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Retro is a style that can be applied to any material if you want to imitate a particular design or aesthetic from the past. This design option is usually incorporated with party flyers as it can serve as a theme that may be followed by the people who want to attend a specific event, and it can also bring the design of the party flyer to another level.

You can select from a variety of retro party flyer samples and templates at this page if you want to have guides in creating and designing a retro party flyer that you will use as a marketing and promotional tool for the event that you are organizing. Also, we have other samples of flyer templates if you want to apply other design options on the flyer that you are tasked to create for a particular purpose.

Retro Night Party Flyer



Futuristic Retro Party Flyer



Cool Retro Party Flyer



Grunge Retro Party Flyer



Rockstar Retro Party Flyer



Free PSD Retro Party Flyer



Retro Nightclub Party Flyer

A retro nightclub party flyer is used for the following reasons:

  • A nightclub has been rented by a private entity and they want to host a retro party.
  • There is a promotional event that will happen and the club decided to use retro as its theme.
  • It can also be a weekly marketing activity where people can dress retro-style and get freebies or discounts from the nightclub.
  • The club is celebrating a business milestone and club goers are requested to wear retro outfits because it is the aesthetic that the club wants to have for a specific celebration.

A retro nightclub party flyer includes the following information:

  • The relation of the retro theme to the event that the club will host
  • The specific information about the retro nightclub event including its time and  date of execution
  • The location of the retro party
  • The suggested attire of the people who will attend the event
  • The price of entry tickets to the specific retro event
  • Inclusions of the price to be paid

Aside from our retro party flyers, we also have other samples of party flyer templates available for download.

Retro Birthday Party Flyer



Vintage Retro Party Flyer



Minimalist Retro Party Flyer



Retro Beach Party Flyer



Retro Aged Party Flyer Template



Designing a Retro Party Flyer

It is quite easy to make a flyer design retro. Here are a few items that you may consider following:

  • Use filters that can make the party flyer look old. The more lines, image disruptions, film scratches, and other retro- and old-looking items there are in the party flyer, the more that it will look retro. Just make sure that the information in the flyer is still readable and is given focus.
  • Use colors that are related to retro like green, red, yellow, and blue. Select a color palette that is two levels darker compared to the normal so that it will look beaten and old.
  • Use design materials that can be associated to retro like background of vintage cars, retro clothes, pearls, and radios.

Events Where a Retro Party Flyer May be Used

Other than for nightclub events, a retro party flyer may also be used for the celebration of these events:

  • Birthdays
  • Beach parties
  • Weddings
  • Bridal showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby showers

Moreover, it can actually be used in any other events who want to use the retro theme as the main focus of the design that they will apply to different materials and activities in the event program. Aside from our retro party flyer templates, you may also download our samples of retro flyer templates if you want to apply the theme on a different event other than parties.

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