8+Drink Party Flyers

Cocktails are great to have around friends and loved ones. It’s a drink to unwind and have fun. Whether from stress or work, they are a treat that’s hard to beat. To make things more interesting, cocktail parties are surely events you do not want to miss. But before attending one, one must first be informed of the details and what to expect. One great way to let everyone know about the spectacular event is through flyers. Flyers are an important aspect in relation to advertising. They are great for exposure as well as great informers.

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Cocktail and Drink Party Flyer

Cocktail and Drink Party Flyer



Weekend Drink Party Flyer





Girls Drink Party Flyer



Summer Drink Party Flyer



Vodka Drink Party Flyer




What Is a Flyer?

Flyers are basically printed paper advertisements. They are either handed out or distributed in different ways such as door-to-door mail, posted on bulletin boards, handouts during events, and stuck on walls and other surfaces.

Flyers are used for wide distributions and exposure for:

  • companies,
  • organizations,
  • establishments,
  • individuals,
  • businesses,
  • nonprofit organizations, and
  • governments.

Flyers are commonly used by marketers because they are easy to make and production cost is low. They provide a good exposure and can attract many potential customers in informing them of the business or event.

The Uses for Flyers

Flyers have a wide range when it comes to attracting customers. But they also have many different purposes and uses. They can be used for:

  • event Advertisement such as music concerts, nightclub parties, festivals, or political rallies;
  • business promotion where businesses can help promote the goods they are trying to sell such as discounts or meal buffets in restaurants or shops;
  • persuading or convincing the general public to vote for a certain politician or political party during elections;
  • fact sheets that are handed out during events like trade shows or conferences; and
  • general local advertisements like TV shows or programs to watch out for.

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Drinks Event Party Flyer



Vintage Drink Party Flyer



Drinks Night Party Flyer



Drinks Mix Party Flyer Template




Which Flyer to Match the Event

Here are some samples of our Cocktail Flyers for you to choose from depending on the event you’re planning:

  • Cocktail and Drink Party Flyer. A detailed example of how a cocktail party flyer looks like. You can edit and customize this to your liking.
  • Weekend Drink Party Flyer. For special offers on drinks only during Saturdays and Sundays. This may include special guests to appear during the event.
  • Girls Drink Party Flyer. Special event for ladies only.
  • Summer Drink Party Flyer. Parties held during the special with refreshing drink offers.
  • Vodka Drink Party Flyer. Special offers on a certain drink for the night.
  • Drinks Event Party Flyer. Events that revolve on a certain drink.
  • Vintage Drink Party Flyer. Great for retro-themed cocktail parties.
  • Drinks Night Party Flyer. An event great for a special night to relax and unwind.
  • Drinks Mix Party Flyer Template. Mixed-themed event with special offers and promos given for the entire night.

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