7+ Job Fair Flyer Templates

Recruitment is one of the most daunting tasks in any company or organization. It is for this reason that employers and HR recruiters organize job fairs in order to attract more job applicants. In job fairs, it is not enough that any potential job candidate will attend, but it is primary that job fairs will reel in the right kind of applicant. It is more important that ten suitable job applicants will apply than 100 who are only marginally qualified.

If you are the job fair organizer or one of the recruiters, then it is paramount that you craft the most appropriate and attractive job fair flyer. This flyer can be difficult to make. That is why we make things easier for you by providing you with our easily downloadable and editable job fair flyer templates. Just scroll down below and choose the one that suits you!

Job Fair Flyer PSD Template



Job Fair Flyer InDesign Template



Sample Job Fair Flyer



Job Fair Event Flyer



Benefits of Distributing Job Fair Flyers

Now that you have seen our eye-catching job fair flyers, then you must have realized its value in making your job fair a success.

Below are some of the key advantages of crafting job fair flyers.

Money Saving

By crafting, printing, and distributing your own job fair flyers, you can cut down costs by foregoing the pricey rates of professional graphic designers.

Attract the Right Applicants

Job fair flyers are like magnets that draw in potential job seekers. The gravity of the magnetic pull is dependent on the overall quality of the job fair flyers being distributed. Of course, it is also important that these flyers are distributed in environments which are frequented by or filled with potential job seekers who might fit the job vacancies showcased in the job fair.

Job fairs are considered as investments because these can cost a bit of money and effort in the preparation, hence it is paramount that job fair organizers craft flyers which has the most alluring design, paired with succinctly worded yet catchy invitations to attend the job fair in order to lure the most fitting job candidates.

Job Fair Recruitment Flyer



Job Fair Vacancy Flyer



Healthcare Job Fair Flyer



Teacher Job Fair Flyer



Tips in Making Job Fair Flyers

  • Decide on the size. The size of the flyer is determined by the content and design. The normal size of flyers are the 5.5×8.5 and the 8.5×11 (in inches).
  • Make sure to provide the name of companies and the job positions.
  • Make sure to place the date, time, place, name, and contact number of the fair organizer.
  • Don’t forget to ask the recruiters what requirements and documents they need the job seekers to bring. Also mention those requirements in the flyers.
  • State what proper attire the applicants should wear.
  • In bold and conspicuous font, write a brief yet catchy line which basically invites potential job seekers to check out your job fair.
  • Distribute these flyers in areas where there are likely individuals who are qualified for the job.
  • While physical distribution is the most effective way of reaching out to job seekers, remember to also post a digital copy of your job fair flyers in relevant company websites and in various social media platforms. By doing this, your flyer’s effectivity in attracting the perfect job candidates would be maximized.

Now that you know the basics, if you are a recruiter concerned with improving your hiring methods, then our recruitment flyers might interest you. Simply click on the link provided.

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