How to Create a Church Flyer [10+ Templates]


People usually choose not to go to church or attend their activities because they don’t find it interesting. This is the reason why the churchgoers and audiences of church activities are slowly losing in number. To prove that church activities are indeed worth attending, here are church flyer templates to help you convey your message.

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5 Steps to Create a Church Flyer

Step 1: Decide on a theme or style

In terms of theme, you can already narrow it down to those that are related to religion or the church, although what we are actually referring to is the overall look or tone of the flyer. This involves the type of font, the color scheme, and even the placement of the elements.

Step 2: Choose a flyer size

Flyers can be as small as 5.5 x 8.5 inches and as big as 11 x 17 inches, but the standard size of flyers remain at 8.5 x 11 inches, which is exactly the same as letter size papers. Since there are a lot more possible sizes besides the ones mentioned, you should choose a specific one to use with your church flyers.

Step 3: Download a church flyer template

When you scroll down, you’ll be presented with an entire collection of church flyer templates that we have gathered from multiple sources. You have nothing to worry, though, since every single one of these templates is impressively designed and also fully editable.

Step 4: Edit the downloaded template

Once you have gotten your hands on a flyer template, it’s time for you to start editing it. Although we mentioned that these templates are fully editable, it’ll only happen if you’re using a compatible editing or processing tool. Therefore, if you chose to download a flyer template in Pages, then you should edit it using Apple Pages.

Step 5: Add the flyer’s content

After editing and evaluating the design, you will then need to add the content of the flyer. This content usually includes information regarding the church, a schedule of the activities that’ll take place, notable people, etc. And of course, before printing your flyers, never forget to proofread the content first.

10+ Church Flyer Templates

1. Modern Church Flyer Design

healing word church flyer designDownload

The word of Jesus Christ is indeed capable of healing both the body and the spirit, and this is something that people tend to forget nowadays. Now is the perfect time to remind people of His healing word and what better way of doing it other than through an announcement flyer? If you need to make one, here’s a template for you.

2. Church Volunteer Flyer Template

celestial church volunteer flyer templateDownload

When planning to hold a church event or activity, part of the process is gathering volunteers to serve as helping hands. One of the best ways to get the desired number of volunteers is to make an announcement, and that includes handing out or posting volunteer flyers in places with high foot traffic.

3. Church Donation Flyer Sample

tiled church donation flyer sampleDownload

Oftentimes, church organizations or even the church itself would reach out to the public for donations. The proceeds from these are then used either for conducting charitable activities or for buying goods to be given to people in need. And to help you convey your message effectively, check out this church donation flyer template.

4. Church Annual Cookout Flyer Example

annual church cookout flyer exampleDownload

If you think the church doesn’t know how to do celebrations, then you probably have been living under a rock this whole time. The church has its ways of celebrating and partying, and a cookout is one example of it. If you need to spread the news, here’s a church cookout flyer template that you might want to use.

5. Modern Church Prayer Flyer Layout

modern church prayer flyer layoutDownload

As said earlier, the power of prayer is beyond imaginable wherein the will and the faith of a person are better at healing than most medicines. With the flyer design template above, use it to bring people together and to help them realize how powerful prayer is.

6. Simple Church Picnic Flyer

simple church picnic flyer formatDownload

Throwing a picnic is one good way of bringing people together and we’ve got a very nice picnic flyer template that you can use for gathering guests. With this, people will learn to realize that being active in church is indeed worth it and as promised to all of us, our sacrifices will never go unrewarded.

7. Church Worship Concert Flyer Example

church worship concert flyer exampleDownload

If you’re into music, then you might also want to organize a worship concert. This type of concert is perfect for bringing together music lovers while also communicating the word of God through songs. In order to make your event known to the public, here’s a concert flyer template that you can use.

8. Church Worship Event Flyer Layout

church worship event flyer layoutDownload

In connection with the previous template, worship music comes in various genres in order to reach a wider audience. Ever think about combining rock music with preaching? It’s actually a thing. Check out the flyer template above, it’s got all the necessary elements for bringing the information to the reader.

9. Church Conference Flyer Design

alive church conference flyer designDownload

Indeed, the church is alive as stated on the invitation flyer template above, and it is also growing. It’s definitely wrong to say that the church is just the structure that we go to when observing mass, the church is us—the people. When we spread the word of God to others, we are also helping the church to grow.

10. Church Flyer Design Template

prayer power church flyer templateDownload

Once again, here’s a modern flyer template that talks about the power of prayer, but this one uses a double exposed image to symbolize the flyer’s message. Here, an overlooking image of a city is used as the secondary image to symbolize that the person is praying not only for himself but for the whole world.

11. Gospel Church Flyer Sample

colorful gospel church flyer sampleDownload

When planning a gospel or worship night, make your event flyers exciting and creative to get people to look forward to it. This way, you’ll also be able to make a good impression to your readers. And just like all the flyer templates that you’ve seen here, this one is also fully editable.

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