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20+ Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Pre-launch promotions are one of the best ways to get traction for any new business. If you are opening a new dining establishment, you can begin advertising about your business by creating a restaurant coming soon flyers. In this article, we will provide different examples of coming soon flyer templates that any restaurateur can use for their respective business’ grand opening.

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Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Example

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Size: A4, US


Check out this perfect “Coming soon flyer” template that can be used to promote your upcoming restaurant business venture. Upon downloading this restaurant flyer template, you can add or modify existing content that will certainly help give you a boost in the marketing department. It also comes with royalty-free images, fonts, and graphics, so get it now!

Sample Coming Soon Flyer

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Size: 8.5×11 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Do not miss out on this well-made coming soon promotional flyer template that you can download for free. This professionally designed template makes use of high-quality layout, photos, fonts, as well as graphic files. It is 100% customizable and perfect for promoting your upcoming event.

What are restaurant coming soon flyers?

Flyers are printed pieces of paper created to provide information or advertise a person, thing, event, or place. Coming soon flyers are specifically created if your flyer is intended to advertise about the upcoming opening of a business establishment or the arrival of a new item or service available at your store or small business.

Restaurants coming soon flyers are usually used by restaurateurs who wish to create pre-opening buzz. Sometimes, a coming soon flyer may also serve as a restaurant opening invitation since it lets people know that they are free to visit the dining establishment once it opens. And as part of a restaurant’s grand opening marketing plan, most coming soon flyers will also come with a limited voucher or discount code that customers can use to enjoy the different food menu items that the new restaurant offers.

Creating a restaurant coming soon flyer is relatively easy. You may take a handmade route and manually create each flyer design. Or, you may use pre-made flyer templates. This latter option is a more efficient approach if you are looking to create hundreds or thousands of flyers within a few days.

Check out these coming soon flyer templates

Embedded below are fifteen examples of the various restaurant coming soon flyer template designs that you can download and customize for your restaurant. Also, note that all these flyer templates are available either as PSD, EPS, JPEG, or PDF file downloads. This means that you need to have at least Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or a PDF reader to open and edit the template.

Art Deco Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Template

Restaurant Bar Opening Coming Soon Flyer

How to choose restaurant coming soon flyer templates

Any restaurateur would want the best for their respective businesses. By having this mindset, you would also want to make sure that you choose the best restaurant flyer template design for your restaurant’s opening. But sometimes, it can be difficult to choose a template design if you do not decide on a set of criteria to base your decision on.

To help make the template selection process easier, here are a few factors that you should consider. Read through them well and make sure to weigh your choices based on these factors before choosing a final flyer template to purchase.

1. Decide on a Restaurant Image or Brand Identity.

As frequently reiterated in most template selection articles on this website, it is important to first choose a unique branding identity for your dining establishment. Your business needs a cohesive and smart brand image for it to maintain relevance in the minds of the public and your potential customers. Of course, any seasoned entrepreneur may tell you that creating a unique branding identity for any type of business does not happen overnight. And that is right. Most of the time, the most memorable brands took years to establish that specific image for their own companies.

However, if you are a new restaurateur, you have the power to help shape your restaurant’s image at the start of your simple business. This way, you can help create a positive impression on your potential customers by making sure that your restaurant’s advertising and promotional materials already follow a cohesive and memorable branding identity.

So, when deciding on what restaurant coming soon flyer template choose, always remember the kind of image or impression you want your customers to get just by looking at the flyer. For example, if you are opening a fancy grill and BBQ restaurant in your city, make sure that your grand opening flyer design appropriately shows the level of elegance, ruggedness, or whatever image you wish your restaurant to follow.

Chinese Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer

Purple Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Template

2. Find Out Your Allotted Budget or if there are Budget Restrictions.

Another factor to consider when choosing your restaurant’s coming soon flyer template is the amount of money you can spend or you are allowed to spend on purchasing and printing out those flyer templates. This factor in choosing template designs is especially important for startups that have a limited budget. As a new business owner, you still need to prioritize spending on daily restaurant operations instead of spending money on marketing your restaurant.

Most restaurant flyer templates cost range between $10 to $50 per template. This price may increase if you purchase restaurant template sets since they will already include most of the restaurant templates that will be needed if you want to create a complementary restaurant stationery design. Nevertheless, the cost of just one pre-made restaurant flyer template is still relatively low compared to hiring a professional graphic designer. However, the real cost with cost pre-made printable templates is with printing them.

To make sure that news about your restaurant gets the necessary traction before the actual opening date, you may need to print out hundreds (if not thousands) of these flyer templates. And the total cost of that will eventually add up. So when you are deciding on what flyer template decide to use, do not forget to factor in the estimated cost of the whole thing. This way, you will come prepared for the entire restaurant promotion process.

3. Assess Your Editing Skills.

The next factor to consider before choosing a restaurant coming soon flyer template design is your editing knowledge and skills. Remember that pre-made flyer templates are already pre-formatted and all you have to do as the end-user is to edit the different text and image placeholders with your content.

Sometimes, some restaurateurs may opt to personalize their flyer templates even more by adding their logo designs and/or by using their typefaces. If you think that you will be following this route and if you are looking to create a more customized coming soon flyer template design, your editing skills and knowledge of various editing and graphic design software tools should be adequate. This is an important factor to consider since your template design’s result will depend on your skills.

4. Find Out the Amount of Time You Can Spend on the Project.

Most people who need to use pre-made restaurant coming soon templates are those who prefer to do things on their own or those who are working on a limited budget. The main advantage of this approach is that this leaves room for creativity to flourish – something that is truly important if you want a unique restaurant flyer template design for your dining establishment.

With that in mind, it is also important to make sure that you have the necessary free time to devote to this specific project. Entrepreneurs are usually busy with running their businesses so if you are operating a new restaurant, you may look into delegating the entire task. Or, if you are committed to doing the design project yourself, make sure that you schedule the task beforehand. By following a schedule list, you are more likely to keep your personal and restaurant promotion goals.

5. Know What You are Using the Template for.

There are different ways to market a new restaurant. Coming soon flyers are used if you want a more personal way of spreading the news about your dining establishment. With flyers, you (or your staff) will come in contact with the public when they give away your printed flyers. This marketing strategy is also cheaper compared to other advertising models. So before you choose a restaurant coming soon flyer template, always consider the real reason why you are using a specific template for.

To illustrate, if you want a more personal and cheaper way to advertise your restaurant’s opening, it would make sense to a flyer. However, if you want your restaurant’s marketing campaign to have more reach, you may consider using radio, TV, or even, social media advertisements.

Using printable flyers may be the best solution for small business owners like most new restaurateurs as it allows them to spend less on advertising costs while making sure that their marketing efforts will still have a positive effect on their business. So, before you finally choose the template that you like, internalize all these important factors. They will guide you in the decision-making process, will make it easier, and help you land the best design flyer template for your own needs.

Colorful Restaurant Opening Coming Soon Flyer

Bed & Breakfast Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer

Coming Soon and Grand Opening Restaurant Flyer

Elegant Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Template

Restaurant Business Opening Coming Soon Flyer Template

Restaurant Opening Coming Soon Flyer Invitation

Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Invitation

How to use flyers for your restaurant’s grand opening

Learning how to market your own restaurant is a very important skill that all restaurateurs should know. So if you choose to use flyer templates as a restaurant advertising material, we have listed specific ways on how you can use them to help increase your chances of getting customer leads. Read on…

1. As Printed Adverts.

The most obvious use of a flyer is as printed advertising material. Most business establishments, organizations, and even personalities use flyers as a way to promote themselves. As a restaurateur, you may follow different printing options for the coming soon flyer template of your choice. Just remember that the flyer print size may depend on the amount of information you wish to include on the flyer and the visual effect you wish to achieve when customers see the modern flyer design.

For example, if you wish to create an eye-catching coming soon flyer design and opts for bold fonts and colors on your flyer template, it may be best to use a bigger paper print size. For more ways to step up your restaurant’s game on flyer marketing, be sure to read the next few tips.

2. As an Informational Brochures-Slash-Flyer.

Another effective flyer marketing strategy that most restaurateurs can use for their dining establishments is to make sure that their restaurant coming soon flyers can double up as restaurant brochures. This means that you can create format your flyer templates to include multiple pages for more content about your restaurant.

This does not mean that your flyers will ultimately become restaurant booklets. What you can do, instead, is make sure that your flyers follow a foldable design to mimic the booklet look. This way, you will be able to include various restaurant menu descriptions, food images, and other information on the flyer template. Doing this will also entice more customers since you are being transparent about what your restaurant offers.

3. As a Unique Business Card.

When you launch a new dining establishment, you need to get your restaurant’s name in the forefront of the public’s minds. That is why, before you finalize your flyer template design, make sure that your flyer can also act as a good business card. This means that your restaurant flyer design should be able to represent your brand well. Check out this article for more information on how to use business cards effectively.

Your restaurant flyer should include the core identifying marks of your restaurant, i.e. your restaurant logo design and business name. These graphic design elements should be unique and represent your restaurant well. For more useful tips on logo designing, check out the linked article.

4. As a Discount or Voucher Card.

Another way to make sure that you get positive results from your restaurant’s pre-opening coming soon flyer marketing campaign is to include a promotion or special offer in your flyer template design. This means that the flyer template you choose can act as a voucher card or as a discount card. The flyer template should also include all the necessary wording to make customers aware of the special rates or gifts they will receive if they choose to dine at your restaurant during the opening day.

Sales and savings are often a good marketing strategy since it tempts customers to try out your restaurant. When your printed flyers explicitly state that customers will get to save or enjoy your food at a discounted price, they are more likely to try out what your restaurant offers. As a restaurateur, you can also make use of events like these to showcase your sumptuous menu list and commendable service.

5. As a Handy Map.

As a new restaurant, most people may not yet know how to find your restaurant. That is why your restaurant coming soon flyers should include precise locations or a map. This way, any customer can locate your restaurant without a problem. Also, customers can use the actual map on a flyer for reference when they travel to your place. Doing this will also help increase the likelihood that anyone who receives the sample flyer to visit your restaurant.

6. As a Functional Paper Fan.

Another use of coming soon flyers is as paper fans. So if you want your restaurant’s advertising materials to have a functional design, this is the way to go. This approach may cost more than just printing out regular restaurant flyers. However, if you want to take your flyer marketing strategy to the next level, this method may be the one for you and your dining establishment.

Also, paper fans are portable and whenever customers use the fan, they will be reminded of your dining establishment. This also helps increase brand recognizability and the likelihood that they will visit your business establishment.

7. As a Menu Card.

There are different ways on how you can design your restaurant flyer templates. One way to do that is by incorporating your restaurant’s food menu offerings on the printable flyer template. This way, anyone who receives your promotional flyers will have an idea of what kind of cuisine you offer and their estimated costs. Incorporating your food menu list on your restaurant flyers is also a good way to entice customers with different images of the food that you serve. To do this effectively, make sure that you also make sure you use authentic and well-staged photos of your menu items.

Restaurant flyers that incorporate a menu list may also be used as a takeaway menu flyer. This is a convenient marketing technique if you also intend to offer a takeaway menu service for your restaurant. This can be another source of income for your restaurant since you can begin to cater to an unserved market.

8. As a Creative Outlet for Your Business.

Most of the flyer marketing strategies listed above can be considered typical ways on how to create a marketing slant for any restaurant business. These strategies may are seldom used by anyone who can readily come up with them if hard-pressed enough. So, if you are interested in more attention-grabbing ways to appeal to the public, you should make sure that your restaurant flyers are creative enough.

The main goal of adding creative and/or artistic bling to your flyer design is to catch other people’s attention. In a digital age dominated by social media, showing off your creative side as a business will not only help you gain online traction but will also help increase traffic to your restaurant. For instance, you can devise a flyer that includes cut-outs and pop-ups. Printing shops now offer mass-market pop-up cards that you can use for your business’ pre-launch activities.

It takes a lot of collective brainpower to come up with a truly unique and memorable flyer marketing strategies. As a new restaurateur, you may either allow your creative juices to stew over a few months before you come up with a unique method. Or, you may also assemble a team who will be in charge of only coming up with creative ways to market your new restaurant. This may be an in-house team or a third-party advertising team. Choose the option that will best fit your simple budget and vision of how your restaurant should be promoted to the general public.

The different items or flyer marketing strategies listed above are not an exhaustive list of what you can do with your restaurant’s flyer marketing campaign. Use these suggestions to springboard your inner creative process and come up with a unique combination of strategies that will complement your restaurant.

Simple Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Template

Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Card Template

Luxurious Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer

Minimal Black & Gold Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer

Sample Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Template

Simple Blue Restaurant Coming Soon Flyer Template

Steakhouse Re-Opening Coming Soon Flyer Template

Have you chosen a restaurant coming soon flyer?

The different coming soon flyer templates collected above can be overwhelming to look at at a glance. But now that you know the specific factors or set of criteria that you are looking for in free printable template design, you will soon find it easier to select the best restaurant coming soon flyer for your business.

Reminder, most of the printable flyer templates included in this list are available either as Illustrator or Photoshop templates. Make sure that you have a compatible software program installed on your computer before you purchase the flyer template of your choice.

If you want to let your other restaurateur friends and colleagues know about this helpful flyer template resource, do not hesitate to bookmark and share this article on social media or through email. And do not forget to refer back to this list every time you need a flyer coming soon template design. Good luck with your new restaurant!

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