11+ Night Flyer Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Inspired to organize night club parties and other evening outdoor activities? Highlight your night event with these amazing party flyers that is sure to attract a huge crowd of music and movie fans. Flyers are a great way to share information to anyone whether online or offline. Establishing a great layout for your flyer will help spread the word about your event effectively. A good layout also brings potential sponsors to your event.

Bring the good news to your peers and customers with our beautiful and customizable night flyer templates with professional and elegant layouts that is sure to captivate your guests. Select from our website’s powerful templates below.

Movie Night Flyer



Party Night Flyer

Party Night Flyer


Night Club Flyer

Night Club Flyer


Ladies Night Flyer



Electro Night Flyer

Electro Night Flyer


Poker Night Flyer

Poker Night Flyer

  • Movie Night Flyer. This “big movie screen with popcorn” design is perfect for block screenings and even outdoor movie screenings.
  • Party Night Flyer. Call out the millennials for an unforgettable party of the season and invite the best DJs with this party night flyer template.
  • Night club flyers. Turn up the volume and let RnB fans rise to a dance revolution with this night club party flyers.
  • Ladies Night Flyer. Bring the ladies in the house with this diva-style ladies night flyer.
  • Electro Night Flyer. Discover the wonders of electronic music with this electro night flyer.
  • Poker Night Flyer. Jet set your poker tournament with this classic poker night flyer.
  • Classy Night Flyer. Organizing a couple ball or a fancy night out for Valentines? Get this fancy, first-class night flyer.
  • Hookah Night Flyer. Get a modern Arabian night look with this Hookah night flyer.
  • Night DJ Flyer. Invite the hottest DJ in town and bring in a large crowd of electronic loving music fans to the stage with this Night DJ flyer.
  • Sexy Night Flyer. Get the party started with this alluring diamond embedded night flyer.
  • Vintage Night Party Flyer. Go back to the young days with this vintage night party flyer that will attract old school dancers and other entertainers.
  • Karaoke Night Flyer. Start a friendly competition among peers with this flashy karaoke night flyer.


Classy Night Flyer



Hookah Night Flyer



Night DJ Flyer



Sexy Night Flyer



Vintage Night Party Flyer



Karaoke Night Flyer



Disco Is Not Dead

We also have disco flyers for lovers of salsa, soul, jazz, funk, and pop. Disco started in the mid-1970s in the U.S. It was a popular night club theme made retro style a fad among the baby boomers. The top DJ tunes at that time included “Super Freak” by Rick James, “Carwash” by Rose Royce, and “Heart of Glass” by Blondie.

All kinds of parties in the past and even up to now involved a series of announcements mostly using flyers, but the graphic design needed for flyers is much easier nowadays thanks to digital technology.

Designing Your Night Flyer

Our night flyer templates will make it easy for you to craft your own event flyer at less time and at a cheap cost. These design tips for flyers will also get you ahead in promoting your event to a larger audience:

  • Use realistic images. Portray real people dancing or get closeups of famous DJ guests so people can easily recognize your event as such.
  • Use vibrant colors and striking lighting. Night flyer templates need intense background or striking lighting effects to signal that it’s a night club party or a late night affair.
  • Highlight your venue and date. These items should have a larger font size and clear font and should appear in both sides of your flyers.

With these design tips in mind, you can leverage your flyers and target the right audience for your event.

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