9+ Realtor Flyers

Planning on selling your house? Or buying one? You can have it taken care of by realtors. Their primary job is to sell houses, buildings, and land. That way, it will save you all the hassle in looking for a potential buyer.

The real estate industry has been continuing to grow nowadays, with more and more land being developed, and residential buildings being constructed. Many realtors are competing their way to obtain the developer’s permission to sell their property, while also looking for buyers who will be interested in buying the said property.

For realtors to promote themselves, the company they are working, or the properties they are selling, they should make use of flyers, and we may just have a collection of Flyer Template that you can use.

Realtor Sale Flyer



Realtor Open House Flyer Template



Residential Realtor Flyer



Realtor Service Flyer



Realtor Advertising Flyer



Advantages of Using Flyers

Real estate agents, also referred to as realtors, are professional salespeople who are authorized to coordinate sellers of land, buildings, or any real estate property to prospective buyers. They are members of the National Association of Real Estate Board.

Flyers, on the other hand, are sheets of paper containing information about a product or a service. This is just one of many ways to advertise products. Others ways include advertising through posters, radio or television commercials, and internet or newspaper ads. To be able to attract the reader’s attention, every information indicated on the flyer has to be clear and legible, while at the same time, make the flyer presentable and pleasing to look at.Flyers are easy to make (especially with the templates that we are offering).

  • Flyers are also very easy to distribute to the public.
  • Flyers don’t require a lot of spending.
  • Flyers are interesting to read and to look at.
  • Flyers can also stimulate the creativity of the advertiser.
  • Flyers may be able to provide feedback as to how effective the advertisement turned out.
  • Flyers can initiate direct interaction between the advertiser and the general public.
  • Flyers can easily reach the public through networking, wherein one person who received a copy of the flyer can show it to other people.

For more templates on real estate, you may want to check out our other collection of Real Estate Flyer templates. However, if you’re organizing an event inviting the general public, then we also have Open House Flyer templates to choose from.

Realtor Promotion Flyer



Business Realtor Flyer



Home Sell Realtor Flyer



Promotional Realtor Flyer



Realtor Agency Flyer



How Can You Make flyers More Effective?

  • Keep it short and direct to the point
  • Make it easy to read. Organize all important information through bullets
  • Include feedback and comments from satisfied customers
  • Make sure to indicate the contact number somewhere on the flyer
  • Always refer to the reader in the second person (you) point of view

Why Choose Our Flyer Templates? 

  • Our templates were designed by creative and experienced graphic artists.
  • Our templates are accessible and easy to download.
  • Our templates come in high resolution PSD, AI, and Vector EPS formats which assure you of clear and vibrant prints.
  • Our templates can be downloaded for a very reasonable fee.

Planning on selling your house? Spread the information through the use of flyers. We have templates for House for Sale Flyer available on our website, go check it out. But if you couldn’t find what you were looking for on this page, scroll down to the bottom and check out the links to other related contents found all around our website.

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