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14+ Golden Birthday Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

When we say golden and use it to refer to an event, it is commonly associated with something that has been around for fifty years. For an individual, their fiftieth birthday can also be referred to as their golden birthday, and for couples, their fiftieth wedding anniversary can also be called their golden anniversary. Aside from just gold, other stones and gems are also being used to refer to other milestones, and this includes silver for twenty-five years, crystal for fifteen years, and pearl for thirty years.

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Aside from just being used to celebrate a fiftieth-year milestone, golden can also be used to refer to the color used for the theme of an event. In this article, we have a collection of golden birthday flyer templates that you can use to promote a birthday party. And as mentioned earlier, you may use these templates to promote a party in celebration of a person’s fiftieth birthday, or they may also be used purely for its color, which could also be the theme of your party. Additionally, you may notice that some of the flyer templates are multi-functional, meaning they can double as templates for birthday cards. If these are the templates that you are looking for, then feel free to scroll down.

Birthday Flyer Template

Free Retro Birthday Flyer Template

Baby Birthday Party Flyer Template

Free Birthday Party Flyer Template

Free Kid’s Birthday Party Flyer Template

Pool Party Birthday Flyer Template

Luxurious Golden Birthday Flyer Template

The first golden birthday event flyer template in this collection somewhat has a luxurious and extravagant appearance with all the shiny, gold-colored elements, the glittery elements on the upper portion of the design, and the champagne glasses on the sides. At first sight, this would probably give the readers the impression that this event is exclusive only to those people who belong to the upper class. Which is why you should make it clear on your flyer that everybody is welcome in this event unless you are indeed planning to hold an intimate birthday party meant only for your family, relatives, and your closest friends.

Fabulous Fifty Golden Birthday Flyer Template

Here is a golden birthday flyer template that combines the gold-colored elements with a few other colors, namely black and pink. For one thing, black and pink are two perfectly contrasting colors, and they effectively work well with gold. In addition, the color scheme of this template is fully editable, and you don’t have to go with pink if it’s not really your thing. If you like, you can also alter the colors on this design to something that matches the motif of your event or the favorite color of the person celebrating their birthday.

Dark Golden Birthday Flyer Template

If you prefer a more simplistic look for your birthday flyers, then the flyer layout template above may be perfect for you since it follows a minimalist color scheme which is dark-toned. As you can see from the image above, this birthday flyer template leans more towards the use of dark elements, even their gold-colored objects are slightly darker than usual. However, even with the darker color scheme, the foreground elements—both textual and graphical—are still able to contrast and stand out from its background.

Golden Glittered Balloons Birthday Flyer Template

Above is another rather simplistic birthday flyer template which would be a perfect choice for those looking for something straightforward. The neat thing about this template is that it uses flat elements to make the design look even simpler and easier on the eyes. At the same time, the elements are able to stand out from the dark, patterned background because the former makes use of colors that are able to contrast with the latter. This highly versatile birthday template allows you to incorporate other elements in order to pull off that flyer design that you had in mind. But aside from that, this simplistic template can also be used to make other birthday related stuff as well, including birthday greeting cards, invitations, even birthday banners.

Nightclub Golden Anniversary Birthday Flyer Template

If you are planning to hold a birthday celebration inside a nightclub, then the invitation flyer template above would be a great pick. The reason behind the choice of venue could either be because the person celebrating their birthday is the owner of the nightclub, or someone who is well-known to the public. Or perhaps, the reason could be much simpler than either of those mentioned, it could simply be just to give the birthday celebrant a hell-of-a good time on their birthday.

Gold Birthday Flyer Design

Most people are ashamed to admit how old they really are, especially when they reach fifty. For them, this is something that they keep hidden because it makes them feel old. Though there are also those people who are proud when they reach a certain age that they won’t even bother to keep it from others. The template above, which doubles as a birthday card, is the first of the few ones in this article that are multi-functional, meaning it can be used for making things other than just birthday cards. Check out more birthday flyer and birthday card templates below.

Let the birthday celebrant know how special they are on their birthday, to the extent that you would want to spoil them and treat them as if they were of royal descent. As you can see from the image above, the birthday celebrant is seated on his throne surrounded by champagne glasses, gold balloons, and a huge pair of speakers. This extravagant-looking birthday party event flyer is already enough to let the birthday celebrant know that they “own” the day, just make sure to keep it special for them until the day ends.

Here is another birthday flyer template that can also be used for making a beautiful and artistic birthday card. For this one, it features textual and graphical elements that are exclusively done by hand, which makes the entire design look personalized. And, to describe what is on the design, it simply contains an illustration of a phonograph—otherwise known for its more generic term, a record player—which is something that has been used since the late 18th century.

Ultimate Fifty Golden Birthday Flyer Template

For an ultimate birthday celebration that is sure to be remembered for a very long time, we have a matching ultimate birthday flyer template that you can use with it. Make it the best birthday celebration ever for the celebrant, filled with all sort of surprises and the like. At first glance, you may notice that the sample flyer template above has a rather glamorous design, but if you look closely, you will realize that the only elements on it other than the text are a pair of champagne bottles, a pair of champagne glasses, and a pair of mirror balls. It just goes to show that you really don’t need to add a lot of elements for it to look exciting, just a few ones that are arranged in an orderly manner.

Minimalist Hand Drawn Golden Birthday Flyer Template

Here is yet another minimalist and hand-drawn birthday template which you can use to make birthday greeting or invitation cards, birthday event flyers, and many more. But, aside from the handwritten-like text, this design template also contains a Sans Serif font to balance with the hand-drawn features. To enhance the look of this template, it also contains hand-painted illustrations of stars, and an abstract brush streak below the text. This template maximizes its use of white space in order to emphasize the text as well as to make the template versatile for purposes other than just for making birthday cards.

Flat elements? Check. Minimalist design? Check. Visually attractive? Check. If those are the qualities that you are looking for from a birthday flyer, then the template above may the best choice for you. As for the design on the template, it shows a hollow gold-colored frame with the birthday greeting written inside it. The background of this template is in solid purple and is completely free from any textures or patterns. As always, the color for the background can be changed according to your preferences, you may even want to consider using the birthday celebrant’s favorite color.

Cute Glittery Golden Birthday Flyer Template

Make your birthday flyer exciting just as you want your birthday party to be, and you may able to do that using the birthday flyer template above. To describe the look of this flyer template, it contains a birthday greeting written in a fun-looking font, and is surrounded by glittery illustrations and other abstract elements. Once again, the simplicity of this template’s design allows you to use this for making other birthday-related stuff.

The last multipurpose flyer template in this collection also happens to be the last one that could also work as a greeting or invitation card, and the best thing about this template is that it is able to work as it is and it doesn’t need further explanation. If you plan on using this to make birthday flyers, you can use the template above as the base layer and you can just add more illustrations or text on to the design—specifically, the details of the birthday party that you are planning. But, if you wish to use this template for making a greeting card, you can simply print the design above on one part of the card stock, and leave the rest of the spaces blank in order for you to have a large enough space for your personalized message.

Judging by the fact that you have gotten to this part of the article, we assume that you have seen all the templates being offered in this article. If you have, then were you able to find a design that works perfectly for you? As you may have known, we have a lot of templates here to choose from, with each of them designed by highly imaginative graphic artists. You may also see psd flyer templates.

When it comes to expenses, you actually don’t need to spend a lot to download these templates. These golden flyer design templates have all been priced reasonably in order for them to be conveniently accessible to everybody without having the budgets broken. If you want to get started with your golden birthday event flyers, then stop reading and start downloading a template now.

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