How to Create a Sales Flyer [10+ Templates]


Effective print marketing campaigns begin with learning how to create targetted and compelling sales flyers. In this article, we will teach you how to do just that by sharing a step-by-step guide on how to create sales flyers. We will also show you multiple printable flyer templates that you can download and base your own printed advertising collaterals on.

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6 Steps to Make a Sales Flyer

An effective sales flyer is both engaging and visually pleasing. All the steps enumerated below are geared towards that achieving that specific objective. Study these steps well.

Step 1: Choose a flyer design theme.

You first need to choose a flyer design that matches your business establishment brand identity and the type of marketing campaign you are running. To illustrate, if you are planning a summer sale, you should include summer or beach-themed design elements on your summer sale flyer.

Step 2: Craft a persuasive ad copy.

The next essential step is to craft an engaging sales copy for your flyers. This means that you need to create product descriptions, menu lists, and call to actions that hook customers from the get-go and spur them into action. If your budget permits, you may also hire a professional copywriter to create the ad copy for you.

Step 3: Add high-resolution images.

Do not forget to download and compile high-quality images for your flyer design. Make sure that these photos are images of the actual products, services, or business premises. Doing so will help increase your brand’s credibility.

Step 4: Follow an organized layout.

If you intend to make your own marketing flyer design, you also need to choose layout design. Select an organized layout design that lets readers and potential customers easily understand what the flyer is about. Good visual hierarchy means that the most important design elements (like the promotional offer and sale date/time) are made bigger or are arranged in a direct line of sight.

Step 5: Use a printable sales flyer template.

As an alternative, you may also download and edit a printable sales flyer template. These pre-formatted templates will make the flyer-making process quicker and easier since you no longer need to come up with a flyer design on your own. The trick is to choose a sales flyer template that already matches your business needs.

Step 6: Print out the template.

After editing your chosen sales flyer design, save the final template design and get it ready for printing. Sales flyers are best printed on glossy paper. You may also opt to use thicker paper or cardstock if you want your flyers to double as sales posters.

You have now learned how to create your own sales flyer designs. Use all this knowledge in crafting flyers that will get you the customers and subsequent sales.

10+ Sales Flyer Templates

Embedded below are printable sale flyer templates in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, Word, and Apple Pages file format. Choose a design that best represents your business or brand.

1. For Sale Flyer Template

for sale flyer templateDownload

Whether you are running a real estate firm or you are selling your own house, the For Sale Flyer Template (embedded above) is perfect for advertising any real property sale. As an editable photo flyer template, make sure to replace the image and description placeholders with your photos and text about the property that you are selling. This flyer template is best printed on A4 or US legal/letter-sized paper.

2. House For Sale Flyer Template

house for sale flyer templateDownload

The House For Sale Flyer Template (shown above) is another example of a well-designed real estate flyer. This can be used to sell a specific house, mansion, apartment, or condominium unit. Or, it can be used to advertise a real estate firm’s services and product lists. This template may be edited on Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple Pages, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

3. Pizza Sale Flyer Template

pizza sale flyer templateDownload

As its name implies the Pizza Sale Flyer Template (pictured above) is ideal for those who are operating pizza shops or for dining establishments that offer a pizza menu. To get the best results, make sure to use high-resolution and original images of pan pizzas that your dining establishment offers.

4. Sales Flyer Template

sales flyer templateDownload

The Sales Flyer Template (featured above) features a minimalist flyer design that can be adapted and used by different dining and retail establishments during their respective promotion periods. Tailor-fit your sale flyer design with your establishment’s official colors or with your marketing campaign’s chosen color scheme.

5. Cake Sale Flyer Template

cake sale flyer templateDownload

Use the Cake Sale Flyer Template (embedded above) if you prefer to create a menu card and a flyer design in one. As a menu flyer, it is best to include high-quality images and enticing descriptions of the cakes that you sell. This multipurpose sales flyer design may be downloaded and edited using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or Publisher.

6. Car Sales Flyer Design

car sales flyer templateDownload

Maximize your earning potential by giving away compelling sales or business flyers that address a potential client’s needs. Use the Car Sales Flyer Template (shown above) and make sure that you fill it with persuasive ad copy along with a believable sales offer. Tip: Make sure to indicate your car dealership’s updated contact information on the flyer to ensure that you capture all possible leads.

7. Mega Sale Flyer Template

mega sale flyer templateDownload

Nothing is more helpful to a shopper than seeing actual images of products and their corresponding discounted rates on marketing collateral like printed brochures, leaflets, or flyers. You may create a sales flyer using the Mega Sale Flyer Template (pictured above) and get positive returns during your store’s mega sale period.

8. Bake Sale Flyer Template

bake sale flyer templateDownload

Looking for an information-packed yet aesthetically pleasing promotional flyer design for your pastry shop? Try out the Bake Sale Flyer Template (shown above). What makes this template design work is its inclusion of a concise bakery menu and superimposed images of different bakery delicacies. Replicate this design aesthetic and sales potential by customizing the template with high-quality photos of your own baked goodies.

9. Garage Sale Flyer Template

garage sale flyer templateDownload

Decluttering one’s home can be a profitable task especially if you pair it with a well-advertised garage sale. Use the Garage Sale Flyer Template (featured above) and entice more neighbors into thrifting what your family no longer use. This sales flyer template can also be used for organizations who are planning for a community-wide garage sale or an open house sale.

10. Yard Sale Flyer Template

yard sale flyer templateDownload

The Yard Sale Flyer Template (pictured above) is ideal for those who are planning local fundraising events and charity drives. You can easily replace the template header with your own event’s name and details. And to create more awareness for your fund-raising event, make sure that the flyers are given out to as many people as possible.

11. Multipurpose Sales Flyer Template

multipurpose sales flyer templateDownload

Choose the Multipurpose Sales Flyer Template (featured above) if you do not want to frequently browse for and purchase different sales market flyer designs for different sale periods. This template set includes six different flyer designs that can all be used for selling products, services, memberships, or a combination thereof.

Use all the flyer-making tips and template examples shared above to guide you in creating appropriate and well-designed sales flyers for your business. To see more graphic design and business document templates, check out the rest of our website.

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