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14+ Hipster Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Hipster has always been associated with being old-school, but people often forget that this “old-school” concept is more than just aesthetics. It’s a subculture that has been and always will be a movement that stands against the norms and breaks the molds of society. These days, its true meaning has been watered down by the masses and has been deemed as nothing more than just for visual pleasure. You may also see abstract flyer templates.

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But regardless of what you believe in, you can’t deny that the hipster aesthetics is one that stands out with its quirky and fun vibe. If you are holding an event with a hipster theme, you can choose from our list of flyer designs and templates that you can use to promote your event. Check them out below!

Colorful Hipster Flyer Template

BBQ Hipster Flyer Template

Simple Hipster Flyer Template

Why are Flyers Important Promotional Tools?

With the emergence of conventional communication platforms, flyers are now deemed as irrelevant and wasteful promotional tools. Some businesses, old and new, have now switched to promote their products and services through social media. But even with the dominating presence of various digital platforms, nothing still beats the long-standing, tested and proven effectiveness of flyers when it comes to promotion.

For those who belong to the new generation, you might be confused if you would follow the traditional means or adapt to the modern one. In this section of the article, we will go through the list of key points on why flyers are still important and relevant even this digital age and why you should still stick to it. You may also see flyer designs.

1. They Reach a Wide Audience

Flyers are flexible, meaning they can be used in different ways. You can use them as newspaper inserts, in door-to-door mail drops, or distribute them in crowded places like malls and in the streets. What this implies is that the flyer can be conveniently carried to different places and reach a wider audience. With the flexibility of the flyer, it can be implied that it also becomes handy. Any person would be able to fold a flyer into a size where it can be put in a bag or small enough to fit in a wallet or pocket. You may also see handyman flyer templates.

2. They are Cost-Effective

Flyers are cheap but they give high impact in return. You can create your design or download one from sites that showcase various works of graphic designers just like the templates that we are showing you in this article. Find ways where you can minimize the costs without compromising the output quality. Aside from being cost-effective, using flyers requires less effort for its effectivity to take place.

You can easily distribute them on the street, in the mall, or any place where crowds of people pass through or stay at. There might be no assurance that these random people would be keeping the flyer, but there certainly is a great chance that they’ll be able to reach the target number of audience or more. You may also see beach flyer templates.

3. They are Tangible

With technology’s help, everything can be read on the screen. Do you want to read the latest news? Log in to any of your social media accounts and you’ll definitely see one or more posts about any news. Do you want to know if the coffee shop that you frequently visit has new promos? Just visit their page or privately message them in any of their social media.

If you are opting for a more traditional approach to promotion by handing out flyers, don’t fret as it still has one more thing up its sleeve. Sometimes, people forget how important it is to hold something tangible. Receiving more than a handful of notifications daily makes it easier for people to dismiss or ignore emails and notifications that they don’t find interesting. But with a tangible promotional item, they are urged to do something about it. You may also see raffle flyer templates.

People have the option to either keep it in their pocket, bag, or any other compartment that they can put it in or just throw it in the trash. Now, let’s just hope for the best that they will choose the former. But regardless if they do decide to throw it away, you can look at it optimistically and focus on the matter that they read it before they threw it away. The flyer reached the recipient even for a moment. Also, when something is tangible, it is easier to remember them, like how it feels to hold them and know what its content is. You may also see PSD beach flyer templates.

Simple Party Hipster Flyer Template

Creative Hipster Flyer Template

Radio Party Hipster Flyer Template

Barbershop Hipster Flyer Template

Neat Hipster Flyer Template

Geometric Hipster Flyer Template

Indie Rock Hipster Flyer Template

4. They are Attractive

The goal of a flyer is to be attractive and informative. The designs for flyers are made to be eye-catching so they will snatch people’s attention at first glance. Beauty is subjective, but if you are aiming for the masses, then you should probably adjust the design to one that keeps up with the trend or even if it’s not trendy as long as it captures people’s interest. You may also see geometric flyer templates.

Once you pique their interest in the design, they’ll surely ask questions or do a research about what the flyer is for. With that said, you should get ready for future prospective customer engagements. Knowing this, there is a great possibility that these prospects will turn into actual customers, and with customers comes profit. The success of your business is assured from here on. All of these can happen if your flyer’s design is stunningly attractive. Beauty is power; use it to your advantage. You may also see PSD promotional flyer designs.

5. They Improve Your Business’ Sales

Gaining a wide reach would only translate to an increase in sales. No matter how slow and small the progress is, as long as the sales keep going up, it means that your business is improving and that the efforts you have put into promoting it has finally yielded positive results. It may take a while for the power of the flyers to take effect, but it will surely move your business forward. Tell your subordinates or employees to double their pace as it may start getting busier than usual. You may also see sample marketing flyer templates.

6. They Solidify Your Business’ Identity

The flyer acts as your business’ representative. As such, it should be able to impress the people that it interacts with. It should have beauty and brains, referring to its design and content. With regards to beauty, it should be something that is deeply rooted in the aesthetics of your business. For the information, it should be clear, concise, and compelling. Don’t bore them to death; use precise chunks of information that are useful and easy-to-remember for them. You may also see PSD flyer templates.

The flyer is there to invite prospective customers so it should be able to sway people’s choices and decisions by introducing the important bits of details. The design and information that you provide should work hand in hand to solidify your identity and, at the same time, to possibly acquire a new customer. You may also see free flyer templates.

Flower Music Party Hipster Flyer Template

Electronic Party Hipster Flyer Template

Beach Hipster Flyer Template

Minimal Hipster Flyer Template

Modern Hipster Flyer Template

What Content Should a Flyer Have?

1. New Offers. From time to time, you need to have new offers for the customers to keep things interesting. If you have new products or services that you need to introduce to regular or prospective customers, you can do so with the help of flyers. Highlight the new offers in a way that it’s the first thing that the recipients will notice. Also, create certain taglines or descriptions that would help the recipients remember the offers easily. You may also see modern flyer templates.

2. Opening. The opening of your business is a crucial stage. Although it is expected that not many people will attend, you should still put in effort in attracting as many people as you can. This can be done with the help of flyers. With flyers, you can inform people of your opening and it will help spread the word around. You may also see holiday flyer templates.

3. Events. Is it your business’ anniversary party? Or are you going for something simple and intimate? Whatever the event is, you should promote it using flyers. Put in all the important details of the event that the recipients should take note of. Also, if you can, include freebies that they will get if they attend the event. This will instantly attract a lot of people and will definitely give your staff a busier time than the usual.

4. Specials and Promos. What is great about specials and promos is that they attract customers fast. Flyers already lure in customers quick, what more if partnered up with content about specials and promos? Clients and customers alike will come rushing to your office or immediately call you to inquire about the promos that you are offering, especially for adventurers who are always looking for some thrill. If they catch a whiff of your specials and promos, you and your staff need to double the effort to keep up with their demands. You may also see event flyer templates.

Have You Found the Right Design?

The right design can only come if you have solidified the concept that you are trying to create. If you have the final concept, you can look at our list of templates if there is one that would fit it. If there isn’t, you can still choose one of our templates and customize it so it would be able to blend in with the concept. We hope that we have helped you with your dilemma in finding the right design and we wish you all the best for you business’ success! You may also see invitation flyer templates.

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