specific event. There are cookout competitions, and there are also cookouts just for gatherings and celebrations.

No matter what kind of cookout is to be done, a cookout flyer will be of great help in terms of providing the accurate information about the event. We can provide you with cookout flyer templates and other Flyer Template samples which you may use in other events and functions aside from a cookout.

Neighborhood Cookout Flyer



Summer Cookout Flyer



Cookout Event Flyer



Cookout Flyer in PSD



BBQ Cookout Flyer



Neighborhood Cookout

A neighborhood cookout is more of a gathering that a competition. This kind of cookout is done to show the different dishes that a specific member of the neighborhood specializes at. Usually, families contribute a dish, and the collective dishes are what all the people who are to gather is to feast at.

A neighborhood cookout flyer includes the following information:

  • The theme of the neighborhood cookout especially if there is a specific type of cuisine that the foods to be cooked need to belong in
  • The date and time of the cookout
  • The location of the cookout activity
  • The contact information of the organizer or host of the neighborhood cookout so that inquiries and other questions will be easily answered

Summer Cookout

Summer cookouts are usually done so that people will have a social activity during their breaks from school. This is usually attended by families as they have more time together since the children do not have academic commitments during these days with the exception of summer classes, training, and summer lessons.

A summer cookout flyer must include the following information:

  • The details of the summer cookout including its location, entire time duration, and date of the activity
  • The people who are invited must also be specified as it may be for specific age brackets or it may also be for specific kind of groups

Other than our cookout flyers, we also have available samples of a BBQ Flyer and a Fast Food Flyer.

Grill Cookout Flyer



Fall Cookout Flyer



Cookout Party Flyer



Chef Cookout Flyer



Other Types of Cookout Events

Aside from the above mentioned cookout samples, here are other cookout events where you may attend:

  • Barbecue cookout
  • Grill cookout
  • Fall cookout
  • Spring break cookout
  • Chef cookout

Things to Consider in Creating a Cookout Flyer

If you are tasked to create a flyer for your cookout event, here are a few guidelines which you may follow during your design creation process:

  • Assure that the design items that you are to put in the flyer is appropriate to the age or group of people you are to invite.
  • The theme of the cookout must be seen in the overall flyer design. You may also incorporate the location or the activities in the cookout so that the theme and feel of the cookout event will be more seen in the flyer design.
  • The information about the cookout must stand out as well as it is the reason why you are creating the flyer in the first place.
  • The colors and the background of the cookout flyer must be related to the event that is to happen. Should you be using a plain colored background, be sure that you make up in terms of the entire design by adding materials that will showcase the event’s details.

Other than our cookout flyer samples, we also have Restaurant Flyer templates available for download.

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