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A real estate rental flyer is an impressive advertising tool that can get your sales and marketing message out there. If you want more people to be aware of your real estate rental business, use a real estate flyer sample to advertise the real estate properties that you are offering for rent.

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 10+ Real Estate Rental Flyer Templates

1. Rental Agent Agency Flyer Template

rental agent agency flyer 1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US, A4


2. Modern Home Sale Flyer Template

File Format
  • Word
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: US


A modern home sale flyer template can help you create a document structure that can make your presentation organized. Always prioritize the layout of your real estate flyer example as it can heavily affect the other things that you will do for the specified marketing tool’s development.

6 Steps for Creating an Impressive Real Estate Rental Flyer

Do you want to try using a real estate rental flyer for your marketing and promotional efforts? Below is a list of steps that can make it more efficient for you to create a real estate rental flyer that can get the attention of your target market in a positive way.

Step 1: Define the Real Estate Rental Flyer Style That You Want

Think of an aesthetic that can represent your business well. Your real estate rental flyer should have a design or a style that is aligned with your branding. You need to brainstorm with your real estate marketing team so you can come up with a final flyer design that can work for your advantage.

Step 2: Use a Flyer Template for Formatting Purposes

If you already have a real estate rental flyer design vision, try to download references that are somewhat similar with the flyer layout that you have in mind. Develop real estate rental and real estate sale flyers appropriately by finding the best template that you can use for your flyer creation.

Step 3: Develop the Flyer Template’s Pre-Formatted Layout

If there are still design features that you would like to change from the template that you have downloadable, make sure to alter these so you can have a more original-looking flyer output. It will be great if you can tweak the real estate rental flyer template to your desired flyer layout.

Step 4: Specify Details About the Real Estate Rental Offer

Include all the rental details in the flyer. Make sure that you will specify particular real estate rental offer information which includes the description of the real estate property for rent, the price of the rent per month, the terms and conditions of the rent, your real estate business‘ contact details, and other relevant items that your clients must be aware of.

Step 5: Design the Real Estate Rental Flyer

Do not leave the real estate rental flyer with just the information about the available rent offer. It is important for your real estate rental flyer to be designed accordingly so that it will be interesting to look at. If your flyer design can appeal to your audience, then they will be more engaged with the message that you are relaying to them.

Step 6: Print Copies of the Real Estate Rental Flyer

After putting all the elements of the real estate rental flyer together, evaluate the document and perfect its features. Print the number of real estate rental flyer copies that you need for your marketing, advertising, and promotion activities.

3. Free Rental Flyer Template

free rental flyer template
File Format
  • AI
  • Word
  • Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: 8.5×11 inches

Free Download

A free rental flyer template may contain the image of the property or parts of it. The actual property for rent can actually be used as one of your design materials. Make sure to include the real and unedited photos of the property that you are making available for rent so your real estate flyer templates will not have any misleading content.

4. Real Estate & Rental Flyer Template

real estate rental flyer template Download

Be aware of the strategies that you can execute so you can maximize the usage of the real estate rental flyer. Include photos of families or entities that enjoyed their stay in some of your properties. As much as possible, make your design aesthetic look fresh; energized; and full of action as these qualities can help better the overall quality of your real estate rental flyer.

5. Real Estate Property Rental Flyer

real estate property rental flyer Download

When making a beautiful real estate flyer, ensure that the real estate rental flyer details are relevant. Provide updated information about the real estate property for rent so you can properly relay the features of the property to your target market. Always keep in mind that a visually impressive real estate flyer is not enough as it should also be filled with useful data.

6. Real Estate Rental Flyer in PSD

real estate rental flyer in psd Download

Have a title or subject line in the real estate rental flyer layout so you can specify that the real estate property being advertised is for rent and not for sale. Be clear with the detailing of the real estate rental flyer for you to lessen circumstances where clients may misunderstand what you are presenting to them with the use of your real estate marketing flyer.

7. Real Estate Rental Flyer Example

real estate rental flyer example Download

Create a detailed real estate rental flyer so no area of the real estate rental is vague to your target audience. Comprehensive free flyers can attract more sales leads as these entities can directly see and easily assess your rental offers. With this, you have to select the best font styles and features that can still be understood even from a distance.

8. Creative Real Estate Rental Flyer

creative real estate rental flyer Download

Properly develop the real estate rental flyer format. Doing this can help you maximize the flyer space that you can use to present different information and incorporate design details. Your real estate flyer design must be organized so you can precisely present the quality of your real estate business and the properties that it offers for rental agreements.

9. Real Estate Marketing Flyer in Word

real estate marketing flyer in word Download

Include high-quality real estate property images in the real estate rental flyer. Some real estate businesses even hire professional photographers so that they can have amazing photos which can be used for marketing and promotion purposes. Try to develop a creative flyer concept first so you can have an idea of what type of real estate images are needed for your flyer creation activity.

10. Real Estate Apartment Rental Flyer

real estate apartment rental flyer Download

As a point of comparison, your real estate rental flyer need to convince your clients to leave a positive impression towards your business. Let the quality of your real estate rental flyer be at par or be better than the real estate rental flyer tools used by other real estate rental businesses.

11. Real Estate Rental Agency Flyer

real estate rental agency flyer Download

Your real estate flyers can actually be one of your strengths as long as you will create and use these marketing tools in the most effective way possible. If you are a real estate agency that provides property rentals as your main business products, make the most out of using flyer template to present your services, products, and other offers.

Optimize the help that you can get out of the availability of real estate rental flyer templates in this post. Make sure to find time to check out all our downloadable and printable real estate rental flyer templates so you can select the best one for your flyer development efforts.

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