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12+ Party Event Flyers

Parties are special kinds of events that always brings everyone together from all around and celebrate with joy. Whether they have a theme or just a regular type of party, they always are full of life. Parties can be held at different places, and when it comes to making one, the possibilities are endless. But once everything is set up and ready to go, there’s one more left to do—and that is to inform everyone about it.

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Lucky for you, we have a list of fun and exciting party event sample flyers for you to choose from! We also have many different flyer templates that you can also have a look at.

Party Event Flyer Template

Free Christmas Event Party Flyer Template

Free Summer Party Event Template

Pirate Party Event Flyer

White Party Event Flyer

Pool Party Event Flyer


Disco Party Event Flyer


Everything You Need to Know about Flyers

Before designing your flyers, there are things you need to be informed about, especially with the different kinds of uses for flyers and what they can do to benefit and aid you.

Flyers are advertisements printed on paper, in the most common sense. They are commonly distributed and handed out. There are different ways on how flyers can get around. They can be given through door-to-door mail, handouts from people during events and posted on walls or other surfaces.

Since flyers have an extended amount of exposure and use, they are great in advertising and promoting various things. They can be used for

  • promoting businesses such as products and services to allow the public to recognize your brand and company;
  • event advertisement for parties, festivals, and other celebrations as flyers can be handed around in a snap and informs people of the details like the given venue and time;
  • convincing the general public into voting for a certain politician and political party during elections;
  • fact sheets to be handed out to people attending events such as conventions and conferences; and
  • general local advertisement as flyers of this type are typically used in promoting local TV shows or local news events.

For more event-related flyers, you can check out our event flyer templates that we offer on our website as well.

Elegant Party Event Flyer


Night Party Event Flyer

Fashion Party Event Flyer

Modern Party Event Flyer


Club Party Event Flyer


Why Use Flyers?

Flyers are easy to make, and they also have a low production cost. It doesn’t take up a lot of money to make loads of flyers. This is why flyers have always been a good choice for businesses in terms of marketing.

When it comes to informing the public about upcoming events, flyers can efficiently achieve this. Parties are a great example in using flyers for exposure. They allow people to know about the certain party for those looking for a good time. By receiving flyers, it is sort of like a public invitation, which can be a great marketing move as well for establishments such as nightclubs.

Here is a list of those who benefit from flyers with their marketing plans:

  • Companies
  • Organizations
  • Establishments like restaurants or pubs
  • Individuals like celebrities or DJs who will make appearances in parties
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations like charities or even simple fundraisers
  • Governments

We also offer more party flyer templates on our website, if the templates on this page aren’t what you were looking for.

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