How to Create a Birthday Party Flyer [10+ Templates]


Need help in crafting FOMO-inducing flyers and invitations to ensure that all your friends, relatives, and family members attend your upcoming birthday party? If yes, then let us teach you how to do that through this comprehensive article on flyer-making. In addition, we are also sharing downloadable examples of birthday party flyer templates so be sure to check them all out.

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5 Steps To Make an Awesome Birthday Party Flyer

An equal mix of spontaneity and deliberate planning helps make a party event even more memorable. Outlined below is a series of concrete steps that you can follow to come up with excellent birthday party flyer designs.

Step 1: Choose a birthday party theme.

First, choose a birthday party theme that complements or coincides with the birthday host’s personality, likes, age, or preferences. A good party theme unifies all the design and aesthetic elements used in the party. Party themes may range from choosing simple color schemes (blank and white birthday party) to incorporating movie and book universes (superhero birthday parties).

Step 2: Decide on the flyer layout, typography design, and printing size.

Once you have chosen a party theme, it’s time to decide on the flyer’s layout or format, on what font styles to use, and the party flyer’s paper size. You may choose from using formal and minimalist flyer layouts and fonts to following a bold and quirky header and visual hierarchy style.

Step 3: Download or create your own birthday party flyer template.

Another approach to flyer-making is the use of pre-made birthday party flyer templates. You may choose a party flyer template design that best matches the party theme and layout design that you have in mind. What’s great about these templates is that you do not have to make each flyer design from scratch.

Step 4: Edit the downloaded template.

Next, edit the downloaded party template using compatible graphic design software. Feel free to add your own branding elements (like a personal logo, slogan, monogram, or letterhead design) if you want to further personalize the birthday party flyer design. Proofread the birthday template design before saving the final flyer design file.

Step 5: Print template on high-quality cardstock.

To make your birthday flyers stand out more, make sure that they are printed on high-quality paper. The higher the paper’s GSM number, the thicker it is and the more durable will your birthday party flyer invitations will be.

Follow all these steps and you will only end up with truly remarkable flyer designs for your upcoming birthday party.

10+ Birthday Party Flyer Templates

Shown below are multiple examples of birthday party flyer templates in MS Word, Publisher, Adobe Publisher, Illustrator, InDesign, and Apple Pages file formats.

1. Masquerade Birthday Party Flyer Template

masquerade birthday party flyer templateDownload

Use the Masquerade Birthday Party Flyer Template (shown above) to elicit a festive feel for your upcoming birthday party. Make sure to edit it to match your own party details. Also, make sure to print it out on high-quality paper to ensure that all the colors come out well.

2. Birthday Party Flyer Template

birthday party flyer templateDownload

Colorful flyer designs often work best for teen birthday parties. And if you are planning one, choose the Birthday Party Flyer Template (shown above). This template is fully editable in Adobe Photoshop and you can even add a photo of the birthday girl (or boy) to personalize any teenage birthday party flyers.

3. Birthday Club Party Flyer Template

birthday club party flyer templateDownload

Use the editable Birthday Club Party Flyer Template shown above if you are planning for a club or DJ party. This chic and trendy flyer design will suit those who want to set themselves (and their birthday party invitations) apart from the birthday invitations sent out by their peers.

4. Elegant Birthday Party Flyer

elegant birthday party flyer templateDownload

If you are planning a formal birthday event, the Elegant Birthday Party Flyer Template featured above would be perfect. This party flyer invitation template is fully editable so you can easily add, remove, or modify any of the design elements used.

5. Chalk-Style Birthday Party Flyer

chalkstyle birthday party flyer templateDownload

Need a trendy yet a little formal party flyer design? Take a look at the Chalk-Style Birthday Party Flyer Template embedded above. It is best used for vintage-themed and kiddie birthday parties. This birthday flyer template is available as DOC, AI, INDD, PUB, and PSD template files.

6. Baby Birthday Party Flyer Design

baby birthday party flyer templateDownload

Planning a baby’s birthday party can be hard since the baby does not know how to express his/her feelings yet. That is why, if you are a parent and you still want to throw a grand 1st birthday party for your baby, it is best to create invitations that follow your own design preferences. You may use the Baby Birthday Party Flyer Template featured above. As an editable template, you may easily change the built-in color scheme to match your baby’s gender.

7. Free Birthday Party Flyer Template

free birthday party flyer templateDownload

With the Free Birthday Party Flyer Template (embedded above), you can easily craft an illustrated birthday flyer invitation. You do not need to have mad editing skills since all the design and text aspects of the birthday flyer will already be built into the party flyer template.

8. Pool Party Birthday Flyer Template

pool party birthday flyer templateDownload

Pool parties are the rage whether you are planning a birthday event for kids or for young adults. And with the Pool Party Birthday Flyer Template (featured above), you do not have to stress out over the invitation-making part. Aside from being used as a birthday flyer template, you may also edit this template and use it as a promotional flyer.

9. Retro Birthday Flyer Template

retro birthday flyer templateDownload

As we have mentioned earlier, themed birthday parties have the potential to be the most memorable ones. That is why you should consider using the Retro Birthday Flyer Template (featured above) if you are going for a retro or vintage-themed party. This is a versatile template that can be used for kiddie and adult birthday party events.

10. Kid Birthday Flyer Example

safari jungle kid birthday flyerDownload

The Safari Jungle Kid Birthday Flyer (embedded above) is another template design that will appeal to parents and party event planners who intend to have a memorable birthday party for their kids. Use this template if your child loves animals or if the party will be held at a zoo or amusement center filled with animals.

11. Chalk Vintage Birthday Flyer

chalk vintage birthday flyer templateDownload

As its name implies, the Chalk Vintage Birthday Flyer (embedded above) is perfect for vintage, grunge, or retro-inspired parties. The template has a dark and light version so you can choose which color scheme best suits your personality or party theme. Tip: If you are going for the chalkboard effect, it is best to use the dark version of this birthday flyer template.

Now that you know all the steps on how to create excellent birthday party flyers, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this birthday party started!

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