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10+ Gay Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

In recent years, people have been more open about the different topics that encompass the LGBTQ community. It is now slowly becoming a norm. People are slowly opening up their minds to the very idea that there are more to just being a cisgender male and female. Inevitably, with the rise of acceptance from the majority, a lot of celebratory efforts have been done: there are parties and parades, to name a few. Whatever means or kind it is, the very purpose of these different efforts is to celebrate the fact that we are all human, as one, and we ought to celebrate life as it is without adding much to the complications. You may also like cruise flyers.

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Gay Pride Flyer Template

To start the list, here is a flyer design fit for any activity. This is equally ideal for both the org leaders and bar owners as it is able to capture the idea of the pride event. The design looks celebratory and it will work for either a day or night, or the whole day, event. The design consists of two different images connoting celebration; the upper part is a day party with rainbow-colored balloons and the lower part is a night sky filled with beautiful fireworks. This gay flyer design’s images are smart objects so you can move or edit it to your preference. To note, this design is one hundred percent scalable.

Gay Festival Flyer Template

This flyer design by FlyerHeroes is simple but quintessential to the LGBTQ community. With the design’s background packed with the vibrant colors of the rainbow, this could not get any more perfect for your pride activities. Org leaders can use this flyer design as a medium to either entice everyone to participate in their activities or encourage other members of the community to be a part of their organization. The bold white text against the colorful background creates a beautiful contrast that is recognizable and readable. This gay PSD flyer design is fully customizable and editable to your preference.

Unique Pride Party Flyer

Here is another rainbow-colored modern flyer design that shows a paint-smeared effect on the background. What is beautiful about this design is the colors grade into their lighter shade, which in turn, shows more dynamic. This gay flyer design is also ideal for activities surrounding an organization as it is versatile and can work with any kind of event. To also note, the images in this design are smart objects which means you can arrange it to your liking. Texts are fully editable and customizable and this design is one hundred percent scalable.

Creative Gay Flyer Template

Another gay flyer designed by FlyerHeroes, this specific design has a more modern and ‘graphics’ approach. Packed with colors almost in different shades of pink and varying sizes of three-dimensional triangles, this flyer design is ideal for EDM parties and nightclub events, but can also work for any day activities. Org leaders can still make use of this modern gay flyer design as it is able to still effectively convey its message. The bold white texts contrasting the pretty colors of pink make this a really striking gay flyer design. This is a very easy to use template and all the elements are easy to customize: images, texts, and colors.

Pride Party Flyer Design

A four by six (‘4×6’) flyer design by Studiorgb, this is ideal for your organization’s or anyone’s event for the night. The background that is reminiscent of a starry night sky exudes a really cozy aura. What sets this flyer design apart from the rest is, instead of having the really vibrant colors of the rainbow, the designer of this gay flyer opted to go for a more pastel color story. Subdued but still eye-catching, all the images in this design are smart objects and the texts are easily editable. You may also like event flyer designs.

Pride Music Flyer Template

If your organization is planning to hold a music festival on pride month, you can effectively advertise and promote that with this design in mind. The very simple black solid background, matched with the eye-catching colors of the rainbow, makes this gay flyer design equally simple and fun. The streamlined design of this flyer makes it really easy to read and the quirky designs make it a more fun flyer design. Also, the designs on this gay flyer are reminiscent of the very fun and exuberant sixties, very hippie in style. This gay flyer design has a very easy-to-use template and all the elements are fully customizable including texts, images, and colors.

Org leaders and bar owners have been profusely navigating their platforms to people for different reasons:

  • Org leaders would try to encourage other members of the community to, if not join their organization, participate in their major activities (i.e pride parade). You may also see professional flyer designs.
  • Bar owners, on the other hand, use this as an opportunity to profit from their small business and also convey the message that they are an open and a welcoming company or business.

Both parties advertise in different mediums and platforms, but one that they usually and commonly use is the flyer as it is much easier and more certain to get the message relayed to their targeted audience. So, if you are any of the two or someone organizing an event meant to celebrate the colorful, effervescent, and vibrant lives of the LGBTQ community and is seeking for the perfect gay flyers to use for your event, here are options you can go with. May it be for your organization’s pride activities or for your business’ pride parties, there are as many options for you. You may also see chalkboard flyer designs.

Elegant Pride Flyer Design

Here is a gay flyer design that is designed by Minkki, which exudes liberty and fun. The very reason why the photos were chosen is to encourage others in the community to join in on whatever event you have, though you can change the photos to your preferred choices. This is perfect for bar owners as it exudes the liberty people have when in the club or bar. It reflects the freedom they get to express. This flyer design looks modern and chic and is ideal for parties. This flyer design is in A5 size and is fully customizable and editable to your preference. You may also see 3D flyers.

Gay PSD Flyer Template

Here is another design by Minkki, though this flyer design evokes a more sensual vibe and oozes with sex appeal. This design is also ideal for parties at bars, clubs, pubs or private parties, even home parties. The design of this flyer is meant to entice and attract and not to mislead, so using a photo as such will help you get your flyers circulated widely because of the appeal it has. This gay flyer design is fully customizable and editable to your preference and is a sure guarantee to attract not only the LGBTQ but all of the people interested in a party. You may also see party flyer designs.

Pride Party Flyer Template

This is a sleek, modern, and fun gay flyer design that is perfect for any parties. The design of this flyer has a really sophisticated approach, making it look sleek and modern. The image of a famous drag queen adds to the fun element of this flyer design, with her colorful outfit and unique look, though you can add any photo of your preferred choice to this design. This flyer design, too, allows you to entice and attract people from all walks of life to come to your event or party. This flyer is four by six (‘4×6’) in dimensions and is easy to modify. You may also see event flyer templates.

Flyer Template for Gay Party

This gay flyer design, which is designed by Xtremeflyers, evokes fun and liberty. It is fun in the very sense that it has all the vibrant colors of the rainbow, which are reminiscent of the LGBTQ community. It has liberty because of the model photo used in this design, though this photo is not included in the file you can contact the designer if you wish to use the exact same photos, or if not use your very own. This design is four by six (‘4×6’) in dimension. You may also see abstract flyers.

Simple Pride Party Flyer

Hope this article helps you in looking for the best gay flyer design for your events or parties. The designs listed in this article are all modern, fun, and embody the idea of the LGBTQ community, which is celebratory. With these designs not only are you celebrating the beautiful lives of the members of the community, but you are also inviting others to celebrate with you. Do not forget to bookmark this page for future reference and share this with others seeking the perfect gay flyers design. You may also see A4 Flyers.

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