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How to Create a Car Show Flyer [10+ Templates]

Whether you’ve just developed your hobby of buying and selling cars into something more profitable, already in the business of manufacturing vehicle parts or you’re not doing too bad in your auto dealership, a car show is an economic and effective strategy to market your business. By designing a car show flyer, you’ll be able to draw car enthusiasts into your car show and get them to notice your brand.

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5 Steps to Design a Car Show Flyer

Step 1: Plan Your Content

Planning the elements or content to include in any flyer design is crucial since flyers tend to have more information on their layout than posters. A layout with unique layering is easier to read for the audience to get your message faster. Make it a point to plan your content which includes a catchy phrase, imagery and event descriptions.

Step 2: Find High-Quality Photos

For anybody who didn’t study or never had any professional training with graphic design, it’s intimidating to add the right images even though this makes up part of a graphic designer’s everyday tasks. Many entrepreneurs don’t want to use clip art but can’t think of a better suggestion. Check the internet for stock images on different car models that could be part of your show. This can be tricky, but it’s worth a try.

Step 3: Offer A Test Drive

Your car show doesn’t have to be limited to distributing coupons for special offers of car services or a display of your latest, brand new models. You can also provide unique incentives until you convince them to buy a car, accessories, parts or take advantage of a service. For instance, offering a test drive on competition and indicating it on the flyer can boost your brand’s marketing.

Step 4: Say Something Worthwhile

It’s easy for people to forget the names of stores or companies they do business with and if you’re not careful, the same could happen with your brand, before a car show, so make it a point to say what you have in store for them at your event and make those words memorable. Offer a limited promotion to get people to attend and make sure they will want to see your cars.

Step 5: Make An Effort

No matter how phenomenal your design is and regardless how top-class your cars for the show are going to be, it’s not going to get enough attention if you print your flyers in poor paper quality. It may just be a piece of paper to most people, but this is where you use every chance to market your car show and your brand. Visual appeal counts but so does the use of quality material.

10+ Car Show Flyer Templates

1. Car Show Flyer Template


Preparing for an upcoming car show? Flyers are very helpful in promoting different events and they can be especially effective with the right design. Download this car show flyer template for your dealership’s event. This is easy to customize and is also available in five different formats which you can print anytime.

3. Classic Car Show Flyer Template


Not confident in designing your own car show flyer yet? Our designs come with high-quality images and graphics, so go ahead and use this formatted and printable flyer template either to guide you in designing one or just edit and customize the content to fit to what your show requires.

4. Free Car Show Flyer Template


Not sure how to get more visibility for your car show event’s promotion? This easy-to-edit sample flyer template can help you market your car show in an easy and affordable way. Download this file and take advantage of the quality design which also comes in a printable size and format.

5. Car Show Vintage Flyer

Need to draw hardcore car enthusiasts to your car show? We’ve got you covered with flyer designs such as this file which you can just customize and print. If you want to check other flyer templates that you can use as a graphic representation of your brand, feel free to do so.

6. Summer Break Car Show Flyer

Want to turn your car show event’s campaign one notch higher this summer? Then use this pre-made car show flyer which is perfect for attracting potential buyers this season. Created with the best imagery and graphics, flyer designs such as this one is sure to get your audience’s attention.

7. Car Show Flyer Sample

A flyer with a design that represents your brand well is bound to get your message across, and that’s exactly what we want to help you out with. Promote your car show with this printable flyer sample to spread the word and let more people know you’re bound to give them a treat!

8. Classic Car Show Flyer

A classic and well-thought design is required especially if you’re marketing an event that involves classic cars. Fortunately, this article provides you with a great selection of quality layout for flyer templates. You’re free to edit, print and customize any design that goes with the car show’s classic theme.

9. Classic Car Show Flyer

Need a flyer with the right elements and layout to boost marketing for your car show? Download the available car show flyer templates we have attached here and remember to edit and print in a quality paper to complete your event campaign!

10. Car Show Flyer Template

If you need to save time completing a flyer design, you may find this sample flyer very useful especially since it comes in a printable Photoshop file with the best image resolution and layering. Download and print anytime for your convenience.

11. Sample Car Show Flyer

Have you curated your brand’s key message? Then you’re ready to create a flyer campaign especially if you’re planning on hosting a car show to let car enthusiasts know about the cars and vehicle services your dealership can offer. What better way to convince them than a winning classic flyer design that you can download and print in no time?

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