How Make a Political Flyer [10+ Templates]

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When putting together a political campaign, everything matters from the paid TV advertisements down to the most traditional form of materials you’re distributing to the public such as flyers and leaflets. You want to connect to the masses to get them to vote for the candidate. As much as possible, you would want to nail the campaign to the very last detail. Therefore, anything less than your best foot forward in designing your political flyers will be unacceptable.

5 Steps To Design A Political Flyer

Step 1: Write Your Content

Collect the necessary information about the candidate that you have to include on the layout with consideration to the amount of space you’re allowed to work with. If you’re short on space, the best thing to do is to gridify. Chances are, you’re going to have to start on a good amount of text and you need to fit it all in the material, so keep your sentences short. Just make sure that you end up with a copy which is still organized and lean.

Step 2: Prioritize Your Front Panel

Make sure that your front panel or copy is good enough to catch attention. It should be able to communicate your main message clearly and directly. Otherwise, it’s not going to make much impact, no matter how good of a prospect your candidate is. Nobody is going to want to read a bad copy so you may want to use a catchy, powerful headline or statement to draw attention to the flyer in the first five to ten seconds.

Step 3: Choose Your Images Well

Photographs are always powerful tools as visual elements. Make it a point to include at least one photo of the politician on the flyer. Images used should make the person look good. During the shoot, they should be professionally or appropriately dressed. Don’t risk putting the candidate in any casual wear that may make him the subject of scrutiny among voters for poor fashion sense or improper campaign “dress code.”

Step  4: Make A Statement

If we were to brutally evaluate the flyers and campaign posters of decades and years past, the vast majority of them didn’t really make that much of an impact. They were and still are boring. Most of the political flyers we see today simply make do with a logo and a text for the candidate’s name. This is to make sure that you can catch the voter’s attention to make him or she wants to read about the candidate with a great statement.

Step 5: Don’t Overstate It

You don’t want a background with a corporate logo messing with your candidate’s photo and you don’t want too many things going on in such a limited space.  Keep it clean, simple, and professional. High-quality flyers regardless of what they’re intended for would avoid a cluttered look. This is never truer when you’re trying to promote a political candidate. You need the candidate’s details but make sure to break them down into readable and helpful chunks.

10 + Political Flyer Templates

1. Political Flyer Design Template

political flyer template Download

Still in need of a political flyer to market your candidate? Check this new political flyer template with the right graphic and text elements to make it hard to ignore. Not only that. It’s also designed in editable MS Word, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Pages and Publisher formats.

2. Political Campaign Flyer

political campaign flyer Download

If you’re preparing for an upcoming election, you’d want a flyer that wins people’s votes. Get this political campaign flyer designed with the highest quality in multi-layered features which is easy to customize. Print anywhere, anytime in all versions of MS Word, Photoshop and Publisher for your convenience!

3. Political Candidate Flyer Template

political candidate Download

Are you hoping to rally people into voting for your political candidate? What are you waiting for? Download this flyer design template with customizable features that would make it easy for you to edit and personalize with your campaign or candidate’s information. It’s free and made with only the best quality!

4. Election Flyer Example

election flyer Download

Do you want to spend less and gain more, in your political campaign period? A political flyer sample like the one we have here is perfect to use for getting the word out and complete an effective campaign. Just edit, customize and print in any of format of your preference! Download now!

5. Political Candidate Flyer Template

political flyer template Download

Successful election flyers are those that make a statement using the right visual elements. Put together a great flyer design with this professional flyer template and get people voting. Made with an organized layout this sample political flyer is sure to make people remember your politician.

6. Standard Political Flyer Template

political flyer Download

Want a flyer template that’s versatile enough for a political campaign? Download this handy flyer sample and customize based on your preference. It also comes in a friendly format which makes it easy for printing anytime, anywhere, with a pre-designed content that is easy to play around with.

7. Political Campaign Flyer

political flyer template image Download

Want a flyer that goes with your campaign? Download this example of a political flyer which you’ll find to be editable. There’s nothing like a premium flyer template that would make your graphic design task easier especially if you’re trying to reach such a wide audience.

8. Modern Political Flyer Design

political flyer design Download

Download this easy to customize and printable flyer template. The professionally-formatted layout is also perfect in providing information about the person or candidate you’re trying to endorse to voters at large. Otherwise, you can just use it as a guide in coming up with your own design.

9. Sample Political Flyer

truth political flyer Download

Download this easy to customize flyer template to save time if you were thinking of starting one from scratch. With its well-designed features, you will have better chances of nailing your political campaign and reach voters at large. Print and distribute to voters!

10. Political Flyer Template

political flyer sample Download

Get this sample political flyer and make a catchy statement that can be read from afar. Make sure it adds to or is relevant to who the candidate is. By downloading this template, you’ll have an attractive set of graphics that fit the content or message you intend to share.

11. Political Flyer Design Template

political flyer design template Download

Finish a winning political campaign by downloading this political flyer template and using it across all your promotional channels for the campaign period. Save time and money by taking advantage of its great design which is tailored for the kind of content that goes into promoting political candidates!

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