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People are always on the lookout for pieces of furniture, be it old or new, modern, or vintage. They will always look for one that best compliments the interior of their home or just simply their home in general. As for furniture businesses, there will always be a definite market for them, as people are always on the hunt for furnishings. There are different reasons as to why an individual or group of people look for a furniture, one varies from the other; You may also see flyer samples.

some have just recently moved to a new home or apartment and is in need of new furnishings to put in, others need new replacements for their old and broken pieces of furniture, and some simply wants to update their interior for whatever reason they can come up with. With that said, the market is always open and welcoming to new furniture businesses. You may also see grand furniture flyer template.

Furniture Store Flyer Template

furniture store flyer template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
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  • Publisher

Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Furniture Company Flyer Template

furniture company flyer template
File Format
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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


There are for sure a lot of other furniture businesses present in the market and definitely one of every kind. There are the traditional furniture businesses that offer furnishings of simple designs, then its modern counterpart with innovative and fresh furnishing ideas;

there are also furniture businesses that cater to those who are conscious about the environment and sustainability that offer pieces of furniture that use recycled materials. The question is, knowing that it is an open market, how do you effectively promote your furniture business and set it apart from the rest? You may also see flyer designs & templates.

Furniture Sale Flyer

modern furniture sale flyer 788x524

Simple Furniture Flyer Template

simple furniture flyer template

Minimal Furniture Flyer

minimal furniture flyer 788x524

What Promotional Medium is Ideal for Furniture Businesses?

There are different ways a furniture business can promote itself to the market, especially now with the continued growth of technology and social media, where everything is just a click away. But, other than the more modern way of promoting there are those who have remained resilient despite the world changing and becoming more digital.

These traditional options are the most ideal as it entails certainty with them, something technology and social media cannot assure. One of these traditional promotional mediums are the flyers, a piece of paper that contains all the necessary information about your small business.

Flyers, among other traditional promotional mediums, provide a great opportunity for business owners to promote their businesses. This piece of paper, as said, contains all the necessary pieces of information about your business that can help generate both profit and clientele in the long run.

A flyer actually not only promotes the business to the people, but it also informs and (in a way) educates those interested customers about the business. Its power has never wavered over the years, that despite the world changing their preference to a more digital approach, it has continued to prosper as a promotional medium and has continued to be a go-to choice for all kinds of businesses.

Minimalist Furniture Flyer

minimalist furniture flyer

Simple Interior Design Flyer

simple interior design flyer 788x526

Simple Furniture Flyer

simple furniture flyer

Modern Furniture Flyer

modern furniture flyer 788x524

What Makes Flyers an Ideal Option for Your Furniture Business?

There seems to be a notion that when you do not opt for something modern for your promotional mediums, your business is falling behind. Not really the case, especially since today’s businesses opt to go in the same direction, leading to an option to be congested and leaving little to no space for a business to shine. With that said, what are the reasons that make a flyer an ideal option? You may also see sales flyer templates.

1. Affordable

Flyers generally cost a lot less than its digital counterparts, with design (which can be done practically) and bulk printing being the only concerns for this traditional option. Compared to that of technology or sample social media wherein promoting alone is priced heftily and not only that but with trying to materialize the promotion in whatever form (video or animated slides) can also cost you a lot.

2. Effective

Despite flyers being traditional and age-old, it has never lost its effectivity to promote. It has the same effectivity from when it was established decades ago up until now with technology and social media on the rise. It can still promote the business to its market, maybe even better than all modern promotional mediums put together. You may also see sample invitation flyers.

3. Certainty

One of the greatest (and the probably the most important) asset of a flyer is the certainty it entails. When business owners promote their businesses to the market they hope to get it to all the people they are targeting. The idea of promoting is simply relaying the message. But, sometimes there lies a certainty or uncertainty in the medium one chooses. The certainty or uncertainty of whether the people being targeted as the market gets the message of your business or not.

In the case of these new modern and digital promotions, there is actually an uncertainty aspect about it, especially that most of the businesses nowadays also prefer to use the same medium so to be looked as current and relevant. Taking into account the number of furniture businesses already established and also choosing to promote through technology and social media, it is inevitable that other promotions get drowned down and pushed to oblivion by others, and that promotion could be your business. Compared to using the flyers, where you have to hand out each piece of paper to the person you encounter manually, there is this certainty it entails knowing that it actually and literally reached the person or market it is intended for. You may also see marketing flyer templates.

4. Easy

There is no doubt that flyers are one of the easiest to make; all it takes is a good photo and all the necessary pieces of information to go with it, then you are good to go. There is no complication to it unlike opting to go digital which, although allows different form, can be really time-consuming and complicated. Let us say, you want to showcase your furniture business and you want to do it in a video-montage form; video shooting needs to transpire and it may happen in days, then there’s editing wherein you have to put your clips together and adjust a few settings to make it look its best. The process alone takes a lot and it is surely not easy especially when you have little to no knowledge about filming or editing. You may also see event flyer designs.

5. Handy

Flyers are simply handy. They can be brought anywhere and at any time. Not only that, they can also be viewed whenever one feels the need. Unlike its modern counterpart which is dependent on electricity or wifi. With that said, these modern promotional mediums are only accessible when there are electricity and wifi available in the area making it ineffective when there is none available. Compared to a humble flyer, where you can just put in your bag and view when you want to. You may also see sample birthday flyers.

Printable Furniture Flyer

printable furniture flyer1

Elegant Interior Design Flyer

elegant interior design flyer 788x475

Furniture A4 Flyer Template

furniture a4 flyer template

What Pieces of Information Should be Put in Your Furniture Flyer?

In order for a flyer to work, one must not forget to put in the necessary pieces of information to make it effective. These details will help in relaying the message to your potential customers and in the long run, will benefit you and your business altogether. You may also see festival flyers.

1. Photos of the Best Pieces of Furniture of Your Business

To put something to feed the eyes of those who prefer something visual, it is mandatory that you include photos of your best furnishings. This will help entice your potential customers to have a greater look at your flyer or actually visit your showroom or shop to see more. The beauty of adding a photo is that it also works as a design element in your flyer.

2. Name of Your Furniture Business

It is important in promoting that you identify yourself to the market, this way,  people will know who the promotion is from and know who to go to. The idea of simply adding the name of your furniture business is to simply identify your business to the market.

3. Address of Your Showroom or Shop

As flyers not only promote but also provide information to those interested customers, it is necessary that you put in the address of your showroom or shop if you have any, to give your customers an opportunity to have a look at the different furnishings you offer. This way it will also allow them to look at what other designs you have that were not on the flyer and will give them a lot more options to choose from. You may also see event flyer templates.

4. Contact Information

You should also not forget to put in your contact information, as this allows your potential customers to reach out to you for inquiries. It would also be nice if you provide different types of contact information like cell phone number, telephone number, email address, or even fax if you have any. By doing so, will let your potential customers reach out to you with what is accessible to them and ask certain questions with regards to your furniture business. You may also see coupon flyer templates.

If you found this article helpful in any way do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, share this with other furniture business owners seeking the best and perfect flyers. You may also see elegant flyer templates.

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