12+ Corporate Flyer Templates

Corporate flyers are used by companies and business for various reasons that can help them in achieving their target or goal for a specific purpose. Corporate flyers are truly functional, especially in disseminating information vital to a company’s market and other clients who might be interested in the flyer’s content.

Corporate flyers may also be given out on different places depending on its function. We can provide you with corporate flyer samples and other flyer templates, which you may use in many other processes other than those that are needed by the professional and corporate field.

Modern Corporate Flyer



Corporate Business Flyer



Printable Corporate Flyer



Multipurpose Corporate Flyer



Parallax Modern Corporate Flyer



Corporate Flyer PSD Template



Flat Design Corporate Flyer



Modern Geometric Corporate Flyer



Corporate Strategy Flyer Template



Professional Corporate Flyer



Information about the Business

A corporate flyer may be used for the brand to be known by people. A corporate flyer used for this purpose includes the following information:

  • The nature of the work processes of the business and how these processes can help the people who can be future clients of the specific company to whom the corporate flyer was made for.
  • The product and service offerings of the business. It can either be a per-item listing or a collective description of what the company can provide to their target market or any other market that they want to penetrate.
  • A description of the company and how it has been performing and placing in the field where it belongs.
  • A corporate flyer may also include the achievements of the company, which consists of the awards that have been given to it, its accreditations, and other valuable partnerships.
  • The basics may also be written in a corporate flyer, which includes the location of the business, their contact information, and the online pages where more content about the business can be seen.

If you are to use a corporate brochure in presenting a specific business, make sure that it can get the attention of the people that needs to be knowledgeable about the company. A market research is very important before creating any marketing and advertising material like a corporate flyer so that a company can maximize its effectiveness.

Aside from our corporate flyer templates, we also have downloadable business flyer templates.

Multipurpose Business & Sales Corporate Flyer



Clean Corporate Flyer Template



Green Corporate Flyer Template



Purposes of Creating a Corporate Flyer

Other than providing information about a business and its operations, a corporate flyer is also used for the following purposes:

  • A corporate flyer may be used to market the products and services of the company in the market setting where it is located. It is important to update the price and description of the offerings of the company to assure its accuracy with what is currently being placed in the market area.
  • Corporate flyers also serve as advertising tools during corporate events like trade fairs, expositions, conventions, and other professional gatherings.
  • Corporate flyers can also be given by companies during special promotions and offers. Discounted rates of products and the date that they may be consumed can be the purpose of giving out flyers.
  • Moreover, special service packages may also be written in a corporate flyer for clients to know that they can acquire services that are specially prized.
  • Corporate flyers can also be a document that the company may give during orientations, recruitment talks and seminars, and other events where they can give information about the company to a huge crowd.

Aside from our corporate flyer templates, you may also be interested to browse through our samples of multipurpose flyers.

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