How to Create a Business Flyer [10+ Templates]

When it comes to getting product or service information across while keeping the expenses at a minimum, nothing probably comes close to flyers. These marketing tools are inexpensive and easy to prepare, and they’re even more easy to create thanks to our collection of downloadable business flyer templates.

6 Steps to Create a Business Flyer

Step 1: Know the nature of your business

When creating something that’s meant to promote your business or advertise your products and services, it’s very important to know the nature of your business first. But by now, we’re pretty sure you already know what that is and make use of it to guide you in terms of the design and content of your business flyers.

Step 2: Draft the content of your flyer

After knowing (or recalling) the nature of your business, let that inspire you when writing your content. If you really want to capture the interests of your audiences through the content of your flyers, it is best that you make a draft of it first. This way, you’ll have an idea of what to include and how to express it.

Step 3: Prepare the necessary elements and resources

In terms of elements and resources, these include but are not limited to the tangible materials such the paper stock and ink toners, and the intangible ones such as the flyer templates and the additional elements. Prior to actually creating your flyers, it would be best to gather everything, even those that may seem unnecessary.

Step 4: Write the final version of your content

By now, you have probably gotten your hands on a flyer template which means that the next step would be to start editing it. But before you proceed directly to editing the design, you should first write the content first. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of how much space is allotted for your content.

Step 5: Enhance the design

Now that the content has been added to the flyer design, the next step is to make the necessary enhancements in order to make your flyers look more presentable and visually appealing. When enhancing your flyer’s design, make sure not to overdo it to prevent overshadowing the content.

Step 6: Evaluate the design and proofread the content

Just before you start printing out copies of your flyer, be sure to evaluate the design and proofread the content. This is the most crucial step in the entire process since failing to fix any design or content error can lead to a less-than-credible flyer which in turn, can fail to attract an audience.

10+ Business Flyer Templates

1. Smart Kids Care Flyer Layout


Unlike adults, kids are in fact smart and very easy to instruct. This is why it is important to ensure that they get the education they deserve and you can use this school flyer template to convey that message. Nevertheless, a child’s learning stage still starts at home with the parents acting as their first teachers.

2. Property Realtor Business Flyer Design


Check out the real estate marketing flyer template above which effectively balances the textual elements with the graphical ones. If you choose to use this template, take note that you will only be able to use one photo so make it count. In terms of the content, it would be best to write it in bullet form for a more organized look.

3. Cafe Bakery Business Flyer Template


When creating flyers that contain food and drinks, don’t just settle with images that’ll make their mouths water, make it enticing enough for them to want to sink their teeth on it. The advertising flyer template above would make an ideal choice since it clearly puts emphasis on the photos and its supporting content.

4. Fine Restaurant Business Flyer Sample


Here we go again with another mouthwatering food flyer template but unlike the last one, this template is more modern in appearance. Aside from that, this modern flyer template clearly highlights one of the best-selling dishes in the restaurant by actually occupying the layout’s entire background.

5. Accounting Bookkeeping Services Flyer Example


Accountants and bookkeepers are usually tasked at handling an organization’s financial records which means that their tasks should always be taken seriously. If you’re capable of such a task, then why not promote your business by using this flyer template? It’s really easy to download and edit, trust us.

6. Simple Law Firm Flyer Format


People will keep needing the services of law firms to settle disputes and concerns, but looking for the best one might be a challenge for them. With this flyer template, you can clearly convey your message to your reader and make known to them that you are indeed capable of handling any kind of case.

7. Dog Walking Business Flyer Example


By using this modern flyer template, you’re not only saying that you’re capable of walking other people’s dogs but that you can actually be trusted with their dogs. Also, make it a point on your flyer to assure the dog owners that you’ll take good care of their pets and you’ll love them as if they’re yours.

8. Secured Insurance Business Flyer Format


Help secure the future of people and their families by offering them your agency’s services, and what better way to promote your agency other than through flyers? Check out the business flyer template above, it is basically straightforward and organized which can help in conveying the message efficiently.

9. Garden Landscaping Business Flyer Layout


People can easily clean their houses, but not everyone knows how to landscape the exterior aspects of their homes. Whether they don’t know how or they just have no time for it, they might as well hire a professional to do it for them. To get your word across, the landscaping flyer template above may just do the trick.

10. Adult Care Center Flyer Design


Some people are just too busy making a living for themselves and their own families that they tend to forget to care about their elderlies. With adult day care facilities, professional caregivers can help fill in the gaps and serve adults in a way that their own children are unable to do.

11. Modern Engaging Business Flyer Template


One of the most important elements of flyers is the call to action—or the CTA. This element works hand in hand with the contact information and helps to make the reader more engaging. If you wish to have your audience engaged in your advertisement, then it would be best to use the business flyer template above.

12. Elegant Real Estate Flyer Sample


Here is another real estate flyer template that you may be allowed to use to promote your agency. The best thing about this template is that you may be able to download it for free. If you are indeed looking for a template that can help you create high-quality flyers easily, then our promotional flyer templates may just be it.