How to Make a Golf Tournament Flyer [10+ Templates]

golf tournament flyers

When a golf tournament is put together, it may either be for charity wherein the proceeds are donated to those in need or it may also be purely for socialization purposes. Whatever that may be, if you’re organizing a golf tournament, you might want to promote it by using any of our flyer templates below.

5 Steps to Create a Golf Tournament Flyer

Step 1: Allocate a budget intended for making your flyers

To easily determine how much you’re willing to spend for your flyers, you should set a realistic budget based on the planned number of copies as well as the resources needed. This way, you’ll have something to serve as your guide when you’re actually creating your flyers and you can minimize the risk of overspending.

Step 2: Plan your brochure’s layout and content

After planning out your expenses, you can start planning out the design and the content of your flyer. For the layout, you may create a sketch or just write down descriptions of it on a sheet of paper. For the content, writing an outline or a draft would be a good idea.

Step 3: Download and edit a golf tournament flyer template

Now that you have an idea of how your flyer might look and might contain, you can now download a sports event flyer template. As mentioned in the introduction, we’ve got a collection of golf tournament flyer templates below that you can download and edit. Speaking of edit, these templates are also fully editable.

Step 4: Evaluate the design and proofread the content

After making the necessary changes to the template, the next step involves polishing the design and the content. In terms of the design, you should evaluate it to determine whether or not it requires further editing. And for the content, you should inspect it for any grammatical or spelling error.

Step 5: Get it printed

The final step involves getting your flyers printed, which is commonly done by bringing your design to a printing company and paying them to do it. However, if you’ve got the necessary materials and a printer that’s capable of getting the job done, then you may do the printing yourself.

10+ Golf Tournament Flyer Templates

1. Golf Event Flyer Template

Monochrome Golf Event Flyer Template Download

A monochrome design can be as visually stunning as colored ones as long as the elements are well-arranged. The flyer design template above is a good example of a design that uses a monochrome color scheme, but even with very minimal colors, the design looks surprisingly good and pleasing to the eyes.

2. Creative Annual Golf Tournament Flyer

Creative Annual Golf Tournament Flyer Download

Some organizations hold a golf tournament annually which requires the organizers to put in a little something to the event in order to make it fresh year after year. To retain past participants and entice new ones, here’s an impressively creative golf tournament flyer template that you can use to get the news across.

3. Flat Golf Tournament Flyer Sample

Flat Golf Tournament Flyer Sample Download

Looking for a tournament flyer template that you can download for free but still get the same stunning outcome? Perhaps the template above would make the cut since it has all the features needed to make it stand out from among a pile of flyers, and this template is completely free.

4. Retro Golf Tournament Flyer Template

Retro Golf Tournament Flyer Template Download

It’s always great to be able to learn something every day especially when we least expect it. One thing that you might want to learn about the template above is its retro theme, which is a style that focuses on the use of outdated features such as slightly washed-out colors and rustic surfaces.

5. Kids Golf Tournament Flyer Design

Kids Golf Tournament Flyer Design Download

If you’re a fan of the sport and you’ve got kids, it would probably be best to teach them the game at a young age. This way, they’ll grow up loving the game and might even want to compete in tournaments such as the one shown on the golf tournament flyer template above.

6. Bogeys Annual Golf Tournament Flyer

Bogies Annual Golf Tournament Flyer Download

A bogey is a term in golf that refers to the number of swings exceeding the par. Each hole can have a par that ranges from three to five depending on the distance from the tee box to the green. Enough about that, check out the annual golf tournament flyer template above.

7. Vintage Style Golf Tournament Flyer

Vintage Style Golf Tournament Flyer Download

Unlike the retro style which is simply inspired by something old, vintage actually refers to something that is really old or outdated. Here, we’ve got an annual golf tournament flyer template that’s vintage-inspired due to its color hue and temperature. Perhaps this vintage flyer design is enough to get people to participate in the event.

8. Golf Green Tournament Flyer Sample

Golf Green Tournament Flyer Sample Download

People have been playing golf since it originated in Scotland, and it has undergone multiple revisions throughout the years. If you’re planning to put together a golf tournament every year, the modern flyer template above might be enticing enough to be able to gather the needed participants and audiences.

9. Golf Club Tournament Flyer Format

Golf Club Tournament Flyer Format Download

For a golfer to be able to play at their best, they will need to be tremendously calm and patient while playing. The part that requires the most patience is the putting, which is shown in the sample above. Speaking of samples, you might find this advertising flyer template perfect for promoting your golf tournament.

10. Simple Golf Tournament Flyer Layout

Simple Golf Tournament Flyer Layout Download

Need a golf contest flyer template that doesn’t look distracting and is relevant? You might find the flyer template above perfect for making your advertisement tools. The design on this flyer template is very minimalist that it allows the textual elements to get all the attention of your target audience.

11. Emblem Golf Tournament Flyer Example

Emblem Golf Tournament Flyer Example Download

In logo designs, an emblem is considered as a symbol that contains both an image superimposed with a text. Oftentimes, an emblem is enclosed inside a shield just like the one used in the template above. If you think that this flyer template is capable of drawing participants, then don’t hesitate to download it.

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