32+ Event Flyer Designs – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

There are almost countless types of events—from formal to casual, big or small, and social to business events. If you’re planning one of these events and you need to invite a lot of guests, giving out heavy stock invitation cards can be impractical and will cost you a lot of money. To avoid this, you can give out flyers instead of heavy stock paper invitations. Flyers are pieces of paper which are originally used for marketing products but are now used to advertise events and serve as invitations which use only a single page. They are great when a wide distribution is needed as they are usually posted or distributed in a public place, handed out to individuals, or sent through the mail.

Here at Template.net, we gathered some of the most beautiful and coolest Event Flyer Designs out there for you to download and use for your events. With these templates, you don’t need to think about how your flyers would look like as all you have to do is to choose among this collection and find the perfect flyer for your event. All of these flyers are editable so it is easy for you to change the details of each design according to your preferences and needs. While you’re here, you can also check out our compilation of Party Flyer Designs for more exciting and interesting ideas.

Free Event Flyer Designs

Free Summer Event Flyer



Free Fall Event Flyer



Free Music Event Flyer



Free Event Flyer PSD



Corporate Event Flyer Designs

Corporate Seminar and Event Flyer



Corporate Business Event Flyer



Corporate Event Planner Flyer



Church Event Flyer Designs

Church Easter Event Flyer



Church Youth Event Flyer



Free Church Event Flyer



Church Event Flyer



Types of Events That Can Use Flyers

As mentioned, flyers can be used to inform people about events as well as invite them to come and join you with the celebration. Although an elegant and sophisticated invitation cards are necessary for some events like weddings, flyers can be used in most of the following events:

  • Corporate events. These events are usually formal gatherings which are organized by a company or organization to celebrate achievements and to boost employee and member morale. Examples of these events are corporate dinners and annual company parties where flyers can be posted on bulletin boards or given out around the office to inform everyone about the event.
  • Business functions. Business-related events include an open house for a new office or store, a corporate management seminar or training, a charity fund-raiser or sales extravaganza, and other business-oriented gatherings. Depending on how they are structured, flyers can be given out to expected attendees and guests for such meetings.
  • School events. School events include foundation days, batch reunions, family day, sports day, recitals, plays, and other events held at the school. These events are usually held to showcase what their students’ learned in the institution, therefore, giving out flyers to invite their parents and guardians to share their children’s achievements is one way to do it.
  • Birthday parties. Whether it’s your child’s first birthday or a milestone party for your patriarchs or matriarchs, a Birthday Party Flyer can be given out instead of invitation cards to let acquaintances, close friends, and family members join the celebration and give their birthday wishes to the celebrant as he or she comes into a certain age or stage in life.
  • Social events. When speaking of social events, we think of formal gatherings, such as catered parties and black-tie dinners. However, they can also be casual affairs, such as a tea parties or a barbecues. Intimate parties such as bridal showers and holiday celebrations can also be considered as such. Using flyers for these events can be cost effective.
  • Concerts and exhibitions. Flyers can also be used in events such as gallery openings and art exhibitions or music concerts and shows to invite friends and family members as well as attract audiences like art enthusiast, music fans, and concert goers to these events. Music Party Flyers, together with posters can be posted and distributed days before the event.

Sample Event Flyer Designs

Sample Community Event Flyer



Free Sample Event Flyer



Sample Fundraising Event Flyer



Sample Event Announcement Flyer



Youth Event Flyer Designs

Free Youth Event Flyer



Christian Youth Event Flyer



Music Event Flyer Designs

Rock Music Event Flyer



Music Festival Event Flyer



Sample Music Event Flyer



Event Flyer Design PSD

Soccer Event Flyer PSD



Party Event Flyer PSD



Christmas Event Flyer PSD



Elements of a Perfect Flyer

Flyers should contain all the information you wish to inform your guests and potential guests. Below are some of the basic but important elements you need to include in your flyers, in which you can invigorate these details and add your creative touch.

  • Title. If you want your event to sell fast, you should consider thinking of a creative event title that will entice prospective attendees to your event. You can incorporate a sense of mystery by asking a question or telling them to do something instead of using a standard format.
  • Venue. A special location or an exciting venue can spark and enhance the excitement your guests feel before the event takes place. It’s also one way for guests to have an idea of what to expect during the event, whether the event is formal or casual, boring or fun.
  • Time. There are some parts of the day which are great for certain types of events. For example, formal events are usually held at night while children’s birthday parties are best to be celebrated during lunch or afternoon. It can help determine the number of guests you can expect.
  • Guests. Most of the time, event organizers invite guests speakers or presenters to enhance the content of your event. These guests can be prominent individuals or celebrities who can relate their successes with your event’s objectives and share them with your guests.
  • Performers. Aside from guest speakers, you can also list entertainers such as singers, dancers or DJs to perform before or after the content of your event. This is to provide your guests some down time where they can enjoy themselves with your other guests.
  • Layout. Last but not the least, you should consider the layout of your flyer. These includes the color, text size, and decorative elements you choose to design your flyers. You have to make sure that they enhance the message you want to send across your audience.

If you want more specific or creative flyer designs, you can check out other compilations of flyers available on this website like the Summer Party Flyers or Nightclub Party Flyers, among others.

Party Event Flyer Designs

Pirate Party Event Flyer



Christmas Party Event Flyer



Pool Party Event Flyer



Club Event Flyer Designs

Night Club Event Flyer



Free Club Event Flyer



DJ Event Flyer Design

Free DJ Event Flyer



School Event Flyer Designs

Free School Event Flyer



Back to School Event Flyer



Sample School Event Flyer



School Event Flyer PSD



How to Choose an Effective Flyer

When choosing the best flyer among these templates for your event, make sure to consider the following tips in order to attract and hold your guests’ interest, and send the right message you want to convey and eventually encourage them to you grace your event with your presence.

  • Make sure to use elements that catch attention. The best way to catch your reader’s eye is to have dominant elements such as titles that elicit interest. Also, you should be able to use colors, size, and value of all the elements of your flyer in order to emphasize the most important message.
  • Choose an image related to your message. When choosing backgrounds or images to incorporate in your flyer design, choose an imagery that will best illustrate the information you want to share visually and should be arranged in a logical and functional sequence.
  • Don’t forget important details. Another thing to remember when choosing a flyer design is to never forget all the important details such as date, time, location, contact name, and number and arrange them in a clear layout so that your readers would know where to find them.
  • Think about how it is going to be displayed. You should also consider where the flyer will be displayed if you nee to post them so that you will be able to determine the perfect size and shape of your poster. Make sure that your flyers are balanced and proportioned.
  • Be creative and cost effective. Include only the necessary information on your flyers so that you can choose just the right size and use a single page for your flyer. Also, when choosing the paper to use for printing, you have to consider how durable your flyers should be so that it would still look nice upon reaching its recipient.
  • Campaign well. When you are done designing and printing your flyers, don’t forget the most important part of the process which is distribution. You should plan a feasible strategy on how your flyers will reach its target audience and how it will reach a larger number of people. You can leave copies at your local shops or pin it up on bulletin boards.

If you are an event organizer, you want to be remembered for integrating originality and imagination into your events. But sometimes, there is a limit to you creativity especially when other factors such as a limited budget or a conservative theme plays into action. Therefore, make sure to choose the best design where you can sneak in a dash or personality into your flyers.

For more flyer ideas, don’t miss out on our collection of Vintage Party Flyers and Dinner Party Flyers.

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