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People nowadays are becoming more particular with their overall physical health and fitness. There are a variety of measures that people do just to assure that they are physically fit and that they are able to do their daily and special functions with ease. Moreover, there are also individuals who follow workout regimens, diet plans and portioned food intakes so that they can track the calories that they eat and the amount of weight that they lose in a particular period of time.

Doing all these things alone can be truly hard especially if there is no presence of a professional that can tell you whether you are doing the proper practice or not. Moreover, it is also a hard and tiring cycle in a sense that there are no first hand suggestions that you may follow for the improvement of the activities that you execute and implement in your daily fitness undertakings. If you want to seek for a professional help in the field of fitness, the Fitness Flyers are the first tools that you need to look at as they provide the initial information about the offerings of a specific business in relation to your fitness, exercise and health needs.

Fitness Gym Flyer Designs

Free Fitness Gym Flyer

Free Fitness Gym Flyer


Fitness Gym Business Promotion Flyer

Fitness/Gym Business Promotion Flyer


Fitness Gym Flyer in PSD

Fitness Gym Flyer PSD


Free Fitness Flyer Designs

Free Health and Fitness Flyer

Free Health and Fitness Flyer


Free Fitness Flyer in PSD

Free Fitness Flyer PSD


Corporate Fitness Flyer Designs

Free Corporate Fitness Flyer

Free Corporate Fitness Flyer


Corporate Fitness Flyer in PSD

Corporate Fitness Flyer PSD


Inclusions of a Fitness Flyer

A fitness flyer includes the following information:

  • The name of the fitness hub. A fitness flyer should include the name of the fitness establishment so that the people who will see the flyer will associate it with the brand of the fitness establishment. It is very important for the name of the fitness hub to have one of the main focuses of the flyer as it will enable them to gather more clients which will translate to actual business sales. Sometimes, fitness flyers have the initials of the name of the business in a larger font especially if the fitness establishment has a long name.
  • The logo of the business. Fitness Logos play a vital role in the branding of the business. Logos of the business can be any of the following:
    • It can be an icon that is related to the offerings of the business
    • It can be a creative interpretation of the name or initials of the business
    • It can be an image that is directly interpreted as the business’s trademark
    • It can be a special symbol created by the business for them to have a unique and memorable logo
  • The price of the product and service offerings of the business. It will be best if the fitness flyer will have the prices or at least the price range of the offerings of the business. This will allow the clients to know if they can afford the products and services of the business. However, there are some businesses that purposely do not do this so that clients will go to the reception and personally ask for details if they are truly interested to purchase anything from the fitness business.
  • The location of the fitness hub. This information can be any of the following:
    • The specific location of a fitness hub
    • The location of the different branches of a fitness hub
  • The operating hours of the business. It is mostly important for a fitness business to assure that people are aware of their operating hours so that their clients can schedule their fitness activities properly.

These are the basic details that are needed to be included in a fitness flyer. This will help the clients of the business to be knowledgeable of the information that they need to be aware of regarding the business operations of the fitness hub that they trust for their fitness needs.  Aside from our fitness flyer samples and templates, our Corporate Fitness Brochures are also available for download.

Fitness Class Flyer Designs

Free Fitness Class Flyer

Free Fitness Class Flyer


Fitness Trainer Flyer Design

Personal Fitness Trainer Flyer

Personal Fitness Trainer Flyer


Fitness Center Flyer Designs

Fitness Center Open House Flyer

Fitness Center Open House Flyer


Fitness Center Grand Opening Flyer

Fitness Center Grand Opening Flyer


Fitness Training Flyer Designs

Fitness Training Flyer in PSD

Fitness Training Flyer PSD


Other Information That Can Be Found In a Fitness Flyer

Aside from the basic inclusions of a fitness flyer, here are additional details that a fitness business may include in their fitness flyer:

  • The services of the business related to fitness. It is very essential for a fitness flyer to have the list of the services that they can offer to their clients. If this is not possible due to the number of activities that they have, their best offerings or the most famous services that people acquire can be included in the fitness flyer. A few of the fitness services that can be included in the fitness flyer are as follows:
    • A yoga hub can provide information about the yoga practices and sessions that they provide in a daily basis. There are a variety of yoga classes that are available in specific time frames so that clients can select the kind of yoga practice that they want to execute as a wellness activity.
    • Gyms can state the available training that they offer like weight loss/gain training, circuit training, group training, personal trainer sessions, and a lot more. This will let the customers know that the gym can help them with the fitness areas where they want to improve.
    • Dance studios can list down the kind of music that they play on specific dance sessions and they can also showcase the dance classes that are available for the clients. There are different dance and aerobic practices that a dance studio may offer like zumba, rumba, hiphop and jazz.
  • The fitness products offered by the business. Some fitness businesses offer products as well. A few of these products that can be included in a fitness flyer may be any of the following:
    • Fitness tools and equipment
    • Fruit drinks and naturally made food items
    • Food products that are made for specific fitness diets
    • Fitness merchandises
    • Protein shakes
  • The special offers and packages of the business. A fitness flyer can also include the packages that are being offered by the business to its clients. A few of these packages can be any of the following:
    • It is usually a combination of regular items that can be purchased or acquired at a lower price if bought through a bundle.
    • It can also be due to a group membership application where a number of people must acquire the products and services to get a specific discounts
    • There are also offers that are created due to sale seasons and holidays

The details mentioned above may or may not be indicated in a specific fitness flyer depending on the service and product offerings of a fitness hub. Other than our samples of fitness flyer templates, our samples and templates of Fitness Club Flyers and Health and Fitness Flyer are also available for download.

Challenge Fitness Flyer Design

Challenge Fitness Flyer in PSD

Challenge Fitness Flyer PSD


Summer Fitness Flyer Design

Summer Fitness Party Multipurpose Flyer

Fitness and Summer Party Multipurpose Flyer


Dance Fitness Flyer Design

Dance Fitness Flyer Design Template

Dance Fitness Flyer Design Template


Modern Fitness Flyer Design

Modern Sports Fitness Flyer

Modern Sports/Fitness Flyer


Sample Fitness Flyer Designs

Free Sample Fitness Flyer

Free Sample Fitness Flyer


Sample Boot Camp Fitness Flyer

Sample Boot Camp Fitness Flyer


Health and Fitness Flyer Design

Health and Fitness Product Flyer

Health and Fitness Product Flyer


Creating the Fitness Flyer Design

If you are tasked to design a fitness flyer for a business, here are a few design items and materials that you may include in the document:

  • You may use photos of people which can be any of the following:
    • You may incorporate the captures of the clients of the fitness hub doing their routines or while they are trying the equipment and tools present in the location
    • You can also use the photographs of people who have signed with the fitness hub for endorsement
    • The photos of the trainer can also be used especially if these trainers are the reason why celebrities and other prominent people in the fitness industry are able to achieve their body goals
  • You can add quotations about fitness and the importance of taking care of our bodies and our overall health and physicality
  • The background of the fitness flyer can be just a specific color if there are a lot of items that you would like to put in it to assure that the details of the fitness flyer will be appropriately seen by the clients. However, you can also make use of the other design items present in this selection as your background if there are only a few details that will be stated in the flyer that you will create.
  • The photos of the fitness hub may be used as follows:
    • You can make a collage of these photos and place it in a particular space in the fitness flyer
    • You can use it as the background of the fitness flyer
    • You can place it as a header or footer of the fitness flyer
  • Assure that there is cohesion with all the design materials that you will put together and they can reflect the entirety of the fitness business properly.

Usage of Fitness Flyers

Here are a few reasons why a fitness flyer has to be created:

  • It can be used to promote the limited offers of the fitness business.
  • It states the items and services that customers can acquire from the fitness business.
  • It is a form of advertising and marketing that can be used by the fitness business for a long time.
  • It can provide information about particular details regarding the fitness business.
  • It can be used as a promotional tool for fitness events and gatherings.

Other than our downloadable samples of fitness flyer templates, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples and templates of Fitness Center Flyers and Fitness Brochures.

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