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12+ Costume Party Flyers Designs and Templates – PSD, AI

Attending a costume party for young adults and adults alike have gone from knocking on doors asking for treats to breaking out on the dance floor. Individuals, when asked or invited to a costume party make it sure they get to go out and get to dress up as their favorite characters or anyone or anything that is appealing to them. It could be a viral meme, a relevant character, a Disney princess or prince, or even a caricature of their’s or someone else’s personality. You may also see masquerade party flyers

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Costume Party Flyer Template

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Free Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template

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People need an avenue to fully express their uniqueness and it can be done through a costume party. People would often converge at clubs or bars and dance the night away celebrating the liberty that costume party entails. So it may be ideal to host a costume party in your bar or club (if you happen to own one) or just organize one to cater to these party goers needs. And, if you are doing so and is in need of a help in spreading the word across, here is a list of costume party flyers to help you with your promotional medium. You may also like retro party flyers

Zombie Invasion Halloween Flyer

Superhero Party Flyer Template

Winterland Flyer

Costume Party Flyer Template

Egyptian Night Flyer Template

Costume party:

At some point in your lives, you have (for sure) been to a costume party especially in your younger years. Parents would often dress (you) their kids up as Disney princesses, best superheroes, cute animals, or whatever comes to their mind. There is just a kind of joy that comes with wearing a costume and in a way, that allows you to live the fantasy. Now, there are no parents to decide for you or to dress you up, just you. Costume parties have become a deliberate form of self-expression for others by meticulously emulating someone else’s ‘look’ and making it into their own. Although in its essence, it is trying to be someone you are not, it is also being you by showcasing your capabilities as an artist or as a creative individual, it is the ability to be inspired and let the inspiration be realized.

Costume parties now are more about the creativity in achieving the peg rather than just simply going for a look. The need to be creative and resourceful, add to that the effort you put into emulating your desired character is a testament to what a costume party celebrates nowadays— the creativity of an individual. Furthermore, there is so much more in costume parties than dancing and drinking, wearing various elaborate costumes. It celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of a person and it presses on being creative and thinking out of the box. You may also check out chalkboard flyers

Pirates Party Flyer Template

Superhero Costume Party Flyer Design

Party Of Thrones Poster Template

What Should be in Your Costume Party flyer?

1. A photo that is closely related to the theme.

It is important— probably the most important thing— to use a photo that is reflective of the theme of the party, a jack-o-lantern, a zombie, a princess, a superhero and so on. This way, it is easier for people to know what the theme of the party is by putting in a photo that is closely related or is significant to the it. Choose photos that symbolize, is memorable and exude relatability, but is also fun and celebratory, after all having a costume party is meant to celebrate. You may also see printable halloween templates

2. What the event is.

Since this article is about helping you with your costume party promotional flyer, your simple flyer should have the words ‘costume party’ in it. But there are also other ways of saying it, for examples: ‘Fright Night’, ‘Egyptian Night’, ‘Monsters Ball’, ‘Winterland’, and so on. This is a way of telling people about the event and what it is about, in turn, it lets people know to come to your party in their most creative get-ups that are in accord with the best theme. Also, make sure that this is the biggest text in the flyer to make it recognizable and readable for your customers.

3. Name of your club or bar and address.

Identify your club or bar to your market (as you should), so that people will know where to go to if they are ever interested in going to your event. With that said, you can also add in the address and or exact location of where your club or bar is situated at to help your customers, especially the new ones, with directions. You can either put this at the very top or at the bottom of your costume party flyer. You may also like mask templates

4. Other necessary information.

There are also things you have to state other than the above mentioned; state what time, how much or if there is an entry fee, your contact information, the date, and if you are organizing a contest in your bar. These set of information will help your customers be better prepared for your event:

  • The time. Putting in what time your doors will open will let your customers know in advance when the right time is to come to your party. With this information, it will help them do their preparations at a certain time to be able to come early (if they wished so), especially when they do not plan to make any reservations. You may also check out dj party flyers
  • Entry fee. Stating if your bar requires a fee upon entering will better prepare your customers with the money they need to bring for the fabulous night. This way, it will inform them ahead of time if they need to allot an extra sum for other things. You can either put in the exact amount of the entry fee, or if your beautiful bar or club does not require any, simply put in ‘no entry fee’ in your flyer.
  • Contact information. Having your contact information in your costume party flyer will not only help your customers but also your bar or club as well, because with this set of information you are letting your customers reach out to you. May it be an email, a telephone number, or different social media platforms, putting in a contact information is necessary. This will also allow them to inquire more about the said event and, or have seats or tables reserved for the night of party.
  • The date. A basic information that is needed in any event’s flyer. Putting in the date will inform your customers when the event is and when to visit your bar or club for the said event. This way, having your date in your costume party flyer will allow them to save the said date for your event.
  • Contest information. Holding a contest in your bar or club is one way to encourage your customers to dress up in the most creative ways possible. Stating that there are prizes for those who put in the effort will give them enough motivation to go all out. Although this piece of information is optional, it is highly necessary especially when you have decided to hold a contest, as it enables your bar or club to acquire more hypes and buzzes from your customers and other people. You may also check out holiday party flyer templates & psd designs

Sailor Marine Beach Seaman Costume Party Flyer

Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball Flyer

Ice Princess Party Flyer / Invitation

Premade costume party flyers:

All of these simple designs cater perfectly to your costume party event’s promotional needs. The designs in this list equally exude a theme and ‘fun’, ideal for inviting your customers, old and new alike, to come join in on your costume party. These designs also elicit a celebratory vibe that can encourage your customers to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality (even if) just for a night. All of the designs here are easy to edit and customize to yours and your bar or club’s preference and they all come in different sizes that are print ready. You may also see spooky halloween bat templates

Costume parties now, amidst its ‘teensy’ nature, is meant to celebrate the uniqueness and difference of a person. It is an avenue for everyone or anyone to let their individuality come through without the fear of being ostracized or judged and be casted as a certain stereotype. Costume parties as much as it is meant to be someone you are not (for a night) celebrate the courage and creativity of different people reveling in their true creative selves, from all walks of life. And, if it is possible to have costume parties every night or every day of every year, then we should, not to become someone else, but to be able to live a life full of liberty and expression. You may also like vintage party flyers

If you found this article helpful, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references and kindly share this with other bar or club owners seeking the perfect costume party flyers.

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