How to Create a BBQ Flyer [10+ Templates]


Stop hassling yourself if you need to throw a party and time is not on your side. Put together a barbecue party instead and you can skip a lot of worrying since this kind of party is very low maintenance. To get people to come to your party, spread the word by using our barbecue party flyer templates.

Steps to Create a BBQ Flyer

Step 1: Familiarize the different types of flyers

In order to get the job done efficiently, it’s important to know what you’re actually doing. A good start to that is to be familiar with the different types of flyers which include party flyer, sports flyer, recruitment flyer, leaflet, and door handle flyer, just to name a few.

Step 2: Make a draft of your flyer’s content

To make sure that your flyer’s content stays relevant and informative, it would be best to write a draft of it. This way, you can decide on what information to include and how to keep it concise so you won’t have to risk cluttering your flyer’s layout.

Step 3: Download a BBQ flyer template

Speaking of layout, the next step in the process is getting your hands on a downloadable barbecue flyer design template. Below, we’ve got over ten of the most creative flyer templates on the internet and these already come with a fully-editable, pre-designed layout. Simply download one and you can consider yourself halfway finished.

Step 4: Edit the downloaded flyer template

As mentioned in the previous step, the templates below are fully editable although you can only enjoy this feature if you’re using a compatible editing tool. Let’s say you downloaded a flyer template in the Illustrator format, then the appropriate tool for it would be Adobe Illustrator. Always take note of the file format when downloading a template.

Step 5: Check the flyer for any error

Even though preparing a draft of your content already minimizes the risk of committing errors, you should make it a habit to proofread your work before finalizing it. Human as we are, we still tend to commit errors even if we have a guide, and proofreading can help ensure that there isn’t any.

Step 6: Print copies of your flyer

If you choose to get your flyers printed in printing companies, it would be best to order in large quantities in order to get discounts. However, if you have a printer that’s capable of getting the job done, you can do the printing yourself, just make sure to use high-quality paper.

10+ BBQ Flyer Templates

1. BBQ Weekend Party Flyer Design

BBQ Weekend Party Flyer Design Download

Are you planning to host a barbecue party this coming weekend? Well, you’ve got enough time to make the necessary preparations which include handing out or posting flyers to get the word across. To ensure that you’ll be able to make a professional-grade flyer, we’ve got a template that you can use.

2. Blazing BBQ Party Flyer Template

Blazing BBQ Party Flyer Template Download

To continue blazing through this article, we’ve got another flyer template that you can use to gather attendees to your barbecue party. The design on this announcement flyer template shows a slab of meat over a grill, which is enough to make the hungriest of people want to come to your barbecue party.

3. Backyard BBQ Party Flyer Format

Backyard BBQ Party Flyer Format Download

The best thing about barbecue parties aside from the fact that they’re easy to pull off is that you can actually hold it anywhere, event at the convenience of your own backyard. If this is indeed what you’re planning to do, check out the backyard barbecue party flyer template above.

4. Flat BBQ Sunday Flyer Template

Flat BBQ Sunday Flyer Template Download

In the Bible, “God made the seventh day holy because on it, He rested from all His work”. In the same manner, people should also rest from all their work during Sundays to spend time with their loved ones. If you’re planning to throw a Sunday barbecue party, you might want to use this modern flyer template.

5. Summer Party BBQ Flyer Sample

Summer Party BBQ Flyer Sample Download

Although barbecue parties can be held at any time of the year, they are very common during the summer season. We’ve got an example of a summer cookout flyer template above that you can use for gathering your attendees. The layout is already impressive as it is, you only need to add the content.

6. Backyard BBQ Party Flyer

Premium Backyard BBQ Party Flyer Download

Here’s another flyer template that’s specifically designed to be used for backyard barbecue parties. While the previous one on this list simply used an illustration of the food, this one actually shows you some mouthwatering meat and vegetables over a barbecue grill. If the last template failed to make you drool, this one just might.

7. Dinner BBQ Event Flyer Example

Dinner BBQ Event Flyer Example Download

This barbecue dinner flyer template somewhat looks similar to a previous one on this list because of its use of the same image, although this template also differs in some aspects. These include a much simpler background and a different font type. In addition, this template also comes in five different file formats.

8. Weekend BBQ Party Flyer Design

Weekend BBQ Party Flyer Design Download

Here’s another simple yet rustic-themed party event flyer template that you can use especially if you’re planning to throw the party on a weekend. The effective use of negative space on this template makes each element distinguishable from the others, and it also makes the text a lot easier to read.

9. Rustic BBQ Cookout Flyer Layout

Rustic BBQ Cookout Flyer Layout Download

Oftentimes, we associate barbecue gatherings with the rustic theme which makes the party flyer template above a very good choice. By using this template, you no longer need to do much other than to add the necessary content and to change the color scheme if needed.

10. Beach BBQ Party Flyer Example

Beach BBQ Party Flyer Example Download

Barbecue party at the beach? Why not? You simply need to bring the needed food and cooking equipment, cook them under the heat of the sun and enjoy the sound of the waves and the sand beneath your feet. If you’re planning to throw one, then you might want to use the beach event flyer template above.

11. Chalkboard BBQ Party Flyer Sample

Chalkboard BBQ Party Flyer Sample Download

Chalkboard-themed flyer designs never get old and after seeing the template above, you’ll probably agree with us since this chalkboard barbecue party flyer template looks equally as beautiful as those that are colored. Now that you’re at the last template in this article, you might as well go out with a bang by actually downloading one.

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