How to Make a Party Flyer [10+ Templates]


Anybody can create a party flyer. But not everyone can create an excellent one. If you are interested to learn how to make awesome and effective party flyer designs on your own, check out the rest of this article.

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In the next few paragraphs, we are sharing a step-by-step guide on how to create excellent party flyer designs. We are also sharing multiple examples of party flyer templates that can be used as base templates for whatever kind of summer party you are planning.

5 Steps to Make a Party Flyer

Party planning is not complete without telling the world about your event or celebration. And to get as many people’s attention as possible, you need to create the best party flyers. Study and follow all the steps below and you will soon have that attention-grabbing party flyer design on hand.

Step 1: Determine what kind of party you want to throw and choose an overarching theme.

Before you can decide on what type of flyer to create, you first need to choose what kind of party or celebration you are throwing. Is it a birthday party, a baptism party, or a steampunk party? Know that there are different kinds of parties and your party flyers need to be specifically tailored for your planned event.

In addition, your party should have an overarching design theme or motif. This theme will then be used as a guiding post when creating printed stationery, party favors, and even venue decorations.

Step 2: Choose a page layout and paper size.

Once the party flyer theme is chosen, it’s time to choose a page layout design and a paper printing size. These two things often go hand in hand since a flyer’s layout design will depend on the intended size of the flyer.

Choose or create a layout design that allows you to showcase all the party details accurately. You may make the layout arrangement yourself or you may download and/or copy a separate layout design.

Step 3: Create a flyer design from scratch or download a pre-made template.

Next, open up your favorite graphic design or word processing software, start a blank template, and begin creating your flyer design. Another option is to download a printable party flyer template. If following the latter method, make sure that you choose a template design that matches your party’s theme.

Step 4: Customize and save the template design.

Edit your chosen party flyer template according to the design motif of your flyer and the purpose of your party. Continue making changes until you are satisfied with how the final flyer design looks. Also, make sure that all the party details stated on the flyer are accurate and free of typographical errors. Save the final flyer design on your computer or on a flash drive.

Step 5: Get ready for printing and distribution.

After saving the final party flyer template file, it’s now time to starting printing your flyers. Use your home or office printer if you are looking to print a few flyer pieces. However, if you intend to print out hundreds of thousands of flyer pages, it is best to go to your local print shop.

Now that you have printed out your party and event flyers, you can begin distributing them. Choose locations that have a lot of foot traffic so that you can easily hand out the flyers to prospective party attendees.

10+ Party Flyer Templates

Take a look at these well-designed party flyer templates. Each printable is fully downloadable either as Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), InDesign (INDD), Microsoft Word (DOC), Publisher (PUB), and Apple Pages files.

1. Birthday Club Party Flyer

birthday club party flyer template Download

One’s eighteenth birthday marks one’s entry to adulthood. There’s no better way of celebrating it than by doing things that you can now legally do. And the Birthday Club Party Flyer Template (featured above) is perfect for those who are planning a club party. This template may be edited to match the debutante’s color and party theme preferences.

2. Night Club Party Flyer Design

black nightclub party flyer template Download

Take clubbing to the next level when you host an exclusive party in a night club. Use the customizable Night Club Party Flyer Template shown above to get people’s attention and excite them at the prospect of attending such a party event.

3. Block Party Flyer Template

block party flyer template Download

The Block Party Flyer Template (embedded above) is all that you will need if you are planning for a community-wide party. You may change the flyer’s color scheme to match your personal or your sponsor’s preferences. The solid background color and bold typefaces used in the template design makes this a sure-fire attention-grabber. This template may also work as an event advertising flyer.

4. Bowling Party Flyer Example

bowling party flyer template Download

Parties do not always involve booze and dancing. You may use the Bowling Party Flyer Template (shown above) if you want to plan a small get-together with your friends and colleagues down at your local bowling alley. Or, you may use this printable flyer template if you want to start friendly bowling competitions in your neighborhood. And who says you can’t bring booze and food to a bowling party?

5. Summer Cookout Flyer Template

summer cookout flyer template Download

Summer cookouts are another type of parties commonly held with close friends and relatives. Use the Summer Cookout Flyer Template featured above if you want to invite a lot more people to a cookout. Don’t forget to book a park or wide open space beforehand to make sure that you can accommodate a large number of people. This template design may also be edited as an employee BBQ party flyer.

6. Superhero Party Flyer Example

superhero party flyer template Download

Superhero parties are not only for kids. Just take a look at the Superhero Party Flyer Template shown above. This template design is best used as a club party flyer. It can also double up as a masquerade party flyer. It is fully editable that you can change which superhero or heroin you want to feature as the background image.

7. Wild Party Flyer Design

wild party flyer design Download

Use the Wild Party Flyer Template embedded above if you are planning an animal-themed party. As a customizable flyer template, you may change up the animal images and patterns used as the flyer design’s background. Due to its unique design theme, the template can be used for different events and occasions (e.g. Halloween parties, retro parties, etc).

8. Holiday Party Flyer Template

holiday party flyer template Download

Use the Holiday Party Flyer Template (featured above) if you want a minimalist and formal party flyer design. This template can be resized and printed on different paper sizes. It can also be customized to match your party’s official color motifs. And if the holiday party is sponsored by a business establishment, do not forget to add their brand logos or letterhead designs.

9. Backyard BBQ Party Flyer

premium backyard bbq party flyer template Download

The best parties are those that combine food, beer, and music in equal measures. If you planning to host such an event, then the Premium Backyard BBQ Party Flyer Template (shown above) is perfect for the job. Customize the template to match your establishment’s food menu and the kind of music you will be playing.

10. Retro Grunge Party Flyer Example

retro grunge party flyer template Download

Planning a vintage-themed party? Then the Retro Grunge Party Flyer Template (featured above) may be the right party flyer design for you. This template sports a whimsical design that brings about memories of the past. When customizing the template, feel free to add your own visual elements and pop culture references that remind you of yonder years.

11. Flower Party Flyer Template

flower party flyer template Download

As a bonus, here’s a party flyer template specifically designed for summer parties. As its name implies, the Flower Party Flyer Template sports floral patterns paired with a clean layout and modern typefaces. It can be customized and used as a DJ summer party or as a kiddie birthday party.

Through this article, we hope that we have equipped you with all the steps needed for creating an excellent party flyer and with all the free party flyer templates. And for more business document-creation tips and free graphic design templates like the ones shared above, check out the rest of our website.

Are you now ready to get this party started? We certainly hope so 🙂

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