70+ Party Flyers in PSD

A party is an essential part of one’s social life and most people have surely attended one at least once in their lives. There are many kinds of parties, from intimate parties to big birthday bashes, or from rave parties to corporate ones. Yet, one thing that is common in all of them is the necessity to invite guests. One way to do that is to send out invitation cards, but if are planning to invite a gazillion of guest, it may not be practical and cost-effective to give out heavy stock paper invitation cards. Also, if you’re tight on the budget but wants to spice your party up in some way, you can give out Party Flyers, instead.You may also see night party flyer template

Flyers, or sometimes called pamphlets, is a piece of paper used for advertising and intended for a wide distribution. They are usually posted or distributed in a public place, handed out to individuals or sent through the mail. Most of the time, they are used to promote products but nowadays, the use of flyers to promote events, even for personal ones, are becoming popular. That is why on this page, we have gathered some of the coolest party flyers that you can download and use to announce any event that you’re hosting and to invite people over.

These flyers are in PSD format, allowing you to edit the details and change them according to your needs and preferences. For more party flyer ideas, you can check out our collection of Vintage Party Flyers.

Black Night Party Flyer Template


Geometric Party Flyer Template in PSD


Neon Style Party Flyer Template


Free Black and White Flyer Template in PSD


Retro Party Flyer Template in PSD

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Summer Beach Party Flyer Template

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Pool Party Promotion Flyer

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Elegant Birthday Party Flyer Template

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Retirement Party Flyer Template

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Carnival Party Flyer Template

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Exclusive Dj Concert Flyer Template

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BBQ Party Promotion Flyer

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Western Party Flyer Template

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VIP Night Party Flyer Template

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Valentines Party Flyer Template

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Simple Wedding Flyer Template

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Anniversary Party Flyer Template

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Elegant Night Party Flyer Template

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Music Festival Flyer Template

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Super Bowl Game Flyer Template

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Block Party Flyers in PSD

4th of July Block Party Flyer

4th of July Block Party FlyerDownload

Church Block Party Flyer

Church Block Party FlyerDownload

Back to School Block Party Flyer

Back to School Block Party FlyerDownload

College Party Flyers In PSD

College Party Event Flyer

College Party Event FlyerDownload

College Graduation Party Flyer

College Graduation Party FlyerDownload

College Night Party Flyer

College Night Party FlyerDownload

College Open House Party Flyer

College Open House Party FlyerDownload

DJ Party Flyers in PSD

DJ Battle Night Party Flyer

DJ Battle Night Party FlyerDownload

Guest DJ Party Flyer

Guest DJ Party FlyerDownload

Electro DJ Party Flyer

Electro DJ Party FlyerDownload

Live DJ Party Flyer

Live DJ Party FlyerDownload

Holiday Party Flyers in PSD

Holiday Office Party Flyer

Holiday Office Party FlyerDownload

Holiday Work Party Flyer

Holiday Work Party FlyerDownload

Corporate Holiday Party Flyer

Corporate Holiday Party FlyerDownload

Going Away Party Flyers in PSD

Going Away Party Invitation Flyer

Going Away Party Invitation FlyerDownload

Employee Going Away Party Flyer

Employee Going Away Party FlyerDownload

Why Use Flyers for Parties

Special events like parties, including music extravaganzas or an opening of a small business, need a way to make people be aware of it especially if you’re planning to invite a lot of guests. Although there are a lot of ways to do this, one medium that has been tried and tested for years can be used to generate awareness and create a buzz around potential guests for your party. Here are some reasons why flyers are great for your events.

  • It can reach your audience in many ways. Compared with other advertising and promotional materials such as posters and even social media, flyers provide a good platform to promote your event by being able to reach a large number of audience in so many ways. They can be mail dropped door to door, inserted in newspapers, or distributed on the streets and stores.
  • It allows you to get creative. Using flyers to spread awareness for your special event gives you a wider scope on how creative you can get. There is no standard format for flyers, so you can make it either two-sided or give it a folded finish. You can also make your flyer stand out by adding artistic elements that will highlight the main message of your flyer. (See Flyer Templates.)
  • It gives you something tangible. Unlike electronic messages, such as emails or social media ads, a flyer provides you and your potential guests something that is tangible in nature. Being able to physically hold a piece of paper is already halfway in getting your message across, especially if you design your flyer with stand out messages and a high-quality finish.
  • It provides you space to include incentives. Flyers are not just used to promote your event and invite people to join your party but they can also include coupon codes and vouchers given by sponsors and donors. The wise use of the ample space from flyers, like giving discounts and other incentive mechanisms, is a sure way to drum up some interest towards your event.
  • It lets you measure the number of guests. The number of flyers you print and are able to distribute can help you determine the number of people it has reached as well as the number of guests you can expect to come. Although some of the people you were able to reach do not show up, it is still a good way to generate familiarity in case you want to host a similar event in the future.
  • It is economical. Since flyers only use a single page and can be printed on the front or both front and back, they are relatively inexpensive especially if you’re printing in huge numbers. They can also be easily reproduced using a copy machine or off-set printing, so you don;t have to worry about doing the whole process once again if you needed more flyers.

While you’re here, you can also check out Masquerade Party Flyers for some themed party flyer ideas.

Karaoke Party Flyers in PSD

Karaoke Music Party Flyer

Karaoke Music Party FlyerDownload

DIY Karaoke Party Flyer

Diy Karaoke Party FlyerDownload

Sweet 16 Karaoke Party Flyer

Sweet 16 Karaoke Party FlyerDownload

Karaoke Disco Party Flyer

Karaoke Disco Party FlyerDownload

Tattoo Party Flyers in PSD

Glitter Tattoo Party Flyer

Glitter Tattoo Party FlyerDownload

Tattoo Hen Party Flyer

Tattoo Hen Party FlyerDownload

Children’s Tattoo Party Flyer

Children's Tattoo Party FlyerDownload

Wedding Party Flyers in PSD

Wedding After Party Flyer

Wedding After Party FlyerDownload

Wedding Catering Party Flyer

Wedding Catering Party FlyerDownload

Wedding Reception Party Flyer

Wedding Reception Party FlyerDownload

Birthday Party Flyers in PSD

Luxury Birthday Party Flyer

Luxury Birthday Party FlyerDownload

Birthday Bash Party Flyer

Birthday Bash Party FlyerDownload

50th Birthday Anniversary Party Flyer

50th Birthday Party FlyerDownload

Kid’s Birthday Party Flyer

Kid's Birthday Party FlyerDownload

Party Promotion Flyers in PSD

Military Party Promotion Flyer

Military Party Promotion FlyerDownload

Cocktail Party Promotion Flyer

Cocktail Party Promotion FlyerDownload

Types of Parties to Consider Before Designing Flyers

When deciding how to design your flyers, it is imperative to consider the type of party that you are holding to ensure that your invitations and announcements match well with the event people would expect when they come. Below are some types of parties you should take note when making your flyers.

  • Children parties. We separate this type of party from the social events as they require a different style for their invitations and flyers. It can be Pool Party, an Easter Egg Hunt Party, or a Halloween Party for children, so you have to design your flyers with more friendly and simple elements. You can also play with different concepts like superheroes or princesses themes. In case you want to hold a costume party, make sure to include the details on the flyer.
  • Social parties. When speaking of social parties, we think of formal gatherings, such as weddings, catered parties or black tie dinners. But, they can also be casual affairs such as a backyard birthday bash or a barbecue. Intimate parties such as bridal showers, birthday parties and holiday celebrations can also be considered as such. Flyers for these types of parties are usually more personal where you can add preferred decorative elements on the design.
  • Business parties. Business parties include corporate dinners and annual company parties, or it could be other business-related events such as an open house for a new office or store or a socials night during a management training or seminar. Elegant and sophisticated party flyers can be given out to clients and business partners as well as executives and employees to ask them to join a specific event. You may also want to ensure the details on your flyers are accurate.
  • Other types of parties. Other events that requires a flyer or invitation include music gigs or concerts, fund-raising events, victory parties,  college parties, outings, and other holiday parties. These types of parties do not just require people you know to come but also people your guests invites and even strangers. Therefore, these parties offer you a good chance to unleash your creativity in making effective flyers as well as using them to their fullest extent.

For more flyer ideas, take a look at our compilation of Birthday Party Flyers available on the site as well.

Super Bowl Party Flyers in PSD

Super Bowl Commercial Party Flyer

Super Bowl Commercial Party FlyerDownload

Super Bowl Eve Party Flyer

Super Bowl Eve Party FlyerDownload

Beach Party Flyers in PSD

A5 Beach Party Flyer

Beach Party A5 FlyerDownload

Summer Beach Party Flyer

Summer Beach Party FlyerDownload

Tropical Beach Party Flyer

Tropical Beach Party FlyerDownload

Free Beach Party Flyer

Free Beach Party FlyerDownload

Retro Party Flyers in PSD

Retro Grunge Party Flyer

Retro Grunge Party FlyerDownload

Retro Minimal Party Flyer

Retro Minimal Party FlyerDownload

Rockstar Retro Party Flyer

Rockstar Retro Party FlyerDownload

Cool Retro Party Flyer

Cool Retro Party FlyerDownload

Hip Hop Party Flyers in PSD

Hip Hop Forever Party Flyer

Hip Hop Forever Party FlyerDownload

Old School Hip Hop Party Flyer

Old School Hip Hop Party FlyerDownload

Hip Hop Dance Party Flyer

Hip Hop Dance Party FlyerDownload

Hip Hop House Party Flyer

Hip Hop House Party FlyerDownload

Glow Party Flyers in PSD

Neon Glow Party Flyer

Neon Glow Party FlyerDownload

Glow in the Dark Party Flyer

Glow in the Dark Party FlyerDownload

Glow Stick Party Flyer

Glow Stick Party FlyerDownload

Printable Glow Party Flyer

Printable Glow Party FlyerDownload

How to Make Perfect Party Flyers

Before distributing your flyers to its intended recepients, make sure that they are not just ready to serve their purpose but it should also encourage your guest to attend your celebration. Here are some tips on how to make perfect party flyers.

  • Make sure all information are accurate. Important information details such as the date, time, location and any other additional information that your guests should know need to be accurate to avoid confusion and miscommunication. This information might also include whether there is a need to bring gifts or not, whether a formal attire, a casual attire or even a costume is expected.
  • Set the right mood. You flyers serve as the front-line marketing piece for your party, so it is just right to set the mood and tone of the celebration with your choice of design elements, such as photos, symbols, icons, and colors. You can start by downloading one of the flyers on this page or browse through our Party Flyer Examples in order to create the perfect layout for your flyers.
  • Go an extra mile. There is no harm in going the extra mile to include directions and a map on your flyers to make sure your guests don’t get lost on their way to the venue, especially if it is outside or in places other than your home. For parties where most guests have already been in your house, there is no need to provide this type of information.
  • Be creative and cost-effective. Make sure that your designs and print materials that do not make you feel like you’re a bank being robbed. You can be creative without spending a lot by giving out double-panel of tri-fold flyers than several pieces when your information goes beyond one page. This way, you can save money on the number of pieces you need to print.
  • Collaborate with other people. If you have friends that are considered experts in some areas of design, don’t hesitate to call them for feedback or suggestions. After all, it doesn’t hurt to get constructive criticisms from friends or family members who only wants the best for you. You’ll never know, they may contribute something really great to your design.
  • Print with practicality. Thick and glossy paper stocks that you can use for printing your flyers can quite cost a fortune so, choose a paper stock that integrates well with your budget but also with a durable quality enough that your flyers would still look nice upon reaching its recipients. You can also choose to be eco-friendly by using recycled paper which can help you save money.
  • Campaign well. When you are done designing and printing your flyers, don’t forget the most important part of the process which is distribution. You should plan a feasible strategy on how your flyers will be able to reach its target audience as well as how it will reach a larger number of people. You can leave copies at your local shops or pin it up on bulletin boards at bus stations.


Although some people would think that flyers are obsolete due to the existence of electronic messaging and social media applications nowadays, one can still not deny the effectivity of getting everyone excited about your party with an awesome party flyer. Moreover, a party flyer can help you save energy, time and money so you could spend most of your days planning other things needed for your party. Because even though planning a party can be very stressful, designing your flyer doesn’t have to be!

So, never hesitate to choose one of our flyers as we guarantee you they are all designed with an aesthetic value and effectivity in mind. In case you want more templates to choose from before you decide which one to download, you are free to see other articles here at Template. net. You can check out our compilation of Summer Party Flyers if you’re more into the tropical look or our compilation of Vintage Event Flyers for a more classic and timeless look. We’re sure to have anything that you need.

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