How to Make a Bowling Flyer [10+ Templates]


Bowling has been around for a very long time with experts claiming it to have originated in ancient Egypt. Although changes have obviously been made since it was invented, most of the game’s core is still there. Whether you’re organizing a tournament or simply throwing a bowling party, here are flyer templates to help you gather participants.

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6 Steps to Create a Bowling Flyer

Step 1: Set your budget

The very first step in the process of creating your own sports event flyer is to set a realistic budget for making them. When deciding on a budget, you’ll have various factors to consider which include the type of materials used, the extent of the design, and the number of copies to be printed.

Step 2: Choose a target audience

Since flyers are commonly distributed by hand, you should decide on who your target audience is. Several factors should also be considered here including the gender, age group, physical address, and others. When you have a target audience, you’ll know who to give your flyers to which in turn, can help you get results easily.

Step 3: Make an outline or a draft

What should you include on your flyers? Thinking of an answer to that may take time especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing. To help you with that, you can always prepare an outline of the flyer’s content. This way, it’ll serve as your reference when you’re actually designing the flyer and adding its content.

Step 4: Use a template

I’m sure it doesn’t get any simpler than that, although the question would be “why”? It’s because they give you a head start just by getting your hands on a flyer design template. These already come with a fully-editable design which means gone are the days when you have to start all the way from scratch.

Step 5: Proofread your edited template

Even though the prepared outline can help in minimizing the risks of committing errors, it’s always better to be safe than sorry especially with advertisement tools. After editing the design and adding the content, proofread everything to make sure that the content is indeed worth your reader’s time.

Step 6: Print copies

And of course, printing out copies of your bowling flyer. Most people choose to have their flyers printed in printing companies, although you might need to pay a small fee for this. But you may also do it yourself if you’ve got all the necessary materials and equipment.

10+ Bowling Flyer Templates

1. Bowling Party Flyer Template

cool bowling party flyer templateDownload

Let’s start off this list with this party flyer template which proves that you actually don’t need to do much to make your flyer look cool. With the complementing colors and balance in the elements, this template manages to make itself stand out. If you’re planning a bowling party, this template will surely bring in a crowd.

2. Modern Bowling Tournament Flyer

modern bowling tournament flyer exampleDownload

Bring together the town’s best (or aspiring) bowlers for a night of fun and a chance to win a prize. Put together a bowling event and use the tournament flyer template above to gather participants. And when making this type of announcement, never forget to include your contact number as well as a call to action.

3. Creative Bowling Night Flyer Format

creative bowling night flyer formatDownload

It’s only a matter of using the right elements and properly arranging them for a design to look creative. Use the template above as your inspiration, or just download it right away to save yourself a lot of time. If you’re more of an invitation person, then you might want to check out our bowling party invitation template.

4. Bowling Tournament Flyer Design

flat bowling tournament flyer sampleDownload

Get people to join your bowling tournament with this awesome yet simple flyer template, you no longer need to stress yourself out. The best thing about this template is its use of contrasting colors that effectively complement each other. Also, this template comes in five file formats so choose one that’s compatible with your editing tool.

5. Artistic Bowling Party Flyer

artistic bowling party flyer layoutDownload

If you’re looking for a template that’s guaranteed to bring a smile on every face, then the bowling night flyer template above would be an awesome choice. Not much can be said about this flyer template except for its creative and humorous representation of the bowling pins. Spread the good vibes.

6. Bowling Club Flyer Template

neon lights bowling flyer templateDownload

Have you ever seen those LED displays outside establishments, they can also be found outside bowling alleys as well. If you haven’t seen one, then simply check out the design on the flyer template above. To those who prefer to go large, here is a sports event poster template that you can use instead.

7. Stylish Bowling Event Flyer Format

stylish bowling event flyer formatDownload

If you’re looking forward to a fun and thrilling bowling night, then show people you feel through symbolic imagery. The flyer template above does a perfect job at demonstrating an intense bowling game, people will most likely want to be part of it. This is actually a flyer template in PSD, but it also comes in the JPG format.

8. Bowling Club Tournament Flyer Design

bowling club tournament flyer designDownload

If you like vintage themes, then you might find the flyer template above quite interesting. Once again, this template would make a perfect flyer for promoting bowling tournaments and they’re also very low maintenance. Just make a few modifications here and there and then add the content and you’re done.

9. Minimal Bowling Tournament Flyer

minimal bowling tournament flyer exampleDownload

Check out the bowling tournament flyer template above which takes heavy inspiration from LED display signs found outside bowling alleys. Again, this template simply proves that minimalism is capable of standing out and look visually stunning. If you like this template, you’ll probably love our sports event flyer template as well.

10. Strike Bowling Tournament Flyer Layout

strike bowling tournament flyer layoutDownload

Check out the modern and creative bowling tournament flyer template above, it can be downloaded either in PSD or in JPG format. Besides that, this event flyer template also has three available color schemes. With all those options given to you, why would you still bother looking for a flyer template someplace else?

11. Retro Bowling Tournament Flyer

retro bowling tournament flyer sampleDownload

Here’s a retro style flyer template that’ll surely take you back decades. Using this template for creating your bowling tournament brochures will surely and easily attract the public’s attention. Since the flyer’s design is already impressive as it is, you only need to make sure that its content is kept relevant and compelling.

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