How to Make a Barbershop Flyer [10+ Templates]


There are people who care for their hair as if it is their greatest asset. This is understandable since a person’s hairstyle can influence their appearance. If you’ve got the eye and the skills needed to make people look their best by just cutting and styling their hair, we’ve got flyer templates to promote yourself and your shop.

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5 Steps to Make a Barbershop Flyer

Step 1: Decide on a budget

How much are you willing to spend to make your barbershop flyers? Make sure that the budget you’re setting is realistic and beyond your limitations, you shouldn’t spend too much on something without having a contingency plan. Set your budget according to the possible number of copies and the extent of the flyer’s quality.

Step 2: Choose what to put on your flyer

In the gallery of flyer templates below, you’ll learn about the different content on flyers. Some templates contain a list of the services being offered in their barbershop while others mention about discounts to some services. Write down notes on a sheet of paper so you’ll have something to serve as your guide.

Step 3: Pick a flyer template from our gallery

When you scroll down, you’ll be presented with over ten barbershop flyer templates that we have gathered from various websites. These templates are high quality regardless of the file formats and are also fully editable. Speaking for file formats, we’ve got flyer templates in PSD and in other formats including AI, InDesign, and JPG.

Step 4: Enhance and add content

Depending on the downloaded template’s file format, you will need to edit it using a compatible editing tool. For example, if you downloaded a flyer template in InDesign, you will need to edit it using Adobe InDesign, and so on. This way, you’ll be able to edit the template fully and easily.

Step 5: Evaluate and print

After the editing stage, you will then need to evaluate the flyer design and content to see if it is already ready to distribute. If you’re meticulous enough, you may even ask another person or two to evaluate your flyer with you. Once you’re done evaluating your flyer, you can then have it printed.

10+ Barbershop Flyer Templates

1. Trust Styling Barber Flyer Layout

trust styling barber flyer layout Download

Considering that the fate of the customer’s hair lies solely on the hands of the barber, it’s very important for the latter to gain the former’s trust. In other words, people don’t just go to any barber to get their hair done. If you think you’re trustworthy as a barber, feel free to use the flyer template above.

2. Red Dotted Barber Flyer Example

red dotted barber flyer example Download

There’s a common misconception in terms of getting the hair done, this isn’t just for women, men get theirs as well. Then again, they’ve got to man up to fully accept that fact, and you can help them to realize that by using the flyer template above.

3. Beautiful Hair Barbershop Flyer Sample

beauty barber shop flyer sample Download

While the previous template focused on barber shops catering mostly to male customers, the one above is for female customers. Beauty barber shops are otherwise known as beauty salons and the flyer template above is indeed perfect regardless of which term you’ll be using.

4. Fades Cuts Beards Flyer Template

fades cuts beards flyer template Download

Keep your barbershop flyers simple yet stylish by using the template above. By simply adding a fullscreen portrait image to the design, you’ll be able to enhance it to a great extent. To help you further in promoting yourself to the public, you might want to create your own simple barbershop business cards.

5. Retro Style Barber Flyer Design

retro style barber flyer design Download

Have you ever realized that when it comes to barbershops, they’re commonly associated with a pole consisting of white, blue and red stripes? There’s a meaning behind that which we’ll talk about in a bit but for now, let’s marvel at the cool retro style flyer template above.

6. Colorful Barber Stripes Flyer Format

colorful barber stripes flyer format Download

Here’s another flyer template that contains the barber’s pole and as promised, here’s what it means. According to history, barbers also acted as dentists and surgeons for the poor which brings us back to the pole. The red stripes symbolize blood, and the blue and white symbolize the vein and bandages, respectively.

7. Tiled Fashion Barbershop Flyer Layout

fashion barber shop flyer layout Download

Whether you’re promoting your business or simply announcing discounts to all your services, don’t be shy about including it on your flyer. This can persuade people into availing of your services knowing that they’ll be paying less for it. In addition to discounts, you might also be interested in our discount voucher templates.

8. Modern Horizontal Barbershop Flyer Example

horizontal barber shop flyer example Download

While most templates here are more on the portrait or vertical orientation, the one above begs to be different by going horizontal. This modern flyer template will allow you to add a QR code which can provide convenience to the readers in terms of gathering more information about you and your business.

9. Wooden Dual Barbershop Flyer Template

wooden barber shop flyer template Download

When making flyers, you’ll come to realize that the space allotted for your content is limited unless you also use the back side. The template above comes in two designs intended for both sides of the paper stock, this will allow you to write as much content as you can with very little risk of cramming the layout.

10. Black Barber Pricelist Flyer Design

black barber pricelist flyer design Download

Some people find it hard on their eyes when they read or look at bright and colorful materials for long durations. An easy solution to that is to go dark with your color scheme as shown on the template above. This way, it’ll be easy on the reader’s eyes regardless of the lighting conditions.

11. Modern Colorful Barber Flyer Sample

modern colorful barber flyer sample Download

Let’s end this article with a bang by showcasing a colorful barbershop flyer template. As the owner of the barbershop, you should include an image of yourself on the flyer to make people recognize you. Other than that, make sure to include all the necessary content to make your modern business flyer useful and relevant.

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